The Important Internet Properties In Marketing Information Technology Essay

According to the research, 530 million users are connecting to the internet which is about 8.5% of global population. Today we see most of the company use the internet to reach their customer as additional channel to their existing traditional marketing. In the past, a way for the company to get customer feedback is thru telephone and email. But now they can get their customer feedback thru internet instantly. Thus company nowadays must change their strategies to cope with internet impact on their marketing strategies.

Internet is all about bits not atoms, all the information, products, and communication in digital can be stored, sent and received instantly. For marketer, the traditional marketing to reach customer by using physical stores and catalogue while using internet advertising will be more effective. Task Automation also one of the internet properties that affect marketing. For example, self service online that makes automated transaction and payment online possible also make operational cost lower for the company.

Internet also had bought with it the mediating technology. Social network, music file sharing and business partnership can be formed regardless of geographical location. It’s also has eliminate the boundaries and distance in this online world. And finally, time moderation is where customer have high expectation to the company on communication aspect. Customer want their problem and issues be solved quickly and there come customer services department in the company to deal with it.

What concerns about consumer privacy are raised by the increased use of wireless computing and handheld devices outside the home or workplace?

The rapid used of wireless network technology outside the home and wokplace has resulted in increase concern over their privacy. Consumer now can access the wireless website and service through various device such as mobile phone, smart phone, PDA and their two way radio. The common privacy concerns are location-base collection, tracking visit to website and increased of personal data collection by unauthorized party.

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There are potential uses of location based information by unauthorized party in wireless space. This is because consumer specific location can be tracked whenever the consumer wireless device is on. This information is extremely sensitive and can be used and provides opportunities for abuse of the information. Another privacy concern is tracking using cookie as consumer browsing patterns on the wireless internet being monitored and traced by individual. Wireless device tend to be strongly tied to an individual more than computer as people are less likely shared their device with other so there is potential user being tracked in wireless web more than normal website.

Wireless content is frequently most valuable to customer when it is personalized. Businesses may seek to collect large amount of highly personal information for used in personalization. Abuse by companies, law enforcement agency and civil litigant are potential abuser of this information.

How will social media and consumer-generated content change the way marketers operate? Explain

Social media and consumer-generated content such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Wikipedia etc has changed the marketing world to certain extend. They represent low-cost tools that are used to combine technology and social interaction with the use of words. Nowadays marketer need to change their method from trying to sell to connect with customer. In order to change the customer relationships from trying to sell to seeking to engage and connect with customers, marketers need to use various methods, including sites like Facebook and Twitter to socially interact with their customer.

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Marketers have to realise that instead of only relying on big campaigns they have to make authentic, helpful relationships and communication the new campaign. They need to utilize the social media platform as their personal broadcasting network because people will inevitably share such experiences through the social web. Its will be online ‘mouth-to mouth’ advertising campaign for marketers.

Social media also allows marketers to build their own exclusive online communities built around industry topics, specific interest, or organizations. Through this exclusive community ability they can manage their customer within their own sales data. In turn, allowing marketer to message their entire community as owner of the community.

“It is observed that the global Internet has driven styles, tastes and products to converge and create a more homogeneous, global marketplace, and creating an online monoculture.” Explain the observation.

From my point of view, the observation is about global village where world’s culture shrinking and expanding at the same time due to pervasive technological advances i.e. internet that allow for instantaneous sharing of culture. On the Internet, physical distance is even less to the real-time communicative activities of people, and therefore social spheres are greatly expanded by the openness of the web and the ease at which people can search for online communities and interact with others that share the same interests and concerns.

Due to the enhanced speed of communication online and the ability of people to read about, spread, and react to global news very rapidly. This is because the internet bridges time and space, people will come together in a large global village. Internet is now days one of those platform where one can have any necessity of life at home while he/ she is sitting in front of the computer. Everybody will find business owners from the world who are running their business from their home having a room and a personal computer. Concept of business is now days progressing rapidly among the business communities. The products offered by business owners are not limited only to the specific regions but internet has opened the doors of “global village” for every business owners.

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