The largest telecommunication company in Malaysia

Telekom Malaysia Berhad is the largest telecommunication and government linked company in Malaysia. The company has a play the role of monopoly on the fixed network of the mobile telecommunications. However, Telekom Malaysia Berhad has a market share of the largest companies on Bursa Malaysia Berhad on 9 September 1980.

The main activity of the company is offerings customer able to access internet and fixed line telephone. In more detail, the company is provided an Internet Service Provider (ISP) which is subsidiary narrowband and streamyx broadband connectivity. Streamyx broadband connect is through Digital Subscriber Line is a digital data transmission of the wires of local telephone network. The aim of company are to deliver cutting-edge -communication, information and entertainment services.

The purpose of company are the establishment, maintenance and providing of telecommunication and related service under the license by the Ministry Of Energy, Water and Communication. Currently ministry named is known as the Ministry Of Information, Communication and culture.

Organization History

The history of Telekom Malaysia is a formerly government agency known as Jabatan Telekom Malaysia privatization in 12 October 1924. Another company name known as Syarikat Telekom Malaysia Berhad (STMB).

The company milestone started since 1800s century. On this century, the Telekom Malaysia Berhad was focusing on the mobile make its debug tested in Perak on 1874. After that, both states are Perak and Penang is linked together by telephone through cable on 1882. The first telephone exchange is commissioned in Kuala Lumpur on 1891. The submarine cable links Labuan with both Singapore and Hong Kong on 1894

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The next century was on 1900 was the first magneto telephone services is introduced in state of Sabah such as in Kudat, Jesselton (KK) and Sandakan. In 1926, the compant have establishment of the Telecommunication Department in Malaya. The first introduction is Subscriber Trunk Dialing (STD) between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore via the long distance microwave link.

There are two activities contribute in 1990, the company has introduction of international toll free and prepaid card phone, short listed of Bursa Securities and new company logo. An over a year, Syarikat Telekom Malaysia Berhad are renamed to Telekom Malaysia. After seven years, the company has introduced of Corporate Information Superhighway (COINS), Telekom Malaysia state of the art high capacity enterprise solution.

The year of 2000, the company are moving forward an internet portal which records more than hundreds million a year. The company promotes the broadband service and Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) service fixed wireless telephone. The year of 2005 Telekom Malaysia is renamed to TM.

The last year achievement of TM was discloses indicative Terms and Conditions for HSBB (Wholesale) Service. The achievement of TM have been wins four awards at National Annual Corporate Report Award (NACRA) in categories of Gold for Overall Excellence, Corporate Social Responsibility and Best Annual Report in Bahasa Malaysia In 2009.

Vision & Mission

TM is a provider the mobile telecommunication technology in Malaysia. We strive to provide the right connection to help you bring your eye close ones closer. By the way, we are intending to accomplish both on the local an international front. However, we apply and hold close a vision of excellence created towards making your life better.

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Our Vision

To be Malaysia leading new generation communications provider

To embracing customers needs through innovation and execution excellence

Our Mission

To strive towards customer service excellence and operational efficiency.

To enrich consumer lifestyle and experience by providing innovative new generation services.

To improve the performance of our business customers by providing high value information and communications solutions.

To deliver value for stakeholders by generating stakeholder value and supporting Malaysia growth and development.

1.2 Overview

TM operates in three categories business are retail business, wholesale business and global business. TM point’s focus has been:

Retail Business

TM Retail was began operation in July 2004 which focus on addressing fixed line and data business. However, TM retail has a new division of running their business such as Marketing Management and Research, Customer Service and Revenue Assurance. TM Retail provided offers Product Bundle which consists of fixed Internet and mobile services for Small Medium Enterprise and business segments.

Wholesale Business

TM Wholesale delivers valuable telecommunications service providers in Malaysia and the world connections. The main activity of wholesale business is offering a comprehensive range of telecommunication and services to network. There are few segment under whole business are network facilities providers, network service providers and applications service providers for mobile, fixed line, worldwide interoperability for microwave access, broadband and Internet.

Global Business

TM Global is the largest and most comprehensive provider of communication services in Malaysia. The global business also played as the one of Asia primary players in telecommunication industry. The main activities are offering a good products and services of voice, internet, bandwidth and data

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1.3 Chapter Summary

TM Point is a government linked company in Malaysia and has a largest leading provider the mobile telecommunication and network. The history name of company is Syarikat Telekom Malaysia Berhad (STMB) in 1800. The second time renamed from Syarikat Telekom Malaysia Berhad to Telekom Malaysia in 1990. In the 2000 century, a new brand identity for Telekom Malaysia was named TM. The company was launched on 14 April 2005 by the ex-Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tun Abdullah bin Haji Ahmad Badawi. The main purpose of this transformation is to instill a customer service, culture among employees in the quality of service provided manner. TM point’s has focusing in three categories business are retail business, wholesale business and global business.

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