The Strength Weakness Opportunities And Threats Analysis Information Technology Essay

Selecting Google as main organization for the Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats Analysis (SWOT) has many reasons, which i cannot not elaborate fully all of them here due to some limitations, but no doubt everyone knows the advantages and reliability of finding and searching easily anything through Google. In this era of upcoming technologies, Google is also doing research like other organizations who are working day and nights to serve their customers fully and satisfactorily to yield the customers trust and to keep strengthen their market strategies. Here is a short overview of the Google which will give the detail specification and a bird’s eye view of the achievements (Battelle J., 2005).

In the list of global internet related technologies and advertisement organizations, Google holds a significant name. It was designed by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1996 in Stanford, USA., who were actually Ph.D. students. Its offer services relating to gateway search engines and also those organizations who are doing advertisements for different companies through Google. Google’s search engines are responsible for holding a huge pile of web links and other relative online content which anyone can find easily there. Google’s main income profile starts from delivering World Wide Web advertisement for various organizations. The organization operates with a massive workforce of almost twenty thousand people, based in Mountain View in California, USA. During the year of 2009, Google hit the target successfully to a remarkable figure of twenty three and half thousand million dollars with an increment of eight percent from year 2008. The organization’s operating profit was almost eight thousands and three hundred millions in year 2009 with an increment of twenty five percent from year 2008. In year 2009, accumulative profit for Google was sixty five hundred million dollars with an increment of fifty four percent in year 2008.

With above given facts and figures we can understand well the ongoing performance of Google organization. Gradually its going up and up every day as compared to its last year performance. Google is not only giving services in search engines and web content but also in holding email accounts, communication softwares, offering news to the people and one of the most important feature which is Google maps. With Google maps we can find every place by just giving the name of the place or the city or country name and Google will pinpoint exactly which we type but it can also give the names of two or more places, like Virginia is a place which is in two or more countries. (


An essential toolkit to implement in which way many human beings are finding is commonly available to the other people. By luring and giving attraction to the searching engines and its site traffic which is a significant ongoing and continuous improvement is bringing business for almost every person in relative field. People across the globe use Google search engine to find everything relative to their field of profession. People who belong to nearly every part of the life, even if they are students or high stream professional, architecture or scientist, they are using Google search engine to find quick results. Normally people use three browsers which are Firefox and Internet explorer and Mozilla. But most of the people like Google chrome as well because it supports many applications which hold music, movie streaming and operating websites. Now, many browsers do not support some features like some music or juke boxes but Google chrome nearly supports everything which viewers want to enjoy and they also inform other friends and family as well.

No doubt colourful and delicate images perform an important role to attract the customers. When we go to some websites, images and scripts running at the back are the only first things which are most attractive and colourful to lure the customers to come back again and again. Even its a selling and buying Amazon or eBay website like or its pornographic website, people love images and they want to have a good experience. So there should be such an internet browser which could support all types of images and to show them in some real colourful life (Elias J. C., 2010).

Commerce driven by electronic channels or in short term what we call E-Commerce relates to commercial actions which are buying and selling the products and other financial or legal services with the help of electronic systems specially Google. Internet and other electronic machines like FAX or communicating devices like network routers carry out the service over computer networks. Google relates also to Electronic Commerce whose history goes back to seventies and eighties where initially EDI(Electronic Data Interchange) and fund transfer happened been introduced to the world. From that time an enhanced and fast production system started in electronic commerce which elaborated in almost all scenes of the commercial organizations as well. For example Distribution systems management, implementing transactions and electronic marketing and also stock management.

Google’s mechanism of business strategies can also be analyzed and structured in many good terms and also brings down turns like any other normal commercial institute. We take a bird’s view of those significant and essential good and bad things of the Google. Among all of these huge and mighty good things of Google’s services, is firstly makes able a corporation or sole trading business to get to the world market. Hence, it holds the requirements of all the local and international market volume, even if corporation actions are no more locked by global hurdles. Google is no doubt helping to mini organizations as well which get the availability of the introducing their products and to also bringing other’s services or products into their country. While implementing corporation activities sometimes huge implications might come across, where Google fights back to implement commercial transformations almost twenty four hours and on the day offs and on weekends as well. Enhancing business conditions like that definitely mounts the sales figures up which pleases the share holders (Yadhav S. & Sharma Y., 2010).

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E-commerce provides the consumers the availability to find for relatively buying those products which are available on cheaper rates. Google is also helping customers by giving an adversely easy approach on millions services and products and even by giving the producer’s detail to consumers which helps everyone to find the respective product at the cheaper level( There are proven facts and figures that buying electronically is normally more easy and conceivable and it’s also saves the time of the customers rather than basic outdoor shops. Apart of all of these persons might find different feedback which are sent by other customers concerned to those products which have been bought form the respective website which might hold complain about the product.

Issues related at corporation level, Google draws back and down turn the cost and figures involve in marketing, care of the consumer, storing information and stock holding management. These techniques cut down the time elapsed which have been involved in corporation planning and also in engineering involvement, customized services and products which face the available demand of the specific consumers, mounting production levels and consumers card holding services. Google decreases the weight of administration to hold corporations and hence increases the figures of the share holders fund availability to further essential investment. These issues make able respective consumers care help lines.


Google is basically structurized in so many technology breakthroughs and intellectual people’s recommendations whom have limited the quantity of the persons utilizing the revolutionized schemas. One of the tallest disadvantage of Google is the world wide web services still have not given the benefits in some parts of the world, whether it’s the Zulu tribes in South Africa or its the red Indians living in the caves of the panama, still mankind has to bring the charming connectivity of the internet to some significant parts of the world. Even though a huge amount of the people who do no utilize the benefits of the internet due to some sort of the financial conditions they are still trying to achieve that. Beside of these issues many people still decline the trustworthy online business communications because they think they cannot see the other business party face to face. Most of the people still require reserved places due to the needs and goals which are highly conceivable among those people who have been trying for a while to achieve those.

The basic surrounding factor of Google is that because it’s not in that suiting conditions to some people who want to buy food related products. There has been a local news that a girl bought some food from an Indian takeaway which has been advertised on the Google. The girl had an allergy consisted to nuts eating allergy but the takeaway management did not mention that food they make might contain allergy so eventually the girl dies on the spot. Still people relate to be in the shop in some more traditional method to use Google for buying food. So, finally Google is not very good for those business situations. The era in which we deliver these services to the people might require some physical products which might be some basic and essential in some cases. So many telephonic calls and electronic mails need to get assorted by people. Hence, coming back to the products and getting refunded in some more troublesome environment is quite consuming and elapsing.

Thus, by analyzing the different advantages and disadvantages, we might assume that the pros and cons of the Google is quite essential to among all the people which are using that service (Bazalgette, P., 2008)


An enhanced and illustrated technique to find the relative issues which ties up the basic requirement and needs in consumer trust, might indulge the basic infrastructure and the continuous changing world. Google is basically regarded to some technological related factors because they have some inside concurrent issues which are considered very much accumulative due to the financial conditions of the company. No doubt Google is the biggest name of the century and it cannot be forgotten till end of the time because it has brought the people together and offered them different services. A massive quantity of human beings still are not in proper connection with an internet there are some geographical and environmental issues because they cannot buy internet related infrastructure. Recently Google launched their Android software for small pocket size electrical devices like mobile phones and games consoles. Sony Erickson and Google are in a joint business, where Google is designing operating software for the mobile phones of Sony Ericsson. These kinds of joint ventures of different organizations are necessary for long term business deals and projects. After launching their Android based devices people started enjoying their different features and they can also download a huge number of applications from the web.


No doubt scientist are working on their ongoing projects. Research work is being handled at regular basis in different institutions around the world specially in USA, Germany and Sweden. Reason of that is these governments are working hard to achieve research related targets and they also encourage people to think differently in scientific fields. Sweden and Germany are offering free education to everyone around the world but in return local universities achieve a handsome cash from government but in return they get research from different students.

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In response of the ongoing development and progress in World Wide Web and electronic commerce, different people are working hard to invent new technological breakthrough. Recently Face book which was designed by another student has become remarkably very popular among people around the world. So, to overcome financial and marketing related issues, Google must have to perform extra ordinary to yield the market and to keep stay top in the list.

The most important and effective implications is the still a huge number of people are not comfortable buying food products through searched Google. Human being still want to buy from shops, like grocer giants TESCO and Sainsbury and Waite Rose and other market leading owners are delivering products, and its happened once a customer bought a packet of bananas which were brought from South America and they found a lizard hiding inside the pack of yellow bananas, so these kind of issues can come across to the producers and it can cause problems for the main company as well. Beside of buying on the shop, people have an idea to go outside with their friends and family and they enjoy shopping as well.


Every organization has some good points to be leaded by other organizations and also some draw backs of which other companies keep themselves aware of that. Below is a table of general products consumed by people, which we can explain here:

Sales Projection

(Millions of $US and %)








Total world sales $US








Total electronic music %








Total electronic music $US








Estimated total online sales %








Total online sales $US








Total online electronic $US







7 mkt share of above %







8 sales $US







Source :

Weighted average is defined in the second line which represents the market volume in electronic bought music. Line 5 shows the sales of the music which will overwhelm over the internet, because music is also downloadable, where CDs are delivered to customers, infect many people are still buying music in HMV and TESCO DVDs renting on the spot because they can see which one is available. The main reason is line5 is measured to the Jupiter’s facts and figures which tell that nearly half online sales happened in United States.

It is very essential to remember that electronic equipment is not the basic music quality. Its require to increase its market. The bigger music names and on the web music shop like are not in contact to help the market. The consumer’s view on the web buying is basically has some limitations, only twenty percent of survey shows that people have been buying music from world wide web. We even have faith that this service is basically has some draw back and with less music quantity which might affect the sales and fact and figures of the respective products and services. Infect, due to the concurrent online questionnaire, forty three percent people have inclined to pay for the music available on the web, where nineteen percent showed heavily interest and they bought the items on the web.

The basic targeting strategy for Google is very uncertain, as it is inclined to those human beings who are tended to listen their favourite music and they want to buy music on the web. Google arranged a facts and figures survey of hundred repliers, among most of them basically in Canada, with nearly ten percent of repliers were from different countries and that facts and figures ratio were obtained from the web. As the people related to the marketing orientation and other factors which are essential for the betterment and easiness for the consumers are bringing reliability to the utmost reward of the pioneer higher management of the bigger and higher market leaders, nearly the age of twenty five which is a average age and one to three from university related people are buying the music from the web, besides of these situations the study also revealed that sixty five percent of the consumers were male. Another fact revealed that eighty one percent people from buyers have computers at home and they have the easiness of internet as well, almost ninety seven percent have the broadband facility at homes and they spent most of the time to watch and listen music from the World Wide Web. They do have the bandwidth speed reliability speed which is thirty one percent which is regarded to an average among the other people who do not use computers very often according to some different categories. People also intended to pay for high definition portable computers and TVs which is also available on high price on the market, but people still want to buy because they have easy accessible range to view and find the specifications of the products available in the online market.

Almost twelve percent of the electronical music equipment and relative accessories loving people basically customize their products to their own musical accessories. This suggests that the rising prices of the high definition products nearly seventy five percent would likely to but by end of this coming year. This is because of the online marketing campaign of the marketing professionals and other people who are offering their services in this field. For example, in Germany and USA and Japan, South Korea, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain and Muscat, these countries are considered to maintain themselves with the upcoming technological breakthrough with the time of the environment, the main reason of that is the people in these countries are highly paid an average people income is higher than other developing countries.

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To authenticate the plan and design of the product features and its life cycle, it is highly determined factors that something is very much important and valuable which is deserved to be declared. Even in some all accessible and private owned computer machines and networks whereas the internet is including as well, to authenticate is basically go through the use of the username and pass code. By knowing someone pass code is highly sensitive issue and these private information should be kept safe and never written down on any paper or computer file. Reason of this is because hackers are always in a situation to grab someone’s ids and pass code to enter into a system where they are not allowed. For example, HSBC bank provides user id and password to their customers and they allow their customers to do online transactions and to do transfer money as well. But when money involved in any matter it become more serious so it should be handled very carefully and log out function plays also an important part there when a user finishes his or her online work they should finish their work. In case if they do not sign out or log out they might come across some hacking experience and fraud interventions in some public computers, so this is very sensitive matter.

A concurrent World Wide Web related matters where a user name is entered is the basic mainframe of a user entry website. Database holding applications are very important web links because they hold all the customer information regarding their liking and disliking. Whenever a customer comes to the website, the customer operates and browse different pages and the websites hold the data he or she provide by user name and password by giving submitting the data, so the database holds the customer basic generic data to keep safe and to also keep their interests in their.

Data integrity is also important, though, new flash drives have been designed and these drives are working well but there is still some factors involve that it might damage and its reliability can come across to some fatal damage. The basic and conventional method to dissolve this issue is called mirroring, by holding the both copies of the data on two different drives to hold the data.

Finally, if Google designers are working on different projects then they should make sure that the world wide web link for their new website should be designed which could gently lead the client through the learning and sales process. The text of sales should be designed and planned to the utmost level of the grammar. Make sure there is well enough amount of text contents on the website to attract the searching engines and to inform respective consumers as well.

(Babin, L.A. and Carder, S.T, 1996).


Hence, this discussion seems to be endless and Google’s goals and objectives are the most popular world wide web resources for communication equipment and surfing the web, no matter what the people are accelerating the site of the purchasement and buying signals of the consumers, this is very important and significant factor to show that consumers is about to buy something but they don’t know what to buy that the reason they choose the search engine.

No doubt the IT and world wide web have some aspects on commercial decisions of the organizations. Corporations are taking huge money to electronic commerce applications but are still facing hard analysis and its effects to the modern infrastructure of the organizations. It clearly shows how a model can go ahead to lead to identify and to give properties of electronic commerce and its operations. We have taken a look that how a schema of recommendations works out and how it’s providing help to improve Google website can mount the sales targets and the organization’s revenues.

Google maintains the basic marketing strategy which aims to support the affirmative infrastructure and social ties among different sections of the people. Because when a product is launched, different advertising agencies worked on that and they spend utmost energy to introduce that product to the eyes of the consumers because this the basic step which people want to see the first hand product and finalize their purchase. Google conclude the essential E-commerce strategy which holds the main barriers to the conceivable energy among those people as well who are still neglecting the main stream professional line of the executives, because they are no doubt working on the best to introduce and bring the most beautiful picture to the horizon and even on the buses as well. Consequently, Google is offering services to almost every corner of the today’s life and every individual human being or organization. Besides serving the whole global community Google management must have to bring new technologies inside their search engines to keep maintaining the latest requirements from the customer to yield the market in this tough marketing criteria.

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