The fast food industry


In the fast food industry, nothing comes close to McDonalds as this company has stamped its mark as one of the leading fast food chains in its industry. Founded back in 1955 by Ray Kroc, who single handedly opened the first McDonalds in Des Plaines, Illinois. Though Kroc died in the year 1984, his contribution and success still remains thus making him a legend. That was considered as a stepping stone for the restaurant as it has since then grew into one of the largest fast food chains in the world. As of today, McDonalds has over 30000 restaurants world wide in over 100 countries serving up to approximately 47 million customers daily. McDonalds has successful stamp its mark especially in Asian countries like Japan, Thailand, and Malaysia where it has monopolized the fast food industry. Out of all the McDonald restaurants in the world, 70% of them are owned by independent businessman and woman due to its popularity and high demand making it worth while for investment purposes. Since the corporation had make such a big profit out of this fast food chain, it is now heading not just one but a few other restaurants such as Aroma Café, Boston Market, Chipotle Mexican Grill, and Donatos Pizza. Demands for McDonalds are higher in foreign countries outside U.S.A thus causing the corporation to open the restaurant as much as four times more than in the U.S.A. This is due to the fact that foreign countries contributed to more than half of the turnover yearly.



McDonald’s corporate try to redesign its different of products to adapt to the local needs to achieving economies of scale. McDonalds has studies the difference of culture in whole world.

For example India country, beef is not served to the India. Indians are religious sensitive and most of Indians are vegetarian. So, McDonalds are served only chicken or fish and 100 percentage of vegetarian menu. Meat and vegetarian meals are provided in separate areas of the restaurant because this is religious of laws to prepare vegetarians and meat-caters. McDonalds is serving “Chicken Maharaja Mac” and “McVeggie” meal in India.

For other instance Malaysia country, Malaysia is a Muslim country, so McDonalds do not served pork. McDonalds are served chicken or fish or beef. Malaysians likes to eat hot and spicy foods as well. So, McDonald is serving “Ayam Goreng McD” and “Spicy Chicken McDeluxe”. Besides that, they are serving beef too. “BigMac” and “Quarter Pounder with Cheese” are popular meal McDonalds’ outlets in Malaysia.

Overall, McDonalds in general serves a rather wide variety of food considering the fact that it differs in certain countries for example, the Quarter Pounder Beef Burger is not served in India. This is to help satisfy the needs of everyone with different taste in food, thus attracting more customers to the restaurant. McDonalds also focuses a lot on the happy meals which are meant for children, each happy meal purchased entitles the child to a free toy. This proves vital as it can help in the sales revenue of the restaurant and also attract more family oriented customers to the restaurant.


A successful brand building can make its corporate becomes successful and defeated the stronger competitors. David (2001) states that ‘the Profit Impact of Marketing Strategy project shows that return on investment is related to a brand’s share of the market: bigger brands yield higher returns than smaller brands.’ Everyone knew that Coca-Cola is the most famous beverage in the world. McDonalds are severed the global brand’s soft drink, so it is will increase the reputation’s McDonalds. Both of corporations are getting benefits and making profitable. So, brand image may effect on product life cycle.

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Malaysia’s economic is better than India. India is lack of technology and purchasing power status is lower than Malaysia. So, that McDonalds has charged the different price in between Malaysia and India.

Stuart et al. (2010) stated that exchange rate is influenced by a range of complex forces in the foreign exchange markets and may not accurately reflect the purchasing power of one country’s currency in another country. Malaysia’s standard living is higher than India. So that Malaysians have higher incomes and purchasing power compare to the Indians. McDonalds think that consumer’s purchasing power is limited and attract more customers affordable to buy their meals, so that McDonalds had charged the different price in different countries. For example, “McChicken” is a general set meal sells in McDonalds every country. McDonalds are selling “McChicken” worth RM 6.10 in Malaysia. Compared in India, McDonalds only sell this meal Rupee 65, convert to Ringgit Malaysia is RM 4.75.

Besides that, McDonalds are also attracting its customers with lunch packages at affordable rates, for example in Malaysia, McDonalds lunch package such as “McValue Lunch” is a limited to a time from 12pm to 3pm at a price range from RM 5.95 making it affordable for everyone compared to the usual RM 9.50 price. This lunch package is mainly to attract students and office workers as the lunch hour in Malaysia for office workers are standardize from the time of 12pm to 2pm and students also finish classes at 12pm making it convenient for everyone to drop by and have lunch.


Technology transfers are the most important to the national and international businesses. Advertising can make McDonalds more efficient to the host countries.

For example Malaysia country, Most of Malaysians are have own a televisions. So that McDonalds focus the technology infrastructure of the Malaysia to promote its products by TV commercials. McDonalds also promote its product through by magazines, brochures and newspapers. McDonalds are trying to redesign new products many times to satisfy customers’ need and finally provided “Weekday Breakfast Special” and “McValue Lunch”. McDonalds also will provide a special set meal “Prosperity Burger” only for the Chinese New Year festive season in Malaysia.

India’s standard living is lower than Malaysia. India country is lack of technology. So, McDonalds to promote its product most of times using by billboards and leaflets. McDonalds are shifted from “McDonald’s mein hai kuch baat” to “To aaj McDonalds ho jaaye”. The reason changed is encouraging Indian customers to visit McDonalds more often with their family and enjoy their time out. It is create awareness to attract more customers visit McDonalds.

In general, McDonalds have used promotion as a way of getting customers attention to get what they want or what is being promoted. Customers will then be encouraged to buy the item as actions taken by customers are usually sufficient in terms of purchases. Promotions, usually being advertise on billboards, cinemas and television all have one purpose, which is to obtain awareness from viewers and making sure they remember it.


Placement, also known as distribution channel is very important for the international marketers. It is affected the product is available to the customer at the right place, at the right time and in the right quantity and price.

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For example, Malaysia is a technology country. Most of Malaysians are busy working. They have no enough time to have their breakfast and lunch. So McDonalds are located “Drive-Thru” to make easier availability for providing product and services to the customers. It can help Malaysians to save time and money too. For instance, India is a country which lack technology due to low economic status. Most of Indians are having transportation problems. So, Indian can have McDonald’s meals through by “McDelivery” system. It could easy delivery products to the India customers.

In Malaysia, McDonald franchises have become a common investment among local businessman and woman as more restaurants have been set up in most towns and major cities. Every McDonald restaurant has been strategically set up in Malaysia as it only takes the corner lot of every shop lot. This allows the restaurant to occupy more space thus attracting more attention from passerby’s. Some franchises also occupy a small building of its own with a private parking bay and drive through accessibility.

On the other hand, most McDonald restaurants are also equipped with WIFI services thus allowing customers to enjoy their meals while surfing the internet or working on their assignments. This proves vital as it is an attraction to many customers especially younger generation people.


Due to the recent economic crisis and recession, it has affected many companies and organizations, both in the private and public sector.

Standardize its food range world wide

McDonalds should prepare future market strategies in order to face any unforeseen circumstances that might happen to the company. In my opinion, McDonalds should standardize its food range world wide as this can fulfill customers’ satisfaction, in terms of variety and flavour.

For example, the McDonalds franchise in Malaysia and in India both have different range of food. McDonalds in India are served “McVeggie” and served “Ayam Goreng McD” in Malaysia. These prove that meals in India are more vegetable based meals. This can be due to the fact that probably the demand for vegetables are more compared to meat in India. Nevertheless, by standardizing the meals served in both countries. So that, Malaysian can enjoy the “McVeggie” meal and Indian can enjoy “Ayam Goreng McD”. Both of meals are represent both countries’ culture. This will be able to attract more customers as the variety of food has increased in order to fulfill customers’ satisfaction and both of countries’ people can know their cultural each other.

Expanding Worldwide Networks

McDonalds should be also expanding its network as this will help the company gain profit. McDonald’s franchises are situated in almost every country in the world. The company should expand the franchise to the rural areas such as small towns and suburbs making it easier for the rural people to enjoy its services and foods. This can prove vital in increasing the profit of McDonalds as there are still many small towns and villages which are yet to be developed. Prior to this, the economic and political status of McDonalds in the countries will be strengthened thus gaining popularity among the rural areas. For example of small town have not McDonalds restaurant yet such as Sandakan and Tawau in Sabah areas.

Serving the Best Balancing and Healthy Fast Food

Many people around the world enjoy consuming fast food and equal amount of people are suffering and dying because of the same reason. The reason is simply because fast food is processed food and has a lot of preservatives such as salt, sugar, spices, and oil. These preservatives if consumed excessively can result in various health problems such as diabetes, and high blood pressure. Various types of food sold in McDonalds for example French fries and nuggets both have excessive oil added in the process which can be very fattening which can lead to obesity which is dangerous to human health. Many consumers especially in the U.S are suffering from obesity and other diseases due to the consumption of too much fast food. This will result in a drop in sales and slower growth rate of the restaurant thus preventing the company from making a profit due to a drop in demand and sales. In order to rectify this problem, and bringing profit to the company, McDonalds should reduce preservatives added in making their food for example, reduction of oil in the process of cooking their food. On the other hand, the restaurant should also have quality control over their food and beverages by making sure that all ingredients are equally added and not excessively.

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From the above paragraphs, we can conclude that McDonalds is truly an ambitious corporation in terms of future planning, market strategies and other ideas thus making it one of the leading companies and fast food chain in the world. Based on the qualities the restaurant has, it is no doubt that the restaurant has proven that in order to be successful in the fast food industry, the company should build up good relationships with the franchisor, franchisee, as well as the supplier as this proves to be vital in this line of business as McDonalds can be taken as an example. However, certain points have been listed out as suggestions for the company to improve further in terms of products and services. By using international marketing mix, the restaurant is able to adopt in different countries in terms of politics, economics, social culture, and technology. This can prove vital for McDonalds Corporation as different countries have different backgrounds. Nevertheless, McDonalds still remains on top of the charts in the fast food sector in spite of the recent economic crisis.


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