The Scarlet Letter Prequel English Literature Essay

The market place is bursting with shouting and screaming. People, trying to show their hatred toward the woman the scaffold, some throws off disgusted looks at her. Through the shouting, one could make out “shame” “A” “Hester Prynne” “Adultery”. The town central is in complete chaos. The one standing on the scaffold is a young woman, she’s holding a baby in her arms, the child is about a month old. Her name is Hester Prynne, who was condemned sinner by the means of adultery. Even though the one who gets her into the mess refused to come up and defend her, she withstands everything on her own, and keeps her lover’s name concealed. She stood, looking down at the crowd, the little baby in her arms starts to cry, but it doesn’t seem as if she minds. Hester stands there, but her conscious is wandered off somewhere else. She recalled the days back when she is still a girl, from before she married her husband. It would be all different if she didn’t accept that proposal back then.

Hester was born into a fallen noble family. It was said that her family was prosperous and filthy rich back in the days. But by the time of her birth, her family has fallen and is no longer be able to afford all the lavish outlooks that is shown outside. Hester’s father was an unsuccessful businessman, and her mother was an old styled housewife, who always worried about every single thing, and her only wish was her children’s marriage. Hester was the third daughter, who was the prettiest out of all her brothers and sisters. So it is ordinary that her mother hoped to find her the finest man and married her off to be a good housewife, just like she is.

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One day, her father brought home a young man, who is said to be of a great help to him when he is doing his business. From their conversation in the dinning table, Hester learned that his name was Roger Prynne. He’s a successful businessman and a scholar, as well as a training physician. The young man seems to take a great interest in the young girl, who is so radiantly beautiful. The day ended in laughter. Night came, the man excused himself from the family charges and headed home, promised to come back and visit on another day. The man came back as promised several days later, and the family was glad to have him in their home. The relationship between them is going fairly well, and each time when he comes, he always remembers to bring gifts to Hester. They would take a walk together, or he will invite the family over to his house sometimes. Hester’s parents seem to like him very much, and are very approval of him, especially the mother. Whenever she’s with Hester, she would say all this good things about Roger Prynne, and how glad she would be to have him as her son-in-law. Hester is wary that she is almost at the age to be married off, and that Roger Prynne is in her parents’ sights. Moreover, she notices that the man had taken a liking to her as well.

One sunny day, Roger came to the family with a gets up that is exceptionally formal, unlike other days. Hester was out with her mother to a nearby market. By the time they came back, news reached them, Hester will be married into the Prynne family in May, and that everything will be organized, so they will get married before Roger leave the country to go on another business trip. And so it is decided. Hester was not pleased at the arrangement, but she is obliged to listen to her parents, and Prynne promised her happiness once they get married, and so she agreed to the marriage.

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Several days after the wedding, Prynne took off to his new business, when he returned, they decided to move to Amsterdam, Holland. They settled down for a time, before decided to move to the new world. Prynne sent Hester ahead of him, and stayed back to conclude business, after that, he will come to her. But he never came, for two years, Hester waited for him, and in the new land, he met Dimmesdale, which was her lover, and fell in love with him. Hester committed adultery and gave birth to a baby girl, who she named Pearl, the symbol of her struggles and her love with Dimmesdale. Now she is standing on the scaffold, taking the punishments for her sin.

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