The Emerging Issues In Information Technology Information Technology Essay

Scientist believed that information technology is one of the most dynamic field cross all other fields because, the rapid growth of mobile computing technologies and the continuously increased demand of mobile computing devises among the societies and businesses. This is a good reason makes information technology one of the most constant process developments that provide the latest advanced technology to the world and help decrease the challenges of emerging issues, which will effect the development of the information technology. Some of the main emerging issues in information technology will be discussed, they are E-health, Socio-Technical System and Mobile Computing, this discussion will explain why this specific issues reckon as an emerging issues in Information technology. In addition to that this desiccation also will spot the light on the challenges faces the society, business and the issues them selfs, also the desiccation will cross through the future expectation of each issue.

In the present days the technology revolutions seems reach its peak however, the technical level of e-health still considered under development, were the term e-health barely used before 1999. E-health starts to refers to all kinds of electronic activities that delivered healthcare informations and records over the internet, which is used for educational, informational and commercial purposes where this services offered by both professional and nonprofessionals. Until now there are many people doesn’t know what is E-health or they does not have clear idea of the term E-health. In other words E-health is a term that explain the application of information and communication technologies (ICT) in healthcare sector. E-heath also provide high quality, efficient and cost effective health care services (canada health care). There are manny application sectors in e-health but the key applications are telecare services, electronic medical records, internet-based technologies and telemedicine.

Accomplished Challenges

E-health provide magnificent services to the society, business industry and individual.”E-health innovations will be applied over the next ten years to achieve universal coverage and improve the quality of health care delivered to people”(Ton Spil, Björn Kijl,). E-health allow individuals to be more involve with their medical situation by giving them access on their medical records were they can access them any were in the world this serves help improve the system accessibility and efficiency witch save time and use less efforts. For example in the past if doctors need some information about a patient they have to be in the same hospital were the patient have his/her treatment to get int the patient file. Nonetheless e-health telecommunication gives authorized doctors access to the patients file with few key words typed in their computer. On the other hand the close personal relationship that been provided by health care can be lost in the present of e-health.

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Better Future From Adapting The Technology

Looking to e-health through business perspective, e-health help reduce medical coast in the same time it help increase the service level which is obviously good factor for the society, but it seems reduce the business incomes. In mater of fact it is not, because e-health create business relations with health care organizations and IT investments. In other words e-health became a motive to create a flexible business that can be adapted to the future changes of technologies, environments and market place.

Socio-Technical System


Before 1990’s computer mainly about hardwares softwares serves business information processing, after 1990’s the word wide web (internet) came out and the technology increase therefor many people can afford computer this revolutions intrudes computers to social medium. In order to know more about Socio-Technical System (STS) we should go back and know how the term STS came up.”The term sociotechnical was introduced by the Tavistock Institute in the 1950’s for manufacturing cases where the needs of technology confronted those of local communities”(Brian Whitworth). In the past social activities and technical systems are totally separated witch it considered a side by side systems that need to interact positively with each other. However, the modern holistic view did not see the Socio-Technical System as side by side system it considered as one whole system and the changes developed in the system priorities, the socio technical concept which make the social system control the technical one and delivered the system to it primary factor performance.


Socio-Technical System also regarded as an emerging issue in information technology since the increasing numbers of social networks services on the internet, as well as the number of users. The first Social networking web base site on the internet have been published in 1995 which is called “” and the web site aim to reunite former class mates. the grate success of the website encourage more social networking sites to be published. Face book, MySpace And wikis considered the most popular Social networking web sites in the present day. Just in 6 years face book got more than 500 million active users (face book statistics). The magnificent increase number of social networking sites been published in the past few years gives good reasons to makes Socio-Technical System an area of interest in Information technology.

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Business Challenges

STS open a complete new era to the business trades methods it allow people to trades goods all over the world, deal with complete strangers and purchase goods without seeing them which seems impossible in the middle ages.

Better Future

In order to approach more social requirements in the future, computer softwares should focused on online societies need to reach it success like freedom, privacy and democracy because, the technical design reach it highest level and the world need to improve the society needs to have better STS (Brian Whitworth)

Mobile Computing

Introduction and brief history

Mobile computing definition is “Using a computing device while in transit. Mobile computing implies wireless transmission, but wireless transmission does not necessarily imply mobile computing. Fixed wireless applications use satellites, radio systems and lasers to transmit between permanent objects such as buildings and towers” (PC magazine encyclopedia). Mobile computing considered one of emerging issues in information technology because mobile computing technologies developed fast in such short period of time which makes businesses industries and people more dependable on this technology. Furthermore it provide the mobility (freedom of movement) and effortless access to informations and data, this facts gives a solid reason for many users to prefer this technology.

science 1990s many dependable mobile computing innovation been introduced to the market For example PDAs (personal digital assistance), laptops, smartphones,Ultra mobile PCs, mobile phones also one of the most obtainable device in this days and almost no one can live without one. There are many reason keeps mobile computing developed technology, one of reasons is ease of communication.

During the years the technology revolutions helps the scientist rapidly decrease mobile devices size, which make them slimmer, lighter and good looking devices with better functionality. Also in this days mobile computing devices equipped with more than average user needs this devices provided with basic computer functionality therefore the user can have access to the spread internet through Wi-Fi and cellular networks which gives user ease access to the internet data at any time from any place in the word with network coverage area. All this technology developments yield easy human computer interaction (HCI).

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The society gain positive changes from mobile computing, It lets the society to communicate easily with each other, it also open up ways and methods for entertainment and knowledge from software provided for mobile computing devices or having access to the internet whenever they want. On the other hand the society had bad influence from the wrong usage of mobile computing. For instance many driver use there mobile devises while they are driving which increase the rate of car accidents. Moreover the recent dramatic increase of mobile device users raise up some concern about mobile signals issues and it negative effects on human health which raise some challenge to the business industries to do some thing about this issue. More technology provided in new devises means user get rid of there old devises and replace them with new one,were the old devise harm the environment. This challenge the governments to force business industry to create devices less harmful to the human and the environment. for example some new mobile computing device made with BFR-free, mercury-free and PVC-free.

Future Expectation

Even though mobile computing seems reach high level of its technology but it still concern it is in its early stases of developments. Therefore its future remain uncertain thats a good reason to make mobile computing an area of intreats of information technology and an emerging issue in IT. Specialist in IT and mobile computing scientists predict that solving the up coming problems and challenges of mobile computing technologies will help improve mobil computing devices, technologies and services. This improvement will decrease prices of MB devices and services. In my opinion this challenges and improvement of mobile computing will keep MB Emerging Issues in the lead as the greatest technology of the century.

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