What Is The E Commerce Information Technology Essay

What is the E-commerce. For todays society, the E-commerce is plays an important role in the world. That also call Electronic commerce, it is a term for any type of business and also involves digitally enabled commercial transaction, which involves the transfer of information across the internet. Commercial transactions are also involving the exchange of value across organizational or individual boundaries in return for service or product. E-commerce simple explanation is some company; wholesalers and suppliers are through auction and based retail sites to do business exchanges trading goods and another service between those business companies. Now many countries using E-commerce to commercial transactions involving an exchange of value across organizational boundaries for their own business to another country. Those have seven unique features of E-commerce technology and significance on some retail sites for attract more customers, increase their business and also allowing customers around the world to facilitate free trade for all. These types of E-commerce are different trading on business. From now the E-commerce are allows consumers to easily electronically exchange goods and goods with no barriers of distance of time. In the near future the E-commerce has rapidly expanding and more businesses are move sections of their operations onto the internet. So the E-commerce is currently one of most important aspects of the internet.

3.0 Answer of Question 1

The computer network in the developed world now, many people like to use e-commerce website for shopping, Company derives revenue by selling goods, information, or services to customers. For example website has ebay.com, amazon.com, mudah.my and so on. These web pages are e-commerce website; this is because the ease of placing an order online has brought the buying public to the internet sales for customer convenience. The e-commerce website which has all kinds of goods; the goods include smart phone, watch, education book, musical instruments and so on. Each e-commerce website has the own seven unique features of e-commerce technology. I will choose www.amazon.com e-commerce website assess it in terms of seven unique features.


3.1.1 Ubiquity

The amazon.com e-commerce website first unique feature is ubiquity, it is so important unique features for those user and costumer, and this is because the marketplace is created or extended beyond traditional boundaries and removed geographic location. It is so easy for customers online shopping as long as they can online in another place or any time and makes it for customer convenience enhanced. This features is so amazing because internet technology is available everywhere and any time for customers online shopping, this features make it be convenience and save time to go to a particular store to buy a goods, as long as have the internet online for buy the goods.

3.1.2 Global Reach

The amazon.com e-commerce website second unique feature is global reach. The e-commerce technology allows commercial transactions to national boundaries and cross cultural far more conveniently and effectively as compared to traditional commerce. For now technology is reaches beyond national boundaries to every country and the e-commerce is enabled across cultural national boundaries seamlessly and without modification, if we have an e-commerce global reach on the world, the marketplace must be include potentially billions of consumers or the millions of business. This feature can concentrate the e-commerce on the world marketplace and easy to increase the website online sales and promote the national goods to another country.

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3.1.3 Universal standards

The amazon.com e-commerce website third unique feature is universal standards. The universal standards feature is stands shared by the world. It gives us all the connections on the same “level” capability, which provides network externalities, will benefit for all. There is one set of technology standard and namely internet standards. The universal standards significance is reduce the product search cost and by creating a single, one world market place and where price discovery become simpler, faster and more accurate. Because the lower market entry costs so it’s easy to attract customers and searching their goods to get a nice offer. It also can easily find all the suppliers and prices, many stores will also called all their other stores or get it from their site shipped to the store, so customers don’t have to go anywhere. And the last is delivery terms of a specific the product to anywhere in the world, delivery is very convenient thing, you do not have to personally go to the store get yours goods, as long as you are willing to pay for transportation costs, it can be deliver it to your home.

3.1.4 Richness

The amazon.com e-commerce website fourth unique features is provides information richness, for now e-commerce technology have to change the traditional trade of between Richness and the reach for example, the e-commerce website design have the text messages, audio and images for change the traditional trade and get more powerful selling environment. The internet and web can deliver to an audience of millions richness marketing message in a way not possible with traditional technologies like radio, TV and magazines.

3.1.5 Interactivity

The amazon.com e-commerce website fifth unique feature is interactivity, it means is the technology that allows two way communications between merchant and consume. The technology software for example Skype and MSN also can allow two way communications similar to face-to-face experience but only on a massive global scale. The consumers are engaged in a dialogue that dynamically adjusts the experience to the individual, and make the consumer a co-participant in the process of delivering goods to the market. E-commerce interaction is much better, because companies can interact with a much larger scale. E-commerce can be more easily and efficiently from the collection of the information consumers with surveys and forms.

3.1.6 Information Density

The amazon.com e-commerce website sixth unique feature is increase information density, which is given the amount and quality of information available to all market participants. In the e-commerce website is need to give more information for that goods for example is information processing, storage and communication cost drop dramatically while accuracy and time lines improve greatly. The goods of information should become more plentiful, accurate and cheap for customers more attractive and interesting to the goods.

3.1.7 Personalization

The amazon.com e-commerce website last unique feature is personalization; it is technology allows the personalized messages to be delivered to individuals as well as group. This is represent follow some customers purchase record or the website member to send some e-mail about the e-commerce website new product and some about the product information or give the new offer to customers. Personalization of marketing messages and customization of products and services are based on individual characteristics.

3.2 The unique features implement well and poorly features

The www.amazon.com e-commerce website unique features in implement well is Information Density features, this is because this e-commerce website have very detailed about the products information. For example the smart phone or digital cameras those products have the screen, audio, battery and highest quality of information, this feature can let you more easy to know his technical performance, appearance, special features, advantages and disadvantages.  This information of product can affect customer’s attraction for the product and confidence in the product. However the more poorly feature is universal standards, the www.amazon.com e-commerce website no part of lower market entry costs to search their product to get the nice offer, if wan find out the lower market need to search one by one on website.

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4.0 Conclusion of Question 1

In my opinion, the www.amazon.com is a very useful and amazing e-commerce website. According to my investigation in many countries are using the www.amazon.com by e-commerce online to pre-order and buy their product, include country have Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, Japan and so on. But still have the most poorly feature need to improvement, in my suggestion the part of universal standards feature. The website should improvement the new development on lower market entry costs for customer, it can let customer easier to search the lower cost products and get the offer. After the improvement, in future is likely to be able to become the most successful e-commerce website. If we lose the e-commerce website it will cause us purchase the product very inconvenient and purchase hinder. The e-commerce website is act a very important role now; we should make good use of this e-commerce website.

5.0 Introduction of Question 2

On now the society, most of the people because of their busy work reasons and lead to them no any idle time to go shopping center or some shop for purchase all their need. Therefore they only can use online purchase their products on e-commerce website for daily necessities. Online daily necessities stores are also increasing in popularity, and will continue to increase as the internet grows. Online shopping can let us convenient to buy and easier to get the information of the products, so that is very important for us. Whatever buy the product through online include have the pros and cons of online purchase. At last I will explain all the advantages and disadvantages of online purchase.

6.0 Answer of question 2

6.1 The products I choose to purchase though online and reason

I had bought two products through online e-commerce website, that’s a laptop and the limited addition wristwatch. The first I choose to buy product is the laptop, this is because the laptop brand is the Alienware M17x laptop. This brand Alienware M17x laptop was no stock of sold on Malaysia and those brands only sold at some country like the Australia, the United States and Japan. However only have one way to get this laptop, which was through the online purchase to get it. My second choose is the limited addition wristwatch, because that wristwatch is the limited addition and the form and function of wristwatch was ideal. But the wristwatch only sold at Kuala Lumpur and it is so many customers snapped up. I choose this product through online purchase because I was not living in Kuala Lumpur and I need to pre-order at early on their website to get the wristwatch.

6.2 The advantages of online purchase

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The first advantage of online purchase is easily to choose the best products. We can get the products easily only by sitting in front of my computer with the few buttons to click and looking for the best website to sell the product. Therefore we without moving around on shopping centre store for this also can without driving around on round, wasting gas and the most important is save more time. The second advantage of online purchase is the opportunity to choose the product. We can choose many website and search many types of products as we want, at these website there have to show information of product for example the function and warranty of the product, these way does let u more understand to every product. We also can check you’re the price of product to compare with every website to choose most reasonable price. The third advantage of online purchase is the easily done payment. We can easily using our credit card to done the payment for the online purchase at home, and another way is just go someplace of bank ATM machine to bank in for those website bank account for the payment. The last advantage of online purchase is available all the time to order your products on that website, whatever anytime and anyplace we also can purchase the item and delivery to your home. Sometime have the limited products haven release to market sell and then we can pre-order at website on early.

6.3 The disadvantages of online purchase

The first disadvantages of online purchase is need a long periods of time to receive your products and the postage. We usually need to wait a long periods of time because sometime is post office could be delay on the delivery problem and this can even take up to a month or longer if being shipped from overseas. The sipping cost also the serious problem, this is because we should pay the expensive postage for delivery, and especially products delivery from overseas to our country, this sipping cost will be extremely high in comparison on your product. The second disadvantage of online purchase is we are sometimes too confused of looking for the most reliable online shop that sells the product. Because have some e-commerce website is imposture for sell their imposture products or defrauding our money, sometime you view the product image on the website is a beautiful and intact product, but when u thought online purchase and receive the product, it will be different quality or shoddy version. The last disadvantages of online purchase is fraud your money or credit card, when you bought products through online and make a payment to order the product have a chance to let them fraud.

7.0 Conclusion of Question 2

In my conclusion, I suggest to use the online purchase as well as be careful. Because the online purchase can give us a lot advantages on shopping, it was save time and cost for today social. However it still has the disadvantages of online purchase, so we must prevent and be careful to observe the website is honesty or fraud. The online purchase is great and it bring a lot of convenience for human, my only advice is be safe, be smart and make sure you’re buying from a reputable website. Do your research just like you would any other store.

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