The Reasons For Investing In It Projects Information Technology Essay

The requirement for software has developed far faster than world ability to create it. Also, the people need software that is isolated more usable, reliable, and stronger than what is being introduced today. We have become seriously dependent on very big software systems which behavior of character is not well identified and which are frequently fail in unexpected ways. So increase on software researches may be given a strong priority. Special emphasis should be placed on developing software for managing large amounts of information, for making computers easier to use, for making software easier to create and maintain, and for improving the ways humans communicate with computers.

 IT changed the world

Information Technology will be leading and most powerful in the 21st century that will change the way of our life style. Learning, working, and playing and everything will be depend on powerful IT Projects Advances in computing and communications technology will create a new infrastructure for business, scientific research, and social interaction. This expanding infrastructure will provide us with new tools for communicating throughout the world and for acquiring knowledge and insight from information. Information technology will help us to understand how we affect the natural environment and how best to protect it. It will provide a vehicle for economic growth. Information technology will make the workplace more rewarding, improve the quality of health care, and make government more responsive and accessible to the needs of our citizens.


We are living in 21st century in these days everything is handy, everything is compact because of Information Technology .Developed country and developing country every one need information technology , because  everyone wants to make their work easier or shorter, even they are ready to spend more money for that. In this modern world people are expecting more from information technology, they want to be relevant to their dreams as a software or IT projects. The modern people are used to IT because the Information Technology have done a lot to the public that is from the communication service , transport service, accounts department, colleges, supermarkets, even a small grocery shop using  IT technologies. So this world is always welcoming Information Technology nowadays.

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IT is friendly for public 

Mostly everyone in this world like to finish their work faster because that is the nature of human being,  so incredible  IT is a gift for  them. Now very rarely  we can see a long queue in bank or train ticket counter  because of  this IT  technology .You just imagine if millions of people living without any IT technology  even one day they can’t  manage without it technology  everything will  freeze or struck and they can’t  come out no heating no traffic lights. So everything depends on IT. The relationship between  information  technology  and  public never end public always need new  technologies and some updated for old technology.





Impotence of  IT Companies

There are lots of companies and organizations are waiting for good IT projects to attract their customers. They are ready to invest a lot of money for software projects. An IT company needs to create a project for their clients, and they need to know about their clients requirements and user ability and the functions between the company and their customers. An IT company can do

·         End user IT support

·         Managing desktops

·         Managing their networks

·         Voice and data communication

·         Create Application for Business

·         Planning for strategic Technology

·         Project Management


For their customers 


 Advantages  of  IT projects

Information Technology  makes everything easy and faster. One software can finish the work very quickly, than many men doing that work so there is time saving. If a software can do a work of hundred men’s work there is a cost cut, that company can save more wages in their profit. If everything computerized everything will be under our finger tip paying a bill card transaction debit, credit card usage can do with a laptop or a PC. This could be financial impact, pure profit, ROI, increased sales, impact on share price. Mostly every department gets advantages from Information Technology so all of them are ready to invest their profits on Information Technology.

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Why companies and organizations investing in IT projects

Each and every department working for their clients or customers, they need more customers to increase their profit level or profit margin. So they are expecting help from IT companies because they can create a suitable IT projects or software to make customer’s work easier. A good project management can create a useful project for their clients. A good project can very easily attract customers and in the mean time many customers can be handled by the software projects even a customer can operate the machine if the machine is user friendly, in future in all over the world all kind of work can be done by machines and applications. Many countries like America , United Kingdom Germany etc spending their money on Information Technology to develop the country. 


Main Goals of investing in IT projects

  There are main goals of everyone investing money, time in IT projects. Saving money saving time reduces risk of financial, technological and data losses caused by disasters. Increasing investment in IT projects become a multimillion business because the big company and industries realize that they can earn more money or more profit from this IT project and this IT projects stabilize their growth of their industries.   

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