Understanding The Terms Of The Pos System Information Technology Essay

A restaurant system was so complicated and a lot type of system is being used. Now currently POS system is the one being used most. But what exactly is POS system.

A POS system is a system that helps us managing the sales of goods. The function refers to the software and hardware that going be associated with the checkout stands. A restaurant POS system is system that company to improve and all the bundles will be included. Mostly place retailer was using a POS system at their counter and several major manufacturer offer POS systems from the range from restaurant to supermarket. By using the POS system make a business more efficient lowering the cost running while able to increase the customer service and making the business easier to work on.

In the retail trade, the POS is the used when a customer has come to a counter with a request and prepares to purchase or order it. A POS normally handling transaction whether it take from a form that being added machine or even hand written receipt pad or even from a complex computer. For the small business their business does the form of a computer system.

Current the most basic POS system that available for us is the electric cash register. The clerk will check the goods in the cash register and come out with a receipt for the customer. At the end of working hours, the supervisor will print out all the daily report showing that how many sales has been made and also prepare the deposit for them to use. While for the more complex cash register are able to do just making summary report. Inside the cashier got a lot memory functions which allow users to look up reports from the past which include the monthly or even yearly report.

POS system has a lot type which has more complex feature including numerous bundled features. Nowadays POS systems have inventory management capability, where all the item will be enter into system and able to be tracked by other output or input devices. Some system even allow the buyer to generate a purchase order inside the system which to help user to ease the problem.

This has increased the efficient of getting the product on time. Moreover the product which has been order is based on the popularity of the product and also the sales of the product. POS system didn’t just work alone. It also enables people to add on like credit card verification to able work with the system too.

The system will become more convenient to be use and also reliable system. Besides transaction, Human resources also able to keep the personnel records inside the system along with password authorization. This ensures security is securing the whole system without any trespassing.

A POS system could do anything for the owner as is a cheap and also useful system for any retail for example restaurant owner. The hardware has become the main factor to make this system so useful for others.

The hardware is the important part as a typical system that is a display for them to see, a customer display for what they bought and also the cash drawer. Some even have the credit card reader which helps them to gain more service as not everyone is prefer cash.

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While for the Restaurant POS system is normally have an order which will directly send to the kitchen to be view by the chef and another for the customer to review their order.

Here is the comparison why people prefer POS rather than just a cash register


A cash register is a dumb machine which can only inform you that how much money you been use during the day. The cash register can’t calculate any profit that you have gained. The products that you have sold actually worth are unable to be count by the cash system. While the computerized able to tell you instance what have you gained. For example, you have gained RM350 in your cash drawer and it tell you that rm335 of the rm350 is the profits. It also can tell you that the stuff being sold is what and does the stock has enough for sales. IF doesn’t the system will inform you add more stock because the stock is low.

1.2 What is a Restaurant POS system



Example of restaurant POS system.


Top restaurant invest heavily in the top quality POS systems. This is true because high performance POS systems. They do so because high performance POS systems enable restaurant to run more efficient. Staffs are able to input customer orders more quickly, tables turn faster and waiter could serve more tables simultaneously. The correct ingredients can be ordered week after week, Server able to providing complimentary food to friend and manager could check the reports to see which items on menu are being ordered infrequently and you could replace it or reprised it.

Normally, people would call the POS system as cash register. Normally the restaurant POS terminal has the CPU unit and cash drawer, a receipt printer and also a touch-screen monitor. Most of the restaurant has few ports of stations for convenience with additional component such as card reader on the type of restaurant.

For some chain store, POS system often include printer in the food for the preparation area. These help the user to eliminating the errors that can happen when having hastily-scrawled ordering the food to the kitchen. For quick service restaurants, POS systems are practically a requirement for them as it eases their problem and speed up the task they need to do. For example from the orders taken from the terminals are directly transfer to the monitor in the kitchen. After the food is ready is will directly assembled and ready to delivery to the customer.

But, POS systems for table-service restaurants and fine dining are particularly different. This is because their system is require setting up according to their menu and seating plan so they can communicate their orders to the kitchen. Beside that the track reservations and seating moreover the main important handle the transactions is also needed.

The fine dining POS mostly has a lot stations, a lot of server stations. They also have a lot functionality including the open checks and also able to let the server send order to the kitchen to start the next course and also able to check the server which responsible on which table. As all servers connected so they could track which table have problem and solve it.

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1.1.1 Benefits of restaurant system






A POS system is a computer system that used to take ordering tracking and also ringing up sales. It is systems that being custom designed and programmed to match the individual needs because every restaurant have their own different need in order to increase their profits and efficiency. A lot successful restaurant relies on POS to keep their business running smoothly.

People would choose POS system is because it has lot of benefits that could help user to gain more efficient time and also gain profits. Using a POS system can help user save time for server and also cook. Well this included the bartender parts. For example a server who place an order for a drink or even appetizer or even entrees in a restaurant. But the place has separate and they may do it in a single receipt which makes it slower. But if the order being handle by POS , the order will be send individually send to three printers at their own station and full order will be save on server terminal. This will certainly help in time reduction and management problem reduced.

Moreover, POS is one of the systems that help us to reduce human error. Sometime a poor handwriting on writing an order could mislead of understanding the orders. If an order is misread by chef or bartender could led them prepare a wrong item which could waste and lose of profit. This normally occur and easy to done this kind of mistake. By using an order service, the orders will be neatly printed at the stations and of course printed by a printer could be easily to read and neat.

When using a POS system, users are able to add a magnetic stripe reader or even a card reader to process the card. This can be quite a useful for those who want to upgrade their POS system. Sometime a credit card reader is needed as you can process, adjust or even run records of all credit card transactions without having to purchase or install an additional credit card machine.

Use the POS system able to generate all the reports and this report has making the most valuable benefits of why using POS system. This is because by using POS we could simple take any reports from sales, credit card transactions, stock inventory, and favorites pick by customer. Anything that could be imagined could be available in POS system. POS system is simply a system that could help user to save all the record while able to eliminate the hard copies by having the entire digital file all lies in the CPU.

A common problem which always occurs when coming to the restaurant owners is having theft problem. When the server is neglects on charge the customer for item or takes orders home without paid to them is already consider as loss in profit. On the POS order the manager or the owner can track what thing has been ordering and by whom, and if it already paid. This has ease the owner’s problem and this certainly help a lot.

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In addition when come to cost, it is a direct cost saving solution for all owner that using the POS system. The advantage of it as it could offer full detailed reports that can help make more decision making on business. Reports able to help people to better predict volume and scheduling that entire employer easily.

While for the inventory able to help the author makes their decision to choose which ingredients because it could determine which ingredient is need the most. As ingredients must be maintained fresh, owner required to list down the entire ingredient from popular to the most profit or even. Using POS system able to let user or owner see all these and able to make determine which one need to throw off from menu and other relevant.

The POS able to reduce the time of staff from waiting that including spending their time on entering orders. Moreover it also reduce mistake occur in the kitchen. Reduce mistake simple make the customer get their food or order quickly and accurate. Today’s POS systems go much further, they currently able to make more just than a registry. The current POS system able to reservation, waiting list, guest paging, gift card management and also VIP discount.

The POS system is some easy to use and learn. Any new employee who doesn’t have any computer knowledge was able to operate it and learn it less than 1 hour. This doesn’t need any professional to operate it. Inside the POS it also enable people to use it as internal communication solution as like internal staff email and also wireless handheld ordering systems.

A POS system able to get the correct amount of ingredient that you required as get the statistic from the weekly or even month. In business especially in restaurant a statistic is important as you could know that as you growing or having problem in profit.

Besides that, the POS system with additional feature able to bring accuracy as the add-on reader able to bring scanning the product tag. The scanning will be more accurate compare to reading the sticker or expect the cashier to remember all item prices.

The analysis will be the benefits of the POS system. The system is capable to do some adjustment on the item. For example the user able to manage the inventory, reorder it according to your and most important is able to let you analyze the sales pattern of the particular item.

A POS or the heart core of the system is particular a PC which enable user to open new pack of data to store. POS can have a lot of terminal which is linked to another terminal work as one. This show them are centralized as a server in the back room is controlling everything. As it was centralized user are able to expand it by letting the server to have handheld devise wirelessly linked to the main server.

The main server is able to track down all the devices and customize it according to your needs.

1.3 Problem on the current system

The current

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