The Significance Of The Dorado Sequence

In Candide by Voltaire, describes the transformation of the protagonist Candide, throughout the story. The author demonstrates the character development over the story starting with an innocent personality as a child who does not have responsibility to know, into a great man who experienced the life means. Basically Candide endures the human suffering to get his final destiny. During his crossing candide visited many cities which make him have different point of view about life experience such as El Dorado. It was a great place totally different from the rest of cities. In the story the language shows Candide’s progress towards maturity.

When Candide was expulsed from the palace for his love to Ms. Cunegonde, he experimented a cruelty period of life. But it help him to face the philosophical view that all things in life are necessary for some greater good. As said his best friend and philosopher Pangloss. ,”He sees that everything does not happen for the best as the philosophers and metaphysician Pangloss had told him in the Baron’s castle.” (Philip Littell)Throughout Candide’s travels he develops a new philosophy of life, his eyes open to reality.

In the story El Dorado have a big role in Candide ideologies about life. People in El Dorado have different ways of thinking and priorities with Europe or visitors.” I simply can’t understand , said he, the passion you Europeans have for our yellow mud; but take all you want, and much good may it do you.”( Candide,408).El Dorado habitants know how the outsiders over appreciate money and gold. Also ,people from there ,know that materialistic things are important and indispensable for the visitors and most of the time the only way to meet happiness for a while they have those valuables were worthless for them. In constrat el Dorado is the notion of emotions such as love and care are freely chosen. People in El Dorado value the species and fellow human rather than having wars against each other for a ridiculous argument and ambition of possessing all the materialistic objects.

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Moreover, El Dorado is a really simple and humble city, where people do not need extravagant things, they only have the essential things and there are no disagreements between them, poverty is nonexistent.” Cacambo it’s true my friend it again, the castle where I was born does not compare with the land where we now are; but Miss Cunegonde is not here.”(Candide, 408).In this quote I could perceive the reason of candide to leave el Dorado, it was Miss Cunengonde. Candide was really in love with her and he wanted to be with her. The love of both was not accept for their different social classes. Candide to get his change goes through many adventures and gradually matures into an experienced and practical man. “Finally, he decides to settle down and live by farming his own garden-this symbolizes his surrender to simple self-preservation and candide said that we must cultivate our garden”.(Voltaire 30,438) After a long and difficult struggle in which Candide is forced to overcome misfortune to find happiness, he concludes that everything is not as good as it seems the way Dr. Pangloss, his tutor had taught him. Another important point in El Dorado is that people shared their belongings and there is no such a feeling as avarice and envy in this place. Even though the residents of El Dorado do, they do not have an organized religion and do not believe in a religious persecution. None of the inhabitants they all believe the same thing. In order Voltaire remarks that unlike Europe and the rest of the world in El Dorado people are free to follow and express their own faith and not be afraid of future consequences of others disapproval. Furthermore, in El Dorado there are not courts or prisons because everyone acted with a good attitude toward each other. By the way, their system of education is well organized and advanced compare to the rest.

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Unfortunately, the rest of the world is really different from El Dorado. In this part of the world we can see a lot of violence, corruption and misfortune that’s why El Dorado tries to keep away from the rest of the world, because habitants does not want to be infected with this style of life. Everyone wants to been in a community without those problems, because the environment plays a big role in the way we live and, also in the way we interact with the others. Instead of living in an infected world we should be looking for a better lifestyle.

” We only request of your majesty, Cacambo said, a few sheep loaded with provisions, some pebbles, and some of the mud of country.

The king laughed.

I simply can’t understand, said he, the passion you Europeans have for our yellow mud; but take all you want, and much good may it do you”.(candide, 408)

In addition, El Dorado don’t need of gold and jewels to been happy like the rest world, that the main priority is have more and more money to be “happy”. A great and important value from the habitants of El Dorado is that always they demonstrate love, respect and confidence to their children and community. One thing important that i learned of the book el dorado is that they always is important show love, respect and confidence to their children and community and the thing materialistic don’t need been the most important to them. In contrary, the rest world teach to children that materialistic things are important to reach the happy and I believe that is great problem that present the society today because they don’t found confidence, respect and love. Then they use drugs to gain attention from their parents, because their parents don’t have communications with them. Many teens use drugs because they are depressed or think drugs will help them escape their problems. El Dorado contrast to the rest of the world in many different ways one is that rest word is materialistic and the effects that cause a society materialistic are the use drugs, alcohol and crime. It is the same as our addiction to all the materialistic things in the world. In addition, rest world have become extremely addicted to the material world. People El Dorado is different because they are peace-loving people determined to live a life of simplicity, sheltering themselves from the outside world to better focus on the spiritual world. The most important for El Dorado community is that they want to feel better of follow with the values of their community.

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“Candide listened attentively and believed innocently; for he thought Miss Cunegonde extremely beautiful, though he never had the courage to tell her so. He concluded that after the happiness of being born Baron of Thunder-ten-Tronckh, the second degree of happiness was to be Miss Cunegonde, the third that of seeing her every day, and the fourth that of hearing Master Pangloss, the greatest philosopher of the whole province, and consequently of the whole world” (candide 1, 378)

During his adventures he realize that things not always happen for the best, he understand that it just happen in his innocent mind. El dorado have a great important to one of some changes of Candide was his philosophy really optimistic mind” everything is for the best”. It was a phrase of his teacher Pangloss He taught that everything was for the best and Candide, having never heard any other philosophies, agrees blindly. In his amazing journey he finds that every event in the world has a reason, and whether there are positive or negative moments you have to live them.”

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