The Importance Of Computer Backup Systems

This is used to recompress the files on a disk using the compression method specified. A disk can be recompressed using a single compression method or by using different methods for individual files and folders. Files and folders can also stay uncompressed. This will help save disk space.

Disk cleanup: Computer space fills up fast, and being able to quickly make more space is important. Disk cleanup does just that. This is a tool that enables users to clear their disks of unnecessary files. It removes any unused and temporary files from one’s computer to make space for new files and programs. Disk cleanup can take a couple seconds to a few hours to remove unused files from the computer. The time depends on how many files are being removed and the speed of the processor.

Disk defragmenter: This is the process of resorting all the data on a hard drive so that it starts at the beginning of the disk and is ordered in a chronological nature. It is essential significance to maintaining a properly running computer. The function of a disk defragmenter is to rewrite the data on a hard disk so that all files are written from start to finish and not spread across the entire disk out of order. Defragmenting a hard drive reduces the amount of time it takes to access and read a file. A defragmentation procedure may take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours depending on the size and number of disks on a computer system.

Drive Converter:


DriveSpace: This is a disk compression utility. This software compresses fate on the fly when the data is to be stored on the hard drive or floppy, and expands the data as it is read from the drive. It increases the amount of data the user could store on disks. However, DriveSpace makes the computer run more slowly, since decompression happens on the fly with every disk access.


Maintenance Wizard: This helps one get the best performance from the system. You can run Maintenance Wizard to make your programs run faster, check your hard disk for problems, and free hard disk space. When you start the maintenance wizard, you may choose to express or to use your own custom settings.


Net watcher: This is a utility that can be used to monitor the activities of network clients on a particular system. With Net Watcher, one can see who is connected to the system. What shares one is accessing, and what files they have open. One can also at once terminate a user’s access to the system, a share, or a file.


Resource Meter: Resource Meter software displays specific system-related information, mostly about how your available resources like memory space or disk space are currently in use. It is a tiny program that runs in the background and lets you know the amount of resources your system is using at a specified time. It displays as an icon in the System Tray and is color coded.

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Scan Disk: This is a windows utility used to check the hard disk for errors and to correct problems that are found. These errors often occur when Windows locks up and must be restarted.


Scheduled Tasks: It is a component of Microsoft Windows that provides the capacity to schedule the launch of programs at pre-defined times or after specific time periods. It can be used to schedule tasks on the local or remote system to which one is connected.


System Monitor: It is a hardware or software based system used to monitor resources and performance in a computer system. These monitoring systems are often used to keep track of system resources or the amount of free RAM. They are also used to display items such as free space on one or more hard drives, the temperature of the CPU and other important components, networking information, and current rates of upload and download. Other likely displays may contain date and time, computer name, username, hard drive, and fan speeds.

Question 3:

The internet is computer based global information system. It is composed of many interconnected computer networks. The internet has brought a transformation in many aspects of life. Nowadays one can access the internet easily. The internet has developed to give many benefits to mankind.

The access to information is one of the most important uses of the internet. Students can now have access to libraries around the world. Before, students had to spend hours in the libraries, but now at the touch of a button, students have a huge amount of information in front of them.

Communication is an area where the internet is used for various reasons as it is low cost, effortless and fast. Communication takes place in the forms of emails, chats, video chats and video conferences. E-mail is an important communications service available on the Internet. Email has speeded up business communication on all levels. Usually, it takes only a few seconds for an e-mail to arrive at its destination. This is a particularly effective way to communicate with a group because you can broadcast a message or document to everyone in the group at once.

Internet-telephony is another common communications service made possible by the creation of the internet. Internet telephony software essentially provides free telephone calls anywhere in the world

One of the fastest- growing forms of internet communication is instant messaging, or also known as IM. An IM communications service enables you to create a private chat room with another individual in order to communicate in real-time over the internet. One of the reasons that IM has become so popular is because, unlike e-mails, if a person wants to reach another individual and they are come online, a message appears instantly in a window on their screen. IM is growing in popularity in the business world. Employees of a company can have instant access to managers and co-workers in different offices and can reduce the need to place phone calls when information is required immediately. IM can save time for employees and can reduce the amount of money a business spends on communication.

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Interviews can even be conducted online through video conferencing giving the same effects as real life interviews. Video conferencing is a conference between two or more participants at different sites by using computer networks to transmit audio and video data. Each participant has a video camera, microphone and speakers connected on his or her computer. As they speak, their voices are delivered to each other and whatever images appear in from of the video camera appear in a window in the other participants monitor.

Advertising on the World Wide Web is a form of support for expressed purpose of delivering marketing messages to attract customers. It is expected to be the most effective form of advertising. Companies can reach a wide audience for a small fraction of traditional advertising budgets. This allows customers to research and purchase products and services at their own convenience.

Social Impact

The internet has enabled completely new forms of social interaction, activities, and organizing thanks to its basic features. Social networking websites such as Facebook, Myspace, and Friendster have created new ways to socialize and interact. These sites allow users to add information to pages, to add pictures, common interests and to connect with others. There are also sites that allow people to view videos and photographs. An example of this is YouTube.

The internet also provides an area of leisure activity such as multiplayer gaming. This creates communities where people of all ages and origins take pleasure in the world of multiplayer games.

Many people also use the Internet to access and download music, movies and other things for their enjoyment. In addition, the World Wide Web is used by many people to access news, to check the weather and sports reports, and to plan and book vacations.


The internet can also be used to sell products. A major advantage of selling via internet is the ability to reach anyone. You can reach customers that speak different languages. This is possible due to the fact that the language carrier is removed and translation software is used. When using the internet to sell products or services, one can operate from any computer in the world. Selling without the internet limits one to operate only from a fixed place.

When selling via internet, one may take advantage of interactive and multimedia channels. These allow for immediate response time. One also has the option to remain anonymous which allows for privacy which would not normally have outside the internet. Having a product on sale to the public 24/7 is an incredible benefit of the internet.

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Center of learning

With the internet you can learn to do anything or perfect a skill you already have. There are many websites where you can see an instructional video or read step by step on how to do whatever it is you would like.

Question 4:


Pipelining is a particularly effective way of organizing parallel activity in a computer system. The basic idea is very simple. A set of data processing elements connected in series, so that the output of one element is the input of the next one. The elements of a pipeline are often performed in parallel or in time-sliced fashion. It is divided in stages. Each stage completes a part of an instruction in parallel. The stages are connected to form a pipe. Instructions enter one end of the pipe, progress through the stages, and exit at the other end.


The system clock synchronizes the tasks in a computer, like loading date before manipulating it. The system clock is a circuit that sends out a continuous stream of precise high and low pulses that are all exactly the same length. Every modern PC has multiple system clocks. Each of these vibrates at a specific frequency, normally measured in MHz


Parallel processing is the ability to carry out multiple operations or tasks simultaneously. Parallel processing makes programs run faster because there are more engines running it. With the help of parallel processing, a number of computers can be performed at once at a shorter rate.

Question 2:

Windows 98 is a widely-installed product in Microsoft’s evolution of the Windows operating system for personal computers. It has many features that has enhanced its growth.

Multiple Monitors: Windows 98 now supports multiple monitors. Multiple monitors is a device for typical home and business use, but is an vital requirement for professional content creation. It is common to have all the software such as page layout, pre-press, illustration, animation and other graphics work on one screen and the artwork in progress on a screen by itself. It is frequent to have music and video on one complete monitor for each source and destination in use.

Web integration: The windows 98 includes all of the improvements from windows desktop update, an internet explorer 4 components, desk bands, channels, ability to minimize foreground windows, single click launching, back and forward navigation buttons, favourites, and address bar in windows explorer. With active desktop, users can view and access desktop objects online as well as local files and applications.

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Read more: What Is the Definition of Disk Cleanup? |

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