Business health check in hospitality industry

1.0 Introduction

1.1 Aim of the assignment

     This report is all about business health check in hospitality industry and finding the gaps of the organisation. After finding the gaps giving the appropriate recommendation and giving the action plan as well as time spam. After that how much it will cost to your organisation to implement that action plan.

     As presently I am not working any hospitality related industry therefore I chose to do business health check in Kohinoor continental where I completed my training.

1.2 Organisational introduction

The Kohinoor Continental is located at Andheri (East), at a stone’s throw from Mumbai’s International Airport and in the midst of the newly developing Business District. It is indeed rare that there exists a business hotel, which enjoys a distinguished patronage such as ours. Therefore during our period of renovation, much as we would have liked to, we could not offer you our hospitality. But now you’ll agree that the new Kohinoor Continental was well worth the wait. From the moment you enter, you’ll see that we have spared no expense in order to make your stay as comfortable as possible, with the finest materials imported from all over the world and many aesthetic nuances, which adorn the hotel like jewellery.

Accommodation: The ambience and hospitality at Kohinoor Continental match international standards. Each and every one of our 120 rooms is equipped with state-of-the-art lighting and furnishings. The well being of our guests is our main concern. So if there’s anything you need at any hour, we’ll get in for you. Be it access to the Internet or a bowl of fresh fruit, no desire of yours is too big or too small.

Restaurant: A royal feast awaits your taste buds at Solitaire, the multi-cuisine restaurant at the Kohinoor Continental.

Conference and Banquet facilities: With the unique mood lighting in our banquet hall, we’re sure your parties and conferences here will be evenings to remember. Indeed we had been closed for long but now you might be tempted to stay a little longer in the Kohinoor Continental. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Recreation: If you want to unwind after a tiring day, then just melt in our pool or savor a Daiquiri at our bar.

Health & Fitness Centre: In case you want to work up an appetite then the Health Club and the sauna are just the places for you.

The hotel incorporates environmentally friendly measures such as medium density fibre wood for construction materials, and plumbing, electrical, and mechanical systems that conserve water and energy

This hotel offers 92 guestrooms and 14 suites in a six-story building. Air-conditioned rooms also come with ceiling fans. Among the amenities are coffee/tea makers, refrigerators, and wireless Internet access. Furnishings are made from environmentally friendly materials.

1.3 What is quality?

“Quality itself has been defined as fundamentally relational: ‘Quality is the ongoing process of building and sustaining relationships by assessing, anticipating, and fulfilling stated and implied needs.'(Richard e. and Daniel k, 1996)

As per the ISO quality is providing excellent products and services that all about meeting customer requirements. It’s all about meeting the needs and expectations of customers. So a quality product orservice is one that meets the needsandexpectations ofcustomers. (Anon, 1994)

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Quality defined by as, conformance to the requirements which is the company itself has established for its product based directly on its customers need. (Crosby p,1979)

1.4 What is Quality audit?

It has been a long established practice for major industries and sector to carry out on site evaluation of their most important and sub contractors. The quality audit undoubtedly began with customer inspection. These have been typically intended to :

To prove technical capability of the establishment the product or service

To check that establishment have capacity or not to cope the customer demand

To confirm the commercial stability of establishment.

To form an opinion as to whether this is the type of establishment that we would like to do business with.

1.5 Why is it necessary?

It is a management tool covering services, products, equipment and financial aspect of a property.

  • Most guests have no time to give feedback, or give only negative comments on one aspect of their experience.
  • It measures and ensures service standard consistency within a chain/group.
  • It identifies staff training needs and rewards.
  • It identifies cost cutting efficiencies.
  • Used for long term benchmarking data.

2.0 Quality audit for Kohinoor continental

How you conduct the quality audit?

Presently I am not working in hospitality industry therefore I chose Kohinoor continental for my quality audit. As I completed my training from there, so its easy to me to do the quality audit of Kohinoor Continental. In Kohinoor I worked most in bar therefore I chose bar section.

Name of the bar – Baryl club

No of covers- 44

     For quality audit purpose I have called to Bar manager and bar tender and asked several question regarding quality audit.

3.0 The gaps in Bar of Kohinoor Continental

  • Lack of upselling – The service personnel don’t have any knowledge about upselling.
  • Product out of stock- Sometime due negligence of steward, bar tender forgot to order the items which are low in stock. Therefore sometime we have to tell to our guest stock out of stock.
  • No proper crowd management- Actually Baryl club offering heavy discount to there customer therefore there was very rush in the evening time. and its has only capacity of 40 cover at a time therefore crowd just roaming in the lobby and there is no one to handle that crowd from bar. Also there is no one for advanced booking.
  • No proper storage area and very small pantry- In Baryl club pantry itself in the bar where we stored snacks (peanuts, wafers) some bottles of wine, beer, whisky etc. Also in pantry there is account department for bar section so its very congested to work. The pantry area is so small only two person can stand properly therefore its very difficult to work in peak hours.
  • Less staff in bar- Although Baryl club has capacity for 40 covers only 2 peoples were there to serve them. Also there is no one to take the advanced bookings. Its difficult for staff to take the order and place the order and also take care the new guest. Also kitchen area is very far from bar section therefore if one bar personnel was busy to pick up the order from kitchen its very difficult for other to mange in the bar.
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I completed my training in bar therefore I observed these gaps during my training period.

4.0 Recommendation

I am planning to fill the above gaps with PDSA model which is commonly used in hospitality industry.

(Wiseman B. 2005)

PLAN- it is the test how you are going to work.

DO-how you are going to carry out the plan

STUDY-look what are the result, what can you improve, what are your mistake.

ACT- It is the designs time what are you going to do.

4.1 Recommendations on above gaps:

  • Upselling- Recommendation for this to give your staff proper training for upselling. So they can also know what benefit of upselling is and also help them to earn some tips. Bar manager can also show some upselling practically so they can understand easily.
  • Product out of stock-Recommendation for this is Bar manager have to keep eye on stock list so they can also order for stock without intimation of steward. Also Bar manager can check stock list in every 15 days so he is also aware about the stock in bar.
  • Crowd management- Recommendation for this management H.R department have to hire a service personnel or public relation officer for bar so he/she can handle the crowd properly and also take the bookings on phone. Also management can keep separate area in lobby for those people who are waiting for table inn the bar. So they can wait in that area without disturbing front office staff.
  • Storage area- Recommendation for this will be management can shift account department in the restaurant (where they already have account dept for restaurant) from bar and keep the that area fully utilised for bar purpose so that more stock can stacked properly and also no complaint about the lack of stock. After that during the billing we can give all KOT’s to cashier in the restaurant and he can give us the proper bill and at the end of the shift we can handover the cash and all bills to cashier.
  • Less staff in bar-Its very difficult to handle bar with only 2 staff therefore recommendation for this is management can recruit 1 or 2 more staff so its very easy to handle during the rush hours.

4.2 Action plan as per the recommendation and time spam

  • Upselling-For upselling management can give proper training to food and beverage staff. The bar manager or the senior person can give proper training because of there experience. The training can held in the afternoon time when there is less rush or in the morning time when there is no guest in the bar. The manager have to show the upselling tactics practically so that they can understand it very easily and the will also try do upsellings. The training is for only once or twice in a week for a month. The one month period is enough to learn the upselling.
  • Product of out of stock- Actually this is bar tenders duty to keep eye on the stock list. But due to negligence of bar tender some time products are of of stock. The solution for this is bar manager can check the stock list once in a fifteen days and he can also give the intimation to bartender about the stock. Another plan is they can save the stock list in computer and check the stock whenever the want and order as per the convenient.
  • Crowd management-To fill this gap the H.R department have to appoint a public relation officer (P.R) for bar who can take the advance booking for bar and also control the crowd during the rush hours in bar. To appoint the P.R 15-20 days are enough after giving advertisement in newspaper or in job searching site. The P.R will also help in the bar to fill the tent cards asking the guest about the service and other things also like quality of food etc.
  • Storage area- To fulfil this gap management have to shift the account dept of bar in the restaurant where they will see the accounts of restaurant as well as bar. The restaurant already have accounts therefore it doesn’t take time for shifting purpose. But it will take 1 week to settle down there. After that in bar management have to make some storage shelves and proper area to stack the all items therefore this also take 1week time.
  • Less staff in bar- For this gap H.R department have to recruit a steward or one more bar tender who will help service personnel from the bar. This will also take 15-20 days to recruit. One more option for H.R is they can hire the steward on temporary basis during the rush hours of the bar instead of hiring a permanent staff. For example they can hire a student form a hotel management college to work in the evening time. so it will save the cost as compare to hiring the a permanent staff.
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4.3 Cost factor

Upselling- As bar manager is giving the training during his duty hours so it doesn’t cost to organisation.

Product out of stock- This is covered in duty activity therefore this also doesn’t cost anything.

Crowd management- This will cost for organisation to pay the P.R staff.

Storage area- This will cost only less amount to make proper shelves in storage area.

Less staff in bar- This will cost as hiring of new personnel.

5.0 Bibliography

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  • Crosby P.(1979). Mini tutorial quality functional deployment. Reference to: (Accessed on 22 June 2008)
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