Where To Use Multimedia Information Technology Essay

Multimedia and the term is again made of multi and media compound. Media original double meaning, one that stores information on entities, such as disk, CD, tape, semiconductor memory and more. Second is the transmission of information carriers, such as numbers, text, sound, graphics and so on. Therefore, the corresponding term and multimedia is a single media, literally, the media is compounded by a single media. Multimedia is anything and everything that you watch and listen. It is graphics, audio, sound, text and many. This is usually recorded and played, displayed or accessed by information content processing devices such as computerized and electronic devices. Multimedia to the general argument is that the image, sound, graphics, images, text, text, animation and other media together to form an organic whole, to achieve a certain function, it is called multimedia. There are two aspects of the media itself is all modern technologies. It is hardware and software or a mix of machines and ideas. Multimedia technology and features can be conceptually divided into control systems and information. Multimedia CD-ROM is the main storage and exchange of media. Without such a convenient CD-ROM, the computer industry can not constitute a sale of hundreds of megabytes of multimedia programs for audio, visual and text data. For multimedia we are no longer a passive audience, we can control, can interact, can it be done according to we needs. In a report, we can no matter what those useless and direct access to important data. It is also can be interested in the reports and pictures around the world gather together compilation. Multimedia can be stored, transmitted, presented and perceived. In other words, it is a good form of communication. Multimedia plays an important role in today’s society because it is society now all are the things is keep up with the times. The multimedia is a good way for communication because that can easy to communicate and understand what they say. After that, multimedia has animation, music, video and more of this. This can easier to attract people to listen what you talking about. It also has let more interest to people listen and see when u presents a product. Multimedia also can make easier to deliver what you want to say. If they don’t know what you say, they can see what you do in multimedia. Because the multimedia is making easier the things let they can easy understand. In this they have use multimedia in programming, radio, internet and universality. Now you have a multimedia visual, auditory experience. Inside, including animation, music and movement, will not let other people read that boring. Is the city doing the media have our own control, so we are free to play our creativity to make a dynamic multimedia. As when we do a presentation, we cannot just simply words only. Because the sauce will lead the guests do not want to see, they will feel bored. So when we do a briefing, we must not only increase the number of animation writing, music or video. We can also do dynamic point font, guests will feel interested. Other multimedia files such as video, image and flash memory will help you to improve your visually but also more benefits to users. In multimedia also can use in internet, this included not only help to create more multimedia website users interests. But it will help to attract more links your site to help increase your in-line status. So create a multimedia project or a Web site requires more than writing skills and more high-teach. This is needed a good organization and business talents.

3.1 Where to use Multimedia

Multimedia enhanced simple, text-only computer interface and production acquisition and holding of attention and interest in measurable benefits. In short, is to improve multimedia information retention. When it’s properly constructed, can be profound and useful multimedia entertainment. Multimedia can be use in many way are business, school, home, public places and virtual reality.


Business applications in multimedia are presentation, training, marketing, advertising, product demos, catalogues, networked communication and voicemail. The presentation is very useful in many aspects of work and life. Because these are important in business to sales, training, teaching, lecturing and generally entertaining an audience. Presentation allows us to lecture in front of audiences and to present our product or project. Presentation can be use in oral, multimedia, power point presentations, educational or training sessions to giving simply a talk on a subject to group a voluntary basis for pleasure. In this is to facilitate small business and your employees, customers and potential customers of communication. We have use the multimedia in business marketing is easy to persuade the customers to buy us products. In business have different customers they have teenage, elderly people and many. So we can use the multimedia because that can make them easy to understanding it. These are the most common photo sharing marketing strategies.

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3.12 School

Now many schools are using multimedia in teaching. That can bought teaching and studying to the next level. In this at the schools are encouraging teachers to use multimedia in line with their teaching to create an interest for children. This allows the body absorb and retain information more easily associate, if they can stimulate all kinds of information. Further, using multimedia can help address the needs of students with varying learning styles. This also can make technology to improve teaching and learning the practical possibilities is endless, but the learning curve of software and hardware is shrinking. Best of this entire multimedia projects can provide a means of actively engaging students in the learning process. For examples, students can work in groups to create a digital video project. Projects this usually just only attract students to far more personal than writing a paper, even though they may actually work harder in the video project.

3.13 Home

Multimedia now from the gardening, cooking, home design, remodelling and repair to genealogy software is entered the home. Maybe in Malaysia only youngsters use multimedia more than elderly people, but in overseas elderly people are also very keen in learning about this. Finally, most of the multimedia project will reach through the family TV or monitor, built-in interactive input. Either in the old East-West Women Network TV or high-definition set user. After that, home consumers can use own computer to watch movie such as CD-ROM or DVD driver. We want set-up a player that hooks up to television such as Nintendo, X-box or PlayStation machine. Therefore, have multimedia at home so we not so boring at home.

3.14 Public Places

In the public places have hotels, train station, shopping malls, museums, libraries and grocery stores. We make the multimedia in public places is for the people provide 24 hours a day also can use the multimedia in them life. In this is piped to wireless devices such as cell phones and PDS. The wireless is at anywhere and anytime because that can give the people at any moment also can online to research any things. This make easier to people, then they don’t want go back home just can online. That can save time and also can make the life more enrich.

3.15 Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is a multimedia extension, and it uses imagery, sounds, and animations of basic multimedia elements. Because it requires from a person stringing is navigation feedback, maybe virtual reality is an interactive multimedia in its fullest extension. It is often used to describe a wide variety of applications commonly associated with immersive, highly visual and 3D environments. Simulation environment can be similar to the real world, for example is in the pilot or combat training, simulation or it can be significantly different from the reality as in virtual reality games. This definition will be somewhat ahead of romantic attention. Then the people tend to agree with wearing a suit virtual reality display and data.

4.0 Conclusion

In this question I have learn about the multimedia. It also can let me know why the multimedia so important and know where the multimedia using. In this I also know about the multimedia including animation, music, video and many. In this question have more students are more excellent speakers and lecturers will attend in the future. So the multimedia is a good way for society now. Because this can let us learned about the multimedia used in business, school, public places and virtual reality. It also let me know the multimedia future wills a relatively high level.

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5.0 Introduction

In a computer, a file format is the layout of a file in terms of how the data within the file is organized. This is the different types of documents each have a different file format. A program that uses the data in a file must be able to recognize and possibly access data within the file. The types of file format in multimedia have many ways are image, music, video and more.

6.0 Types of File Format

A file format is a particular way that information is encoded for storage in a computer file. Since a disk drive, or indeed any computer storage, can store only bits, the computer must have some way of converting information to 0s and 1s and vice-versa. One approach is to determine the metadata in the file system is an example of a particular file format. Always on different operating systems, different approaches to this problem have their own advantages and disadvantages of the method. This is a list file format organized by type, which can be found on computer. File extension is usually noted in parentheses, if different format from their name or initials. The types of file format are in audio format, video format, image format and more. Then each type there is a good variety of file formats, current understanding of file formats.


Connect the audio data is stored on the computer system of the file format of the audio file format. It can be a raw stream of bits, but usually is a container format or define tiers of audio data format.  This data can then be stored uncompressed, or compressed to reduce the file size. The file formats of audio are WAV, MP3, WMA, MIDI and more.

WAV is calling Wireless Messaging API. This is Microsoft developed a sound file formats. It also standard audio file container format used mainly in Windows PCs. This also can contain one the various codec encoded data to reduce file size such as GSM or MP3 codec. Wav file is based on the Resource Interchange File Format (RIFF). RIFF is a file format for storing many kinds of data, primary multimedia data like audio and video. This is stored audio file in indexed “chunks” and “sub-chunks”. Chunks is allows embedding additional file information such as archival location, copyright information, creation date and so on. Sub-chunks is allows adding more information to a primary chunk when the primary chunk is not sufficient. They are all very similar and WAV, in most of the audio editing software also support them in this several common music formats.

MP3 is calling MPEG Layer-3.The MP3 is referring to the MPEG standard in the audio portion, which is MPEG audio layer. Layer 3 is one of three coding schemes such as layer 1, layer 2 and layer 3 for the compression of audio signals. MP3 format, compressed music sampling frequency there are many ways that you can use 64Kbps or lower sampling frequency to save space, you can also use the standard 320Kbps reaches extremely high sound quality.

WMA is calling Windows Media Audio. This is popular Windows Media Audio format owned by Microsoft. It is design with Digital Rights Management (DRM) abilities for copy protection. DRM technology can control file access (number of views, opinions length), alter, share, copy, print and save. These technologies may be included in the operating system, software, or in the actual hardware. This have more convenient because don’t like MP3 need to install additional player. WMA is recording format that can adjust sound quality. The same format, with CD sound quality comparable to a good, high compression ratio can be used for network broadcast. So this have almost all audio formats are feeling the pressure of the WMA format.

MIDI is calling Musical Instrument Digital Interface. This is standard that manufacturers of electronic musical instruments have agreed upon. MID file is not a segment recorded sound is to record voice message then also tell how to reproduce the sound of music, a set of instructions. So save a MIDI file every 1 minutes of music only about 5KB to 10KB.

6.2 Video

Video is now computer multimedia system. In order to adapt to the needs of stored video, different video file formats to convert video and audio in a file to facilitate simultaneous playback. This is standard and formats are still being refined as transport, storage, compression, and display technologies take shape in laboratories and in the marketplace. The file formats of video are MPEG, AVI, FLV and more.

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MPEG is standard has been developed by the Moving Picture Experts Group. This is an International Standards Organization (ISO) accredited media package, with the support of the majority of the machines. It is storage way is diverse, may adapt to the different application circumstances. MPEG is used to encode audio, video, text, and graphical data within a single, synchronized data stream. The MPEG average compression ratio for 50:1, highest may reach 200:1 then the efficiency of compression is high. The simultaneously the image and the acoustic quality is also good and has the unification standard format on the microcomputer.

AVI is calling Audio Video Interleaved. It also is the video and audio encoding mixed together. AVI is a most long-lived format has been in existence for more than 10 years. These format limitations, only one video track and an audio track. It also can have some additional tracks such as text. AVI file is currently mainly used in multimedia CD, it also used to save the film, television and other visual information. Sometimes appears on the Internet for users to download and enjoy the illustrious new movies.

FLV is calling Flash Video. Currently online video sites are using this video format such as YouTube, tudou and more. FLV has now become the mainstream of the video file format. This streaming media formats, with the launch of Flash MX and video format. Since its information in a very small file and load very quickly. It allowing the network to watch the video file becomes possible. In this document volume is exquisite, the clear FLV video frequency 1 minute about 1MB then a movie about 100MB. It is the ordinary video frequency document volume 1/3.

6.3 Image

A file format designed specifically for representing graphical images. The graphic file form may divide into the position mapping form and the vector form approximately. In this is suited to a specific type of image and matching your image to the correct format should result in a small and fast-loading graphic. It also saving and exporting into these formats will require a decent image editor. The file formats of image are JPEG, GIF, PNG and more.

JPEG is calling Joint Photographic Image Experts Group. It was designed with photographs in mind. It is capable of displaying millions of colours at once, without the need for dithering. This is allowing for the complex blend of hues that occur in photographic images. Although it can reduce files sizes to about 5% of their normal size and lost in compression.

GIF is calling Graphics Interchange Format. It is creates a table of up to 256 colours from a pool of 16 million. Mostly used for network transmission, faster than other formats of image files much faster. It must not be used to store a true colour image file. This is suitable for images with sharp edges and relatively few gradations of colour such as line art, cartoons and text. In this also can create background transparencies and animations using GIF images.

PNG is calling Portable Network Graphics. This is a 32-bit information can be stored in the bitmap file format. As with the GIF, PNG also use lossless compression to reduce file size. In this images can be a gray-scale (1-6-bit) or colour (48-bit) or 8-bit indexed colour. PNG provides a patent-free replacement for GIF and can also replace many common uses of TIFF. Indexed-colour, grayscale and truecolour images are supported, plus an optional alpha channel. It is designed to work in online viewing application such as World Wide Web.

7.0 Conclusion

In this question I have learned about types of file format. It has many types of file format in any ways like audio file, video file, image file and more. This is an important to know because this can make you trouble if you don’t know which format is using in which application. So, now I finish this assignment have to learn about more the multimedia and types of file format.

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