What Is Artificial Intelligence Or Smart Systems Information Technology Essay

Artificial Intelligence or smart systems has it’s called today can be described as the branch of computer science that deals with writing computer programs that can solve complex or simple problems creatively “scientist and programmers who work on (AI) Smart Systems hope to imitate or duplicate human like intelligence in computers, robots and everyday technology including house hold electronic and more”

(A.I) Smart Systems are being used today for many different purposes, all around the world smart systems are being deployed to different areas. It can and it is used in some cases to create a more conducive environments for workers by using robotic machines for dangerous situations for example automobile industries. In the future, it may be used more for human interaction; for example, an automated smart cab would actually be able to do visual recognition and respond to one personally and get you to your destination safely.

Conventional Smart systems mostly involves methods now classified as machine learning, characterized by formalism and statistical analysis. This is also known as symbolic Smart Systems, logical Smart Systems, or neat Smart Systems. This methods include:

Expert smart systems: this is reasoning capabilities to reach a conclusion. An expert smart system can process large amounts of known information and provide conclusions based on them.

Case-based reasoning is the process of solving new problems based on the solutions of similar past problems.

Behavior-based Smart Systems: a modular method of building smart systems by hand.

Computational Smart Systems involves development or learning of smart systems. Learning is based on observation and Experiment data. It is also known as non-symbolic Smart Systems, scruffy Smart systems, and soft computing. Methods mainly include:

Neural networks: smart systems with very strong pattern recognition capabilities.

Fuzzy smart systems: techniques for reasoning under uncertainty, have been widely used in modern industrial and consumer product control systems.

(A.I)Smart Systems has come a long way since the early 80s with the advent of computers. This has made it possible for programmers to write programming code for computers and gadgets to perform predefined functions and movement.

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(A.I)Smart systems like these would make life easier and more convenient for the everyday human being.

The field of A.I is huge and its potential can already be seen today in the automotive industries, hospitals, air port and many other areas.

I might be able to cover the entire topic of AI and its benefits but I will point out the relevance of AI in certain areas of human life.

How Will (A.I) Smart Systems change the way we use technology

(A.I)Smart systems already has a huge impact on the way we use everyday technology in our day to day lives. Example phones, laptop, house hold appliances, surveillance technology and many more.

Smart systems researchers all around the are at the front edge of a larger computational revolution in our midst-a technical revolution that has been introducing new kinds of tools, automation, services, and new access to information and communication. Efficiencies that have already been achieved via computational innovations are beyond the scope of what humans could have ever imagined just two decades ago. It is clear that Smart systems researchers will spearhead numerous innovations over the next several decades.

Researchers overall shared a deep enthusiasm and optimism about the future influence of (A.I)Smart systems research and development on the world. Researchers expect Smart systems research to have great positive influences in many realms of human life, including healthcare, transportation, education, commerce, information retrieval, and scientific research and discovery.

The use of (A.I)smart systems technology in automotive industries has been around for years and silicon valley companies also use smart system robots to create chips for mobile phone, computers, Television Sets and many mass produced electrical products or appliances that require a micro chip to operate are being done by (A.I)smart systems robots.

Smart systems technology are available for the masses in the form of house hold items and surveillance equipment and many more areas where we need a advance technology to operate. This technology helps in its efficiency, security, reliability and ease of use in our places of work and our home.

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Smart systems can be seen in the metro systems of the world’s most advanced countries and cities like USA-New York, CHINA-Beijing, UAE-Dubai, and UK-London, this system are deployed to use surveillance and other monitoring system to keep things running smoothly.

In the not too distant future taxi vehicles or Taxi cabs will be have smart systems at the core of its operation. These vehicles will be able to get you, to and from your destination save and sound without any incident. The advantage of such a technology in a Taxi or Cab will eliminate accidents by human drivers and will ensure you get to the correct location on time without any hassle.

Here are some companies that have embedded smart systems technology in their products manufactured around the world.

1.The iRobot :- http://www.irobot.com/

2. Google’s Nexus One :- http://www.google.com/phone/?hl=en&s7e=

3. Boeing :- http://www.boeing.com/

4. AAI Canada Inc :- http://www.aai.ca/

5. Setiai http://www.setiai.com/

6. Lockheed martin :- http://www.lockheedmartin.com/

7. A.I :- http://www.a-i.com/

The companies mentioned above integrate (A.I) Smart Systems into their product/services and offer it to the public, for civilian use or military propose.

Types of (A.I)Smart Systems and Areas where Smart Systems are being Implemented

Programmers, Researchers, and Scientist around the world categorized (A.I)Smart systems technologies into two.

Weak (A.I)Smart Systems And Strong (A.I)Smart Systems

Weak (A.I) Smart Systems

Weak Smart Systems refers to technology that is able to manipulate predetermined rules and apply the rules to reach a well-defined goal (Bethell, 2006). This type of smart systems. is presently incorporated into society, especially in large industries. Assembly lines, for example utilize programs that allow machines to work independently of their operator for hours on end (Bethell, 2006). Voice recognition software is also considered a large part of artificial intelligence (Bethell, 2006).

Weak (A.I) Smart Systems has a very exciting future with huge prospect in electronics and other areas. With the exponential growth of computing power at hand, scientists believe that weak A.I. breakthroughs are here and its future is unlimited. One technology that is projected to emerge is the cloud super-computer. Cloud super computers will be equipped with so much power that they will be able to be used as “expert systems” which will be able to use a database of expert knowledge to solve everyday problems (Boden, 1990).

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While all of these breakthroughs seem very promising, the most inspirational technologies that are projected to emerge from the development of weak A.I. are in the areas of robotic, genetic and nano technological revolutions. These three revolutions are linked together. The thought is that once the human body is decrypted via the revolution in genetics, robots will be able to be made which will serve to treat the various malfunctions of the human body. Once this is accomplished, the hope is that a nanotechnology revolution will take place in which the robots that treat disease will be able to actually be incorporated into our bodies, function autonomously and fix our malfunctions (Kurzweil, 2006). Weak artificial intelligence is presently in use and has a very promising future, but is this technology truly intelligent?

Strong A.I Smart Systems

The second form of artificial intelligence smart systems is strong A.I. Strong (A.I.) smart systems this refers to technology that has the ability to think cognitively or is able to function in a way similar to the human brain (Bethell, 2006). While some say this technology may never be achieved or is decades away from being achieved, Others say this technology is now being achieved and the basic hopes for the technology exist today. One hope is incorporated into the weak technological revolution of nanotechnology. The hope is that these nanobots will not only be able to help our bodies fight disease but also to make our bodies more intelligent (Kurzweil, 2006). The other hope is to engineer an artificial neural network capable of functioning that is comparable to a human brain. Although some parts of strong A.I. is still only in the conceptive and experimental stage, it is this technology that fuels the fear associated with artificial intelligence or smart systems taking control over lives.

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