Characteristics Of Being A Good And Efficient Leader

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The definition of a leader has been defined by different people with different ways. Thus, what is the concrete definition of the word “leader”? Each of us will have our own different answer. In dictionary, the word “leader” has been defined as a person who influences a group of people. For me, leader is a captain of a group or a person who is able to organise, manage, make decision, analyse, negotiate, i

Identify source of problem, solve problem, and train junior. A qualified leader at least must have good leadership and good relationship to ensure that his group is working well and smooth. Leadership is very important for a qualified leader, because leadership affects the performance of a team, an excellent leadership will improve a team performance. The relationship between leader and his team members is quite important for a qualified leader as well, because a good relationship will help the leader to communicate to his team members easily and send right massage to his team members. In fact, a team leader takes on the leadership role in his team. He or she has to direct, supervise, guide and instruct the team. These are the duties of a team leader to promote unity of his team and to ensure that his team to function as good as possible. As a leader, he or she inspires the team to action in anytime. Therefore, the team leader is the line of communication from upper management to team members. The leader completes his team’s quality and advises his team members if there are rooms for improvement.

Actually, “characteristics of a good leader” is a hot and interested topic. Online search found a lot of web sites are listing that “Characteristics of a good and efficient leader”. Why? Because a good leader will influences the performance of a team. No matter it is global leadership, corporate leadership or even a team leadership, the basic traits of a good leader are necessary and ordinary. Some additional positive characteristics may be required, just depending on their field of work or circumstance.

Firstly, the essential characteristic of a good leader is self leadership, it is one of the essential characteristics and also is probably the most important characteristic of an efficient leader. It indicates that when a leader guides himself towards excellence, he will able to lead his followers on the same time as well. Beside that is personal leadership, personal leadership is the desire of one to take charge of his own life. Personal leadership is also about always becoming a good follower of his own principles. It is motivational leadership and all leaders must have. Thus, confidence is required and it automates confidence to be another characteristic. A leader must believes his own abilities, unless he ensures that he can not to guide his team effectively or actually he has no abilities to guide a team. The team members will be highly motivated to do a good job when the leader is confident in his or her abilities and themselves at the same time. So that, enthusiastic will be another characteristic. Why say so? Because, if the good leader is enthusiastic about his work, cause and also his role of leader, the leader will able to guide his team effectively. A leader needs to be a source of inspiration and to be a motivator to his team members. Even though the responsibilities and roles of a leader may be different, but all kinds of leader should not be afraid to roll up their sleeves and get dirty.

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In addition, a leader must ability to think and analyse, all leaders must able to analyse problem of source, take corrective action to solve problems and move on to the next challenge. That is why an analytic mind is needed. A good leader is necessary to be knowledgeable about his field of work, because knowledgeable leader will be able to guide and solve problems when he is thorough with his field of work. This is also an important characteristic for leadership. Another characteristic of a leader is strategic of leadership, this is an important leadership skill. It includes planning and organizing of activities allotment of tasks and effective time management. A good strategic leadership can influence the performance of leader. To lead a team, the leader must be trustworthy. Actually, a true leader cannot exist if he or she does not get the trust of followers. It means that honesty and integrity are necessary. Without integrity and honesty, followers will feel that they must not follow the leader. As a good leader, they must have good practices. So, trustworthiness is an essential characteristic, all leaders should based on the trust of other people. Furthermore, being congruent will become a characteristic of a leader. A leader who wants to guide his followers, he has to obtain the trust of followers first. Congruency means all your thoughts, words and actions are entirely aligned. A leader should be able to convince his followers successfully and make his followers understand what their have to change.

Moreover, a good leader must have good attitude, even in the worst of situations. He should instill the same on his followers by appropriate motivation or solving problem techniques. Attitude of a leader is a very important determinant in the successful overcoming of leadership challenges. The last essential characteristic of leader is respect. It is necessary and it must be mutual, respect must not be restricted only from the followers to the leader. All team members should be respected, if the leader sets an example for this, all the team members will follow undoubtedly. This must be a vital and important characteristic of a strong leader.

In conclusion, these characteristic which just described are essential for a good leader. They can be native traits but they can also be developed and strengthened. No matter these characteristics are natural or developed, a good leader must always ensure to make the best of these traits and to achieve excellence. A good leader does not consider himself is the boss when he is working. A leader needs rather to view him as part of the team, equal to all other group members. Leaders should consider themselves as part of the team to obtain the respect of their team members. Followers will be more willing to help the leader and try to give the best as they have, they will have a sense that the team is one and everyone is in together.

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Question 2

Describe the qualities you will feel justified in calling an individual a successful person.

How does a person can be defined successful? This is a confusable question. Why say so? Because, different peoples will have different answers, they have their own answer about “how does a person can be defined successful”. No matter adults or children, all of them will have the same deep appetency in their life which is to be successful in their life. In our daily life, we ceaselessly experience successful and unsuccessful, but most of us still do not know what successful really is.

Usually, successful can be defined as an achievement of desired, feeling of pleasure or enjoyment. We can achieve success either from wealth, career, health, material things, relationship, power or discoveries. Some people will say that making a lot of money every month is successful, because they see wealth as a source of successful and they think that they can solve problem by money. But, some people say that wealth is not successful and not all in their life because cannot solve the entire problem. They think that career success is the true successful, career success can give them guarantee. Besides that, some people will say that they find success in bringing up their children. By contrast, some people describe success as helping other people who need to help. They need to feel that they are doing something useful with their lives to other people, concentrating on giving and helping can afford them this feeling and also help themselves achieve successful.

For me, a successful person is who believes in hard work. An example of successful person is Bill Gate because Bill Gate is the person who believes in hard work, he also believes that if you are clever and know how to make use of your intelligence, you will be able to achieve anything. Those qualities helped him to get top in their life. After Bill Gates dropped out from Harvard, Bill Gates formed Microsoft. Vision of Microsoft is “A computer on every desk and Microsoft software on every computer”. Bill Gates is visionary and he will work very hard to achieve his vision and what he wants. If you believe in hard work, you can to achieve anything, if without believing in yourself you already lose the game. In everything you do, you must with full of confidence.

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A person who is successful, they must able to make decisions, take action, differentiate right or wrong action, they should take it. Actually, either way is better than making no decisions or taking no actions at all. As Franklin Roosevelt said: “It is a common sense to take a method and try it. If it fails, admit it frankly and try another. But above all, try something”. Moreover, a person who is successful must have positive attitude, because a negative attitude can very damaging to a person. If the person is thinking positive, mean that he opens new doors every day.

It can open your mind to accept ideas and create great relationships. In addition, I think that a successful person must be able to redefine failure. A successful person, you should also to be brave to take the risk to solve problems when you are facing in the future. As a successful person do not easy to give up and we have to remember “never give up” and do not be afraid to facing any challenges. For example, the world class badminton player of Malaysia Dato Lee Chong Wei, he will just concentrates on the badminton when the adversary strikes back to him. Every day he will a lot of training and ceaselessly improves himself. He will know what should do and what should not to do in their daily life. Thus, he must have wholehearted. To be enthusiastic about what you do. Be committed to your life and everything that you set out to accomplish in your life and also devote yourself to your family, friends, and community. To commit yourself being the best that you can be. Why are there only a few people successful in the world? It means that only few of us are really achieve success in life? That was they give up easily. Try to succeed and do not give up.

In conclusion, I will think that a person who is successful must believe in hard work and never stop to try your best for being a successful person. No matter you measure successful by wealth, career, health, material things, relationship, power or discoveries. To be enthusiastic about what you should do and put your effort in everything to hit the objective that you want to hit. Whether you are successful or not, the essence is you must be respectful and have good manners although others around you may not. It is the most important and interesting. If you are true successful person, you have to start the way to success and try to his best day by day.

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