The Owner Of E Commerce Website

Assume you are the owner of an e-commerce website. What are some of the signs that your site has been hacked. Discuss the major types of attacks you could expect to experience and the resulting damage on your site. Prepare a brief report based on your finding.

Question 2: You are required to propose website development to one of the IT entrepreneurs in your area. Consider there are two options for building the site in-house with existing staff or outsourcing the entire operation. Discuss which options are in the company best interest and the reason for choosing that option. Provide pros and cons for each option. Prepare a report based on your finding.


E-commerce (electronic commerce), an online business verses the real world trade. E-commerce, including retail shopping, online banking, stock and bond trading, auctions, real estate transactions, airline booking, movie rentals, almost anything you can imagine in the real world. Such as hair, nail salons can benefit from providing e-commerce-related health and beauty product sales, often from local customers is a personal website or service.

E-commerce allow consumers to exchange time or accessibility of electronic products and services in the distance. E-commerce, the rapid expansion in the pastfive years, is expected to continue at this rate, or even accelerate. With the “traditional”and “electronic” in the near future, electronic commerce will become in creasingly blurred boundaries, more and more enterprises to embark on a part of Internet business.

Willing to create a successful online store can be a difficult path, if not aware of the principles of e-commerce, e-commerce what should be done for your online business. Research and understand the need to properly plan the implementation of guidelines for e-commerce, is a vital part of the online store into and success.

However, the network has its limitations, such as trade brought no guarantee of security, the question is who caused the problems, loss of credit card hackers worry about anything. To solve this problem need to rely on web sites and web production design is correct, make a better model, such as security. Web design can be used in two ways through outsourcing or in house to do so.

Define Question 1

Computer hacking always involves some infringement of or damage to computer-based, such as documents, Web pages or software privacy attribute level. The impact of computer hackers is simply not the same as the illegal invasion and angry. Surrounded by a mysterious halo, hackers, and prestige, is a relatively “elite” individual who has knowledge, and willing to take part as a high-risk groups, need to become a true “hacker ” accompanied. An interesting alternative view, however positive, such as hackers and hacker software development ideas, in science and technology.

Hackers have a strong interest in computers and persistent pursuit, they continue to study computer and network knowledge, to find a computer and network vulnerability. They are difficult challenge high-level network of interest to find vulnerabilities and attack our networks.

We need to know that their criminal acts in order to prevent our site or any invasion. In fact, hackers or computer on our website the number of symbols. Signs that we know what will happen, as long as we can to avoid being hacked. Here are some websites have become a hacker attack signatures.

Answer Question 1

There are several different computer virus symptoms, can help us identify the computer from being infected, the virus is one of the potential dangers harmful. These viruses have many different forms and ways, it becomes very difficult for us to adjust the application of each machine. Therefore, all our machines are very easy to attack from computer viruses or other time, sometimes even the best anti-virus software can ignore the harmful viruses. Computer virus symptoms of some common understanding allows us to battle our anti-virus to a good start.

A computer virus is a very small program, have the ability to spread from one computer to another, and then destruction of the work and the function of the infected machine. It is important to determine in some cases, even a system crash or virus as soon as it could lead to important data loss situation. There are many computer virus remove program that can help eliminate the risk of computer viruses.

In addition, the symptoms of computer viruses possess some distinct characteristics, if your machine has been infected, most likely you will immediately see the results. The computer’s basic work will be greatly affected, due to the performance of computer failure, you will not run, I assure you, the use of early implementation of many functions. Such as computer running than normal, more slowly for no apparent reason.

The exception of certain types of files does not run the file or the Task Manager. File is a spyware and viruses, such as different forms of the symptoms of abnormalities that may affect the background files on your computer suddenly slow down the busy work and the speed of the computer. They tend to hackers hijack your bandwidth, so the eyes of your system for their own purposes. Internet activities are not add-remove any programs used to access the Internet, it will suddenly slow Internet access. When you return to the desktop wallpaper and icons.

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Major types of attacks


In a computer, computer virus is a program or programming code that is copied or start by copying to another program, computer boot sector or file. Virus can be transmitted, such as file attachments in e-mail to download the instructions, or on or floppy disk or CD-ROM. Direct source of the e-mail note, downloaded file, you have received or floppy disk usually does not know it contains a virus. Some viruses wreak their effect, because once their code enforcement; other viruses lie dormant until circumstances cause their code, by the computer to perform. Some viruses are benign or playful in intent and effect (“Happy Birthday, Ludwig!”) And some can be quite harmful, delete data or cause the need to reformat the hard disk.


In the computer, the worm is a self-replicating virus file, but will not change in the active memory-resident and a copy of itself. Worm uses the operating system is automatic, users do not usually visible. It is common for worms to be noticed only when they can not control replication consumes system resources, slow down or stop other tasks.

If your computer is experiencing performance issues, most recently, you might want to know if your computer has been infected with a worm or virus. Self-education is a great way to start when troubleshooting your computer. Once you understand your possible causes of performance problems, you are so much better equipped to repair things, and can calculate your life.


Denial of Service (DoS) attack is one in which the user or organization is a resource service, they will usually expect to be deprived of the event. In a distributed denial of service, a lot of damage to the system (sometimes referred to as a botnet) attack a target.

Although DoS attacks are usually not lead to information or other security, the loss of security, which can cost the target person or company the time and a lot of money. Typically, loss of service is a specific network services, such as email, can not provide all network connections and services, or temporary loss. A denial of service attack can also destroy the affected computer programming systems and documentation. In some cases, denial of service attacks, forcing millions of people visit the corporate Web site suspension.

Trojan horse

In the computer, the Trojan horse is a malicious or harmful code is harmless on the inner surface of the program or in such a way that it can be controlled and damage in the form of their choice, including procedures, such as data on the hard drive destruction File Allocation Table disk. In one famous example of a Trojan horse is that this would have to find and destroy computer virus program. Trojan horses can be widely redistributed as part of computer viruses.

Marco virus

Macro viruses requires the user to take action to implement once they are downloaded to your computer, or to systems approach. The virus is usually written in a scripting language commonly used to create applications for use in the macro. Some of these macro viruses on the computer system failure than a security threat. One example is the text in Microsoft Word macro virus to generate a popular, specific key combination is pressed.

Define Question 2

Outsourcing is often used when a company needs as part of the business, this part of the conditions to another company. Recently, the relevant provisions have been widely used in technology-related initiatives, such as transfer to a third party IT service desk. But it also refers to non-technical services, such as customer service by phone deal.

Outsourcing activities are generally in the same country. When the company’s involvement in another continent, such as India, use the correct term is offshore outsourcing. Nearshore outsourcing is the outsourcing of other national projects, but as a U.S. company outsourcing activities in Canada, with the mainland, the company will be called nearshore outsourcing.

Although the main objective of outsourcing is often lower costs, many companies are not cost-effective. In particular, Gartner predicts that by 2007 80% of companies that outsource customer service, the main objective of cost-cutting plan, will not try. This statistical data is one of the reasons behind the outsourcing company’s staff turnover rate is high, and sometimes 80-100%. This will combine the loss of customers, from frustration because the hidden costs and consumer costs are obvious, outsourcing of contact, if not carefully monitored, can easily fail.

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Answer Question 2

Advantages of outsourcing

When you evaluate your choices and your outsourcing various components of the decision, you need to consider the advantages of outsourcing. When done for the right reasons, outsourcing will actually help your company grow and save money. Some outsourcing services, beyond the money, and so on. Here are the top seven of the outsourcing advantage.

Focus On Core Activities

In the period of rapid growth, the company’s back-office operations will also be expanded. This expansion may begin in the consumption of the core that have made your company successful event cost resources (human and financial). Outsourcing these activities will allow these commercial activities is not sacrificing quality or service office in the background, an important re-positioning.

For example: A company land a major contract will significantly increase in a very short period of time purchases; outsourcing of procurement.

Operational Control

Operating cost, we must consider outsourcing. Departments may have evolved over time into out of control, poor management field is the main motive for outsourcing. In addition, the outsourcing company can bring better management skills, your company than the original.

For example: information technology, there are too many projects, not enough people contribute far beyond the budget of the organization. Based management contract for the outsourcing agreement will force the priority of its request, control returns to the area.

Cost And Efficiency Savings

Back to the office of the complexity, but the size of your company is unable to perform in a consistent and reasonable cost is your function is another advantage of outsourcing.

For example: A small doctor’s office, a variety of insurance plans. Part-time people can’t keep up with all the different suppliers and rules. Outsourced to a company specializing in medical costs.

Develop Internal Staff

For large projects that require the necessary skills, your employees do not. Site outsourcing skills, you will bring your company’s needs. The work you love, they can acquire new skills.

For example: Companies need to embark on a replacement / upgrade of various items of custom equipment. You did not ask the engineers to design new skills and upgrade equipment. Outsourcing outsourcing project engineers, field engineers and requirements, will help you gain new skills.

Reduced Overhead

Back-office functions to perform specific administrative costs are very high. Considering outsourcing, you can easily move.

For example: economic growth, thereby increasing the demand for office space. The current location is very expensive, no room to expand. Outsourcing some simple operations, reduce office space needs. For example, make phone calls or data entry.

Continuity & Risk Management

High employee turnover will increase during the uncertainty and contradictory actions. The level of outsourcing will provide continuity, while reducing the risk of the company will bring the operation of substandard level of the company.

For example: Human Resources Manager is a long-term sick leave and two new executive assistant position in a very short period of time remains. Outsourcing human resource functions to reduce risk and allow the company to continue to operate.

Staffing Flexibility

Outsourcing will allow operators to bring in seasonal or cyclical demand more resources, when you need them, release them when you’re done.

For example: whether the accounting department of tax season is short, the transfer audit. Outsourcing these functions to provide more time and resources a lot of fixed costs of long-term agreement.

Disadvantages of outsourcing

When you assess your outsourcing options, remember, there are advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing outsourcing. Outsourcing listed below to see one of the weaknesses of each, and decided how the project will impact on your business. If the advantages outweigh its disadvantages outsourcing outsourcing, you should avoid outsourcing.

Loss of Managerial Control

Whether you sign with another company’s contract to perform a single task to the entire department or function, you move to another company’s management and control functions. In fact, you will have a contract, but management will belong to another company. Your outsourcing company will not be driven by the same standards and tasks to promote your company. They will be forced from their service to you and your other business profits.

Bad Publicity

The word “outsourcing ” reminds me of different things to different people. If you live in a community with outsourcing companies, they use your friends and neighbors, outsourcing is good. If your friends and neighbors lost their jobs because they were shipped across the state, country or world, outsourcing will bring bad publicity. If you outsource part of your actions may affect the morale of the remaining workforce.

Hidden Costs

You will work with the company’s outsourcing contract will cover the services they will provide detailed information. In you will not need to pay any additional contract basis. In addition, you will experience the legal fees, hire a lawyer to review your. Remember, this is the outsourcing company’s business. They do, they are the ones in the contract. Therefore, you will start at a disadvantage in negotiations.

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Tied to the Financial Well-Being of Another Company

Since you more than you as part of its operations to another company, you are linked to the welfare of the company’s financial stability. This will not be the first time, an outsourcing company might go bankrupt, so you hold the bag.

Threat to Security and Confidentiality

In any life-blood of businesses with information to maintain its operation. If you have wages, medical records or any other confidential information, the information transmitted to the outsourcing companies have their own privacy risks may be affected. If the holding company, data sharing and knowledge (such as product drawings, recipes, etc.) outsourcing, it must consider the function. Outsourcing company carefully evaluated to ensure that your data protection and unexpected situations in the contract penalties.

Quality Problems

Outsourcing companies take the profit motive. Since the contract will determine the prices, the only way they will reduce costs to increase profits. They meet the conditions of the contract, you will pay. In addition, you will lose the rapid response capability, in the business environment changes. The contract will be very specific, you will have to pay the extra change.

Advantages of in-house link building

Due to internal (internal) search engine optimization team has many benefits, link building is a way to use them. You will find a spread to other search engine optimization efforts and factors. A warning, I would like to mention is that this in itself has the following advantages will not make the internal search engine optimization search engine optimization outsourcing and beyond, unless the company has a search engine optimization and search a solid foundation for understanding.

Understanding of the Business

An internal staff more likely to have your business and industry, a deeper understanding. This knowledge and insight to choose the right keywords in recognition to optimize come in handy. Has an internal search engine optimization involves a familiar brand and product line and language.

Link Longevity

In addition to voice and choice of absolute anchor text link from which sites, internal link building also provides greater management control of the reverse. Update web pages anchor text and links to fewer calls and e-mail much faster. Link in the development and construction activities, and easier for our fiction “link longevity.”

Streamlined Concurrent Workflow

Since almost all internal, link building also has a streamlined, concurrent workflow affinity. Whether it is search engine optimization team, is a formal marketing department or not, marketing objectives for rapid communication and understanding.

Networking and Accessibility

A way to get through from your suppliers, manufacturers, vendors, and the high correlation between everyone back to the relevant business. In the network of relationships is a fantastic place to start building to the existing connections and business relationships Contact lend their contact to obtain low cost.

Broadening the Scope of a Partnership

Apart from a general business with the acquisition of contact, internal SEO team can be acquired, especially the link to the publisher. People who learn quickly that you have purchased, the traditional advertising and urge to have a own web pages or more than your link.

Disadvantages of in-hourse

Lead generation

Process of collecting names and contact information about qualified prospects which will be contacted by the salespeople for generating orders. It usually involves direct response advertising and telemarketing.

What is best for our organization

In my opinion, I would choose outsourcing to be my construction website, because I know outsourcing expertise and level. They can complete the work in the short term, so we can save a lot of resources and time. In addition, the in-house opportunity to learn from their expertise. Subsequently, the in-house expertise they also can create it yourself. Two birds with one stone. Although, outsourcing a few risks, but everything has to get his risk, we also need to overcome these risks, as long as we overcome the risk of succes


In a conclusion, e-commerce is undeniably the best one in this world of things. Although it is risky, but in a period of rapid growth, we really need it to help us. Therefore, we let E be my domestic and international well-known. Therefore, there are many hackers want to destroy and steal information e-commerce. But today, e-commerce is very dangerous.

In my opinion, I think we should pay more attention and increase our security, and now the latest anti-virus software is the possibility ofcracking is to reduce a lot of contrast. In addition, we should not inadvertently reveal personal information and conditions.


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