Business Plan for a java Culture coffee shop

Coffee Shop: Business Plan

Executive Summary

The coffee bar based on the java culture is resolute to develop into an essential and daily requirement of the local coffee lovers. It will be a place where one can escape from his daily stressful life schedules and find comfort, friends as well as books, all at a single space. The business plan of java culture coffee bar is purely based on introducing coffee shop for the clients with free café and above all that they will provide free books to their customers so that they can enjoy and relax themselves. The basic idea behind this coffee bar is to serve the best coffee of that area where the coffee will be admired with the pastries.

The company is planning to start this project on a 1000 square foot land which will be best suited for a coffee shop situated in the central Noida. The company believes in the welfare of the society and accomplishes it by supporting charity and income of the people belonging to rural areas by adopting fair trade. The company has also planned to support those farmers by using their coffee in the coffee bar who cultivates the coffee by adopting sustainable manufacture, fair trade and organic products. (Bplans)

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Company Description

3. Market Analysis

4. Organization and Management

5. Service or Product Line

6. Marketing and Sales

7. Funding Request

8. Financial Projection

9. References



For the operations of the initial year, the main objectives of the Java culture coffee shop are discussed below:

  • The main purpose of our coffee shop is to gave social and friendly environment to the people.
  • By helping our customer by giving convenient location, good customer service and best quality of coffee for drink.

Key to success:

The company’s keys to success are discussed below:

  • Our store will offer great quality customer service and a serene environment.
  • A relaxing, upscale interior design.
  • Employee training in order to be at pace with competitive scenario.
  • Gave special discount offer to our regular customer
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Company Description

Java culture concept:

At one time CONTESSA was the acknowledged quality automobile in India. After that Mercedes-Benz was introduced and then Audi, with its superb product and service approach. Java will be the first “Audi” of the coffeehouse chain industry, offering a higher quality product andbetter quality service in an exceptional environment.

Market Analysis

Java culture launches a different coffee shop in growing market segment.

Market Segmentation:

Java’s customer base in Noida is comprised of four target groups. These groups are:

  1. Students and Faculty
  2. Teenagers
  3. Office workers
  4. Others


Target Market Segment Strategy:

Java Culture will provide the relaxing atmosphere for those who generally drink coffee. Our most of the clients will be college students and couples where they can meet and also read books and pass their time without paying any extra amount.

Organization and Management

Organization: the design of the organizational entity, its structure, vision and mission, and decision making organs.

Management: the processes/procedures and systems of the organization that ensure that the organization efficiently uses its available resources to achieve its aims and objectives.

Management Team:

A full-time manager is appointed to supervise the day round activities. The responsibilities of manager is to administer the staff, developing a marketing strategy, handling the suppliers, fulfilling various other every day managerial duties and organizing inventory. We believe that we have chosen the best suited person for the job.

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The five key elements necessary for the sustainability of our organization are as follows:

Key Element

Contributing Key Factor


Vision and Mission

Strategy Formulation



Legal entity

External Communication

Operational Management








Finance Management

Ethics and Integrity


Services provided

Training provided

Information dissemination and marketing

Public relations and networking


Knowledge Management

Service or Product Line

Java Culture will offer the best coffee and maintain high quality which will further attract the customers. It also offers pastries, snacks and sandwiches. The lists will be available in a clearly drafted menu card.

Product Description:

  • The organization highly specialized not only in beverages like coffee, tea and juice etc. but also in eatables such as chocolates and snacks.
  • We are not bounding ourselves to specific product but strive to provide customers with many options as wide range of variety under one roof.


  • We provide door step delivery services to the customers.
  • We offer special discounts on any day of the week.
  • We also offer combo deals.
  • We have provided Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • We provide gifts to our regular customer on festive seasons.

Marketing and Sales

The Organization is focusing on Customer oriented marketing strategy as how to attract new customers and encouraging the existing clients to demand for more.

Competitive Edge:

Our competitive edge,compared tothe other coffeehouses in Noida includes the following:

  • Asignificantly higher quality, better tasting coffee product.
  • Ourcurrent location can arguably be considered the best in the market.
  • We have various drinks which can be served as a substitute for people who don’t drink coffee. These alternatives are tea, shakes, juice and squashes.
  • Our Internet website will include online ordering also.

Sales Strategy:

Our sales strategy includes:

  • Recruiting dynamic sales force that can know and satisfy customer needs. There are various practices that need to be carried out to offer best of quality.
  • Always indulge in a) reduce customer waiting time, and b) create efficient product ordering
  • Sell coffee, gift baskets on our website
  • Establish coffee service at local businesses
  • Adopting various marketing strategy like discount to key groups, selling cards etc
  • Create an online feedback program
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Sales Forecast:

We are assuming that in first year, our per day customer will be 150 and within a year it will increase by approximately double of the first year.

Marketing strategy:

Our strategy will be to offer a high quality product andsuperb servicein a superior environment.

Launch Marketing:

Launch marketing leads to awareness amongst masses, various techniques establish organization’s brand images are as follows:

  • Emails
  • Local Electronic Media
  • Local Print Media
  • Packaging
  • Superior location

Funding Request

As our sole proprietorship business is on its initial stage and it’s a small scale business, so I will utilize my fix deposits and savings for the business. And can borrow from friends and relatives.

For further expansion I will utilize the profits in the long run.

Financial Projection

The Company is placing itself in market as setback to the risk which is primarily due to liquidity. The company maintains the liquidity as the debt to be cleared at the month end and no credit sale. The Company’s investment structure enables the company to maintain good liquidity.

Projected Cash Flow:

As the chart of java culture America projects, organization will enjoy good cash flow, this leads to meets debt on as and when basis and not only that, but it will be in a better position to meet future uncertainties.


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