Discussion And Analysis On Training Needs Management Essay

Training in a process whereby people acquire capabilities to aid in the achievement of organizational goals. It is because the training process is tied to a variety of organizational purpose, training provides employees with specific, identifiable knowledge and skills for use on their current jobs. In fact, training in organization becomes more and more important part. Therefore, training is essential for success in a competitive global business environment. In this essay, I will examine the argument on the training cycle issues and then provides some example of information which indicates why training is needed. Furthermore, I will give some analysis to this information. Finally, I will summarize all the main points. In this article, I would like to talk about the training topics and divide my article into four main parts. It includes introduction, training cycle phenomenon, discussion and analysis on the training needs with my points of views and conclusion parts.

What is training cycle?

A training or development cycle is a model that can be used to represent a systematic approach to training and development. It helps organization identify the series of sequential steps they need to undertake when training and developing employee. There have four main key steps. The first steps are identification of training needs and determine how to meet them. The next steps are plan and design of the training to meet specific training needs. Then, the third steps are delivery of training. The last steps are evaluation (Mahmud,H.). As the following essay, I would like to explain the training cycle model more details.

The model start with “identify of training needs” steps. It means that the trainers conduct needs assessments that help organization determine which needs can be met by training and what types of training would be the most effective and efficient manner to meet specific needs. For example: KSA. They were through the job analysis and performance appraisal to identify of training needs.

In the “plan and design of the training” steps, trainers should develop the learning objectives that form the foundation of a training program. Moreover, they plan and design to develop the training program. For example: the organization should find and design the plan which materials, venue, trainers and trainees that will help people achieve those objective and meet the specific training needs.

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The third steps are “delivery of training” which ensures that the training objective or aims are successfully to deliver. It includes the trainers plan, prepare, deliver and follow up the training workshops and virtual training programs. Such as:

Coaching which is one of the on-job development techniques. It can provide feedback information and given to employees by immediate supervisors. Moreover, the trainers help people get started, provide guidance and support as employee work and track their process. It is being administer and support self-directed and on the job training. (RÅ«ta, C., Bronius, N., Evelina, M., 2010)

The last steps are “evaluation” training process. It is an important part of a trainer’s job is to determine whether a training program achieved what it builds up to achieve and identify changes that should be needed to improve it. For instance, the organization can use the feedback and interview to evaluation of the plan and design. In additions, the evaluation of training compares the post-training results to the objectives expected by managers, trainers and trainees.

As was above mentioned, the organizations need continually to examine their activities to determine the real value of the investment they make and training. To be a successful trained-workforce, the organizations should follow and make the training cycle steps which are analysis and identify training needs, plan and design, deliver and evaluate training. Therefore, this training cycle cam help that the organization more easily to achieve their business goals. Also, it ensures that the needs have been successfully met.

Discussion and analysis on training needs

Carbery and Garavan (2004) argue that the significant of training in an organization. Moreover, they mention that the need of training in an unpredictable situation. If the training development program is effective, then the employees can be motivated to face the different situation and more easily to handle the problems. So, it was indicated that the training is needed and it is an essential component of the organizations to develop their business.

In this section, I would like to give some example of information’s to indicate that the training issues can significantly affect an organization and they need training. Nowadays, the organizations need to be discovering the ways or methods of being competitive in a global economy business environment as there have many competitors in the business world. Besides that, they need to increase diverse workforce to produce high productivity. Therefore, the organizations need to provide training that helps employees understand and respect culture differences. Through the training cycle, the organizations employees can increase their communications skills and become more effectively to communicate with different people from diverse culture.

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Secondly, when the organizations hire new employees to work their job, the new employee need to go through the training programs to understanding of the organizations products and also learn their company employee policies. As well as, the new employees need a significant amount of training just to get started their works. At the same time, the present employees also need to go through training program. Because training can helps the employees improve their skills and ability. So, it can be make the employees better performance and more productive. For real case example: Starbucks Company. In early 2008, Starbucks made the controversial move of closing their 7,100 stores for three hours of training for their baristas. According to Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, their goal was provide renewed focus on espresso standards and reignite employee’s enthusiasm for customer services. So, Starbucks employees reportedly appreciated the time to refresh their skills at a time. After completing the training, Starbucks employees expect to improve the customer experience by exceeding their expectation with the “perfect drink”. (David A., Stephen, P., 2010). As we can observe that, employees need training that ensures they are able to provide their internal or external excellent customer services and meet the customer expectations. Furthermore, the organizations need ongoing training to keep the good quality product control and maintain their competitive advantage.

Thirdly, the information technology is changing fast in the world and many jobs need to use the electronic technology and software applications. For instance, the librarians in a library need to know how to use the library database system to process, finding the books and how to operate the requested books with the readers by using the computer software system. Therefore, people need training so they can make the best use of information technology to help the industry maintain competitive and achieve the goals or results more flexible. Training ways can help that people learn emerging technologies and to keep learning technology continues to change and advance. (Kayla L., Sara D. and Quinn G. 2010)

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As mentions before, the points are related to training needs. So, it is essential for an organization to achieve their goals and affect an organization ability to become more successful and more effectively. Also, it can helping the trainers work more productively and be more innovative.


Cole (2007) examined the importance of duration of training program and indicated how behavioral skill development is important for the development of employee. Besides that, training is often seen as an expense and the benefits can be significant when training. It can improving performance and also maximize return on investment

During the training cycle, it provides a structured approach to the essential decisions and tasks in the instructional design process. The first step in the process is identifying training needs. It can discover whether training is needed, what the goals should be achieve and determine who to be involved in the first stage process. Then, the plan and design stage is including planning the objectivities and prepare the training outlines. Then, it should be identifying the delivery methods. The fourth stage is evaluating training. The functions of this stage is ensure that the training is relevant and effectively. Although evaluation stage appears at the end of the training cycle process, it may lead to return to earlier stages to review the training. So, the training program can be improved.

Furthermore, the need of training is very important parts and benefits of the organization. Training can help the people understand the cultural differences, prepare the new employees and existing employees to do their job more productive, improve the internal and external customer service & maintain the products quality, keep the costs under the control and through the training to keep up with the rapid of the technology changes in the world. According to Mahmoud M., Salah M., Abdulnaser A. mention that the training helps the employees to become people oriented and inculcates in them respect and regard for general public. In sum, the organizations developing training program is needed.

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