Effects of Democratic and Autocratic management

Different companies have different management systems. Every manager wants to use special management style for developing their own company. Managers’ personalities will influence the type of style adopted. Selecting the correct management style may lead to greater motivation and productivity the workers. There are many management styles, such as democratic, autocratic, consultative, Laissez Faire, and paternalistic. Every management style leads to each company has a different structure. If a company has a good management style, it will motivate its workforce. It may allow a company get more profits. If managers want to build a successful company, selecting a right management style is very important. Although each management style not only has advantages, for a company, they need to choose a management style carefully. If the management style cannot motivate workers, this company will have big problems, such as lower efficiency, hardly completed tasks or hardly execute manager’s decisions. Managers have many different ways to handle their labours. Some managers want to completely control the workers; some managers want to let workers more relaxed and have the freedom to finish their jobs. In this essay, I will compare and contrast two different management styles, which are democratic and autocratic, and evaluate how they can affect employees and motivate them.

Firstly, I will explain democratic management style. This management style allows people joining manage the company and having their own ideas and ways for finish their jobs. However, workers must complete the job on time. Bill Gates is the most famous example of using the democratic management style. If the workers has different opinions, Bill encourage workers argue with him. (Ruth, 2008) Under this management style, when managers need to make important decisions, they will hold a meeting; listen to their workers’ ideas or suggestions. This way involves workers to manage the company; workers will think they are a part of company. Many people just work for money, if managers have no idea about how to motivate them; it may be result in lower efficiency. For a company to use, a management style of democratic which require worker have professional skills. And then, I will illustrate advantages and disadvantages about democratic management style. If the company use democratic management style, directors can get along well with workers, because between the boss and the workers, good communication is very important. Thus democratic management style helps them have a good communication. When important and complex decisions need to be made, the managers may be not able to consider all of the ways, so listening to other people’s ideas is very important. The democratic management style has the higher degree of motivation people. Although the democratic management style has many advantages, it also has some disadvantages. When the company has to make a decision, it will spend lots of time on collecting the workers’ ideas. They need hold to a meeting, and then choose the best solution. Another disadvantage is that if the workers have not enough skill and experience, potential mistakes are exiting, and sometimes, the manager cannot accepts workers’ ideas on each decision, workers will think the managers do not respect them. It will be harmful develop company. (Blurt it, 1999)

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Secondly, I will explain autocratic management style. This management style is totally different to democratic. Howell Raines and Martha Stewart is the classic example of how to use the autocratic management style to building a successful company. (Money-zine, 1999) Autocratic management style means the manager make all the important decisions, and require workers just need to complete tasks. In all the processes, workers do not take part in decision making. This will lead to workers is no sense of belonging, and workers cannot show their special abilities. Under this management style, workers just follow the directors’ commands. There are some advantages, the decision made quickly, because directors do not spend time on collecting workers’ ideas, and so, the tasks will be completed on time. Another advantage is that autocratic management style helps companies increasing efficiency when the company employ many lower skilled workers. On the other hand, this management style also has some weaknesses. There is no two- way communication between managers and workers. Managers just require workers what they should do, but directors do not want to know what they think. Another disadvantage is that workers cannot always work hard for company. If there is another company can offer the higher salary, the worker will resign. This will become a problem for building a successful company. (Learn management2, 2000)

Thirdly, I want to illustrate how to motivate workers? Workers are the basic resources of a company, so if managers want to build a successful firm, motivating them is very important. Motivating workers not only one way which increase salary, there are many ways for motivation labour. First, managers must have a good example for cheerful. Second, managers need to listen to workers’ think. Third, managers can draw a good picture of future showing for workers. Fourth, managers can not blind making decisions because of their personal like and dislike. Through above four methods, it can help motivate workers. In fact, not everyone works just for money. Many people think work is very interesting, so managers need to try to use another way to motivate them, other than increasing their wages. (Wiki how, 1999)

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Finally, I will compare which management style can more affect employee the most. Every style has good aspects for the companies. In this part, I will mainly compare democratic management style and autocratic management style. Democratic management style allow people to join decisions making, although the company need to spend more time collecting ideas, this way can improve workers’ enthusiasm. Once people have a sense of belonging, people will work harder. They will think the company is like working for their family; they will have greater powerful for job. However, there also are risks for the company. If workers take part in decisions, they must have professional skills and enough experiences, if some people do not actually reach this level, the mistakes will be made. On the other hand, under the autocratic management style, managers make all the decision, people just follow the order working. In fact, this management style also influences workers. Despotic leader always think people just work for money, so if they pay workers, the workers will follow their orders, and the job will be completed on time. If a manager chooses the autocratic management style, they think increase the salary can motivate them.

Nowadays, almost managers choose to allow people take part in decision making, because when managers want to encourage employees attending decision making, the autocratic management style should be not used, and if the workers become repugnant, the autocratic management style are also not effective. (Money-zine, 1999) In order to reduce the risks, they through provide more professional training chance for workers, or cooperate with professional school for obtain labour. If building a company, the boss makes all the decisions, and controls everything. It will lead to the boss having to work all the time and the potential mistake will still exist. It may be bad for the company. Mr. Robbins said that work committees and meetings are tow most popular ways of encouraging workers participation. (Stephen, 2002) Therefore, although the company need to spend many times on collecting ideas form workers; almost managers choose allowing workers taking part in decision making, such as democratic management style or paternalistic management style, and try to other ways to reduce mistake or error.

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Whether democratic or autocratic, managers just want to choose the best management style for their company. I think all managers want to motivate workers and increase efficiency. However, they choose different way to achieve their goal. The democratic management style and the autocratic management style are totally opposite management style. The democratic management style allow workers attend to make decisions, making workers feel they are a part of the company, and making them know development of the company is also their responsibility. However, the autocratic management style, managers make all the decisions, workers just complete managers’ commands. This allows workers do their job, and get their salary. Whether the company develop or not, they will not care. In the long term, their enthusiasm decrease. If managers want to motivate them, it may be by through increasing their income, but this is not the best way for motivation. If managers want to build a more efficiently company, motivating workers is become the most important thing.

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