Disscussing The Advantages Of Effective Communication Information Technology Essay

The communication plays a vital role in the business. The effective communication brings the effective advantage and benefit to the company. Normally in business, the communication is very much essential for getting in touch with the other company. In a business, there are many communication channels are available to communicate with other companies. The traditional communication channel, such as letters can also be used for the business communication. But the tradition communication channel is very slow. But nowadays the modern communication channels makes the business communication very attractive and very quick. This assignment tries to show the importance of the communication channels in the context of change in the business.

The research is carried forward to show the best communication media for the business. Many authors have viewed that direct communication is best for the business. In Direct communication, there will no loss of information or message. Many authors suggest that direct communication is best and the suitable method for business in the context of change. But with the growth of Information technology, the modern communication media is widely used in all the companies. The modern communication channels are very fast. So many people are preferring the modern communication channels. The traditional communication channels such as Letters becomes very less effective comparing to the modern communication channels.


The Business Communication is also simply called as Communication. The communication is the process that performs the following:

Sending and Receiving Official messages.

Exchanging the information, thoughts, ideas and emotions of the people.

The communication is mainly used for the purpose of marketing the product.

It uses the communication channel for transfer the information.

Advantages of Effective Communication:

It is mainly used for accomplishing shared understanding.

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It stimulates others peoples to take necessary actions to accomplish the goals and objective.

It directs the flow of information from one people to another in a business. This helps the people to overcome the barriers in the business.

The channels information helps to encourage people to think about the creativity and innovative techniques.

General Forms of Communication

Conversation communication

Small group communication

Large group communication


Communication on the basis of Communication Channels.

Communication on the basis of Styles and Purpose.


The Communication are of two types. They are as follows.

The Verbal Communication

The Non-Verbal Communication

The Verbal Communication

The Verbal Communication is related to the written and the oral communication. The oral communication means, it is the spoken words in the communication process. The oral communication are of two types. They are face-to-face or direct communication and the communication over the telephone or voice chatting(indirect communication). The written communication is of through writing the letter through email or traditional letter writing way. Success of the written communication is depends upon the style and attractive presentation of the letter. Normally in business, email is mainly used for the communication purpose.

The Non-Verbal Communication

The Non-Verbal communication means the body language of a person. It includes posture, gesture, and body movements of a person. The non-verbal communication an also be presented in the form of graphical presentations, signboards etc. While communicating, face expressions, hand gesture, body posture can convey the emotions of a person.


The Communication are of two types. They are as follows.

The Formal Communication

The InFormal Communication

The Formal Communication

The formal communication means, the communication carried down in a structured format. The formal communication can be used mainly for conducting official meeting, conferences, writing memos and letters etc. The formal communication is follwed by each and every company. In communication in company belongs to formal communication.

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The InFormal Communication

The Informal communication means, the communication carried down between the friends and the family members in an unstructured way. This type of communication does not follow the rules and guidelines. It does not have any time limitation


In the company, people are using the following type of communication channels for exchanging the confidential and official informations. They are as follows:

E-mail Communication

Letters Communication

Voice chat or telephone Communication

Face-to-Face Communication

E-mail : This is the fastest means of communication. Nowaday people using email for their business.

Letters : This includes memos, letters etc. This is the traditional communication methods.

Voice chat or telephone: This is the voice converstaion over the phone or voice chat over the internet to communicate with the other company.

Face-to-Face : This type of communication takes place in general meetings, interview. This is a type of direct communication.

In the companies, these communication channels are mainly used for the business.


In this scenario, the company is decided to dismiss the employees for the purpose of reducing the operatinal cost. The best communication strategy to convey this bad news to the employees is through the email or through direct communication. The company people can also arrange for a meeting, in that meeting they can say obout the dismissal of the employees by communicating with them calmy and the reasons for dismissal. The persons who conveys the message should have good interpersonal communication skill. So that the person can convey the bad news to the employee without hurting them.

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The mangement can follow the above said communication channels in their business. Mostly the best strategy for the business communication is through email, phone, voice chat and the direct communication. With the growing technology, many company are using video conferencing in their business. But it is not followed by all the companies.


The modern communication system becoming very eminent and attractive. This modern communication system will flourish rapidly in the business. The developing companies can use this above said communication channels in their business. Using this communication channels, the management can handle the situation effectively and efficiently in the above said scenario.


The secondary research is used in this study. The literature was viewed to analyse how Business Communication plays a vital role in the companies. The important executives in the organization should know about all of these communication channels. Then only the company can run the business smoothly. The Email communication channel is very useful in the companies. Many authors viewed that while writing business email, the executives should follow standard business email writnig styles. The business communication is very essential for the maangement in the context of change.


Thus the Communication occupies an important position in the company. With out communication channels, the company can not the run business smoothly. The communication channels are developing, dynamic and multi-disciplinary activity. The traditional communication channels are also used by many companies. With the growth of Information technology, nowadys the companies are using video conferencing for their business. Therefore, the excellence in business communication brings ultimate and attractive benefits to the company.

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