Employee Involvement And Participation Management Essay

The key commercial asset for business enterprises is their staff, since all staff needs to take some active part in developing, marketing, delivering products or services.

Employee involvement is informing and consulting employees about aspects of decision making.

Employee participation is involving employees (often via their representatives) in the decision making machinery of the organization.

Employee involvement and participation in organization leads good outcomes for the organization. When any management take decisions they have to involve the participation of employee in it because by doing this management come to know deeply about the outcomes of their decision that how far decision they are going to have good or bad effect on organization. If workforce is happy and committed towards the work, that organization can never bankrupt. By involving employees in decisions show not only how important employees are for organization but also motivate employees by making them the part of the decisions.

The purpose of this essay is providing evidences that show how far involvement and participation of employees in organization is important and how this leads good outcomes both for organization and individuals.

In this essay we will discuss the importance of employee’s participation in organization. In last we will summaries the key point of the essay and will draw a conclusion.


According to the Gennard & Judge employee participation is “concern the extent to which employees, often via their representatives, are involved in the decision making machinery of the organization. This includes joint consultation, collective bargaining and worker representation on the board.”

“Employee involvement describes a wide range of policies and techniques for informing and consulting employees about or associating them with, one or more aspects of running an organization.” By John Marks


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Employee’s involvement concentrates mainly on individual employees and the degree to which they can be encouraged to identify with the goals of the organizations. Employee participation which concern the extent to which employee’s are involved (via their representatives) in management decision making.

Here are some evidences which clearly show how employee involvement and participation is important for both employee and an organization.

this generate commitment to the organization

When employees will be involved in all activities of the organization they will be more committed towards work and organization. Because this will make them feel that how important they are for the organization and now it’s their duty to give their best to the company.

this help the organization improve performance, especially in the face of the change

Employee involvement plays a major role in to improve the organization performance. When employees are involved and participated in the organization they come to know all about the organization like what are the strength and weakness of the organization. When employees will be involved in the decision making process they may bring new and fresh ideas which help the management to solve the problem. A productivity of the motivated employees is always very high so when all employees will be committed and motivated the performance of the company will be increased

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This enable the organization to better meet changing customer requirements.

This is very important in organizations who directly deal with customers like call centers or retailing stores like Asda, Tesco. Rather than top management employee of these organization remain in contact with customers so they what customers want in different time and in different areas. By involving employees in their decision making process, management of the company know widely about the changing requirements of customers towards company and who can they full and can deal with customers expectations more effectively.

this improve challenge and satisfaction of the work experience

When employees are asked to tell their problems or recommendations about their work, not only lead motivation among employees but also develop their opinions and potentials which make their work experience more satisfy and effective.

this aid organization in attracting and retaining skilled labor

An organization can retain and attract skilled labor by involving them in their activities. An employee always want work in that particular organization where they find democracy at work place and they are free to explore their potentials and can resist any thing wrong or what they don’t want. In this way not only skilled employees will be remain in company but also this will attract skilled employees more.

this develop the business awareness of labor at all levels

By participating in organization activities like decision making employees come to know all aspects of the company. They come to know what is financial condition of the company or is company is going in profit or loss. In short words, employees become more aware about the company which is good both for employees and company.

Employee’s involvement and participation increase the employee incentives and accountabilities through tying rewards to company performance and profitability and this also marginalize trade unions.

There are many ways to get employees involved in an organization-

By changing the structure and arrangements of the work

By changing the incentives

By changing the relationship, through more participative leadership and informality.

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Types of employee’s involvement

There are three types of participation in which employee participate which are representative participation, quality circle, and employee’s stock ownership plans.

Literature review

The current debate on employee’s involvement in decision making is quite broad. Now days this has become very important for the organizations to get the participations of their employees in their decisions. Criticizers against employee involvement argue that this is waste of money and time. They argue this lead uncontrolled power of the employees. If they don’t like anything in organization they can resist that and organization is powerless in front of them.

Like Marks Jonathan said “participation and involvement of employees should be limited and if this crosses the limits than management are likely to lose the control on its employees.”

Whereas experts argue in favor of the employee’s involvement that by giving the right of independence and self dignity to employees doesn’t mean that an organization is giving them power to create a mess in company. Their main objective is to bring more democracy at the work place and use employee’s best potentials by motivating them.

Some criticized that by involving employees in decision making process, an organization can lose its privacy. But supporters of the employees involvement and participation claims that by considering the ideas of employees or involve them into different activities of the company doesn’t make a sense that this has anything to do with company privacy. We see overall employee’s participation and involvement in company is increasing day by day in today changing world.


I work in blueberry ltd which is food Production Company. Last month they have make 2 shifts instead of 3 in order to cut their cost. In first the shift was for 8 hours but now this is 10 hours. Before taking this decision management asks us for our advice. They ask us whatever they are going to do is good or not and should they do it or no. through our representatives we discussed a lot about this with management and in last we agree with one condition that they will increase our wages by 10%. So this is clear example of involvement of employees in decisions. Now we are motivated and committed towards our work because first of all think that how important we are for company and secondly we are getting good wages as well so this will not only motivate us but also increase our productivity which will beneficial not only for us but for organization as well.


Involvement and participation of employees in decision making is very important. I recommend that organizations should organize monthly workshops where employees should be invited and all points of company should be discussed broadly. If any employee facing any problem, should be encourage to put his/her problem in front of the management and when he will do this he will be motivated and will confidently take participation in company activities.


Employees should have formal and informal motivation. Informal motivation means say thank you or well done if employee is doing well. This will not only motivate the employee but also encourage him to participate positively in company.

I recommend that we should improve the provision of information to employees and from employees. By changing the structure and arrangements of works can lead more participation and involvement of employees.

We should change the positions of employees and employers at continuous intervals. For example good skilled workers should give a chance to work as a team leader once a week or on in month. This will not only make workers skilled and motivated and also encourage them to participate more actively in an organization.


Employee involvement and participation is informing and consulting employees about aspects of decision making. Employee involvement is a particularly important topic of discussion, and this has very long and deep history. Depending on your background or specialty, you may refer to it as engagement, voice, participation, democracy, etc.  Currently, effective and successful organizations understand the importance of employee involvement and participation in all levels and types of work and this has been found that there are strong links between involvement and important work outcomes. We have find some evidences to prove this like employees involvement help the organization to generate the motivation among the employees, help them to improve their performance, enable the organization to better meet changing customer requirements and improve challenge and satisfaction of the work experience at work place.

Some criticize the participation of employees as a time and money wasting process but in real this has a huge importance in an organization. To sustain whole employees involvement process is very difficult task. To sustain this one organization required highly trained internal and external consulates which expertise in assessment, management education, and training. A normal process of participation, in which managers and workers are trained by top management. This makes participation of employee more in an organization. When employee participate in organization, this not only increase motivation among employees but also increase the productivity of employees and in this way the entire capacity of employees can be used which is very beneficial for both employees and organization.

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