Fundamental Changes Of Marketing On The Internet Information Technology Essay

Describe the important Internet properties that affect marketing and the fundamental changes the Internet has brought to marketing.

In a fast-paced society, everything has to be done in an instant. Everything costs more. Everything moves faster like bricks and mortar. The good thing is that we can have anything we want in just one click. We have the different technological advances right within our reach – time efficient and cost effective- which make our way of life more convenient. All of these realities of modern society have been in the name of progress. One of the most popular, most obvious technological advances at present is the Internet, which provides the users convenience from entertainment to education and from personal concerns to business matters. Indeed, the Internet introduces many unique benefits to marketing including low costs in distributing information and media to a global audience.

Internet has brought so much impact on marketing and help to increase the sales of a company goods and product faster than before and even more efficient. Internet has also brings so much benefit and convenience to both company and also customers.

As example of the benefits are such as time saver and such convenience for the customer as they can have their shop or make transaction at their own pace and just one click away.

Internet also makes marketing more flexible where any business transaction can be done anytime, anywhere even from home. Internet has also helps to enhance the customer services as they can share information and keeps their transaction save and easily shop later on. This also helps to promote and distribute the company’s goods and products faster and more reliable.


What concerns about customer privacy are raised by the increased use of wireless computing and handheld devices outside the home or workplace?

Customer privacy are raised by the increased use of wireless computing and handheld devices outside the home or workplace has made the concerns in which a security issues where the data or information of some particular person or company can be exposed or shared without permission hence it will risk the person or company at target if it is used by irresponsible individual or agencies.

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It will also increase the high possibility of virus spread either it is by intention or unintentionally by sharing the accessibility of the wireless network to outsiders. This will cause a big risk or damage to the network itself. So, it needs to be control and monitor at times.

Other than the spread of virus, cookies and spam are also a big issues to the wireless computing plus nowadays the mobile internet have expand faster than any conscious internet device that can be found nowadays, this will also affect the customer privacy anywhere they connect to the network.


How will social media and consumer-generated content change the way marketers operate?

Social Media Will Become a Single, Cohesive Experience Embedded In Our Activities and Technologies. By this time next year, social media will no longer be “social media” — it will be an integrated, unquestionable component of your online and offline experience. Last year we spoke of cross-platform integration across media sites. Open APIs and OpenID made that possible and even LinkedIn announced last month that it too will finally open its APIs. 2010 will be about integration and a single, cohesive experience across platforms as well as across products and devices — Web, mobile, TV, and video — will become near-inseparable experiences.

Users will access content from any device or platform, co-create and mash up their photos, videos and text with traditional content while interacting with each other. Publishers will create new kinds of content for the connected world, and the last years’ lull in good entertainment will finally be lifted. This trend will cut across all of our activities — from playing games to shopping to emailing and texting — nothing will be lost; everything we do will be gathered and streamed together, allowing people to view their world of activities as if it were projected in front of them, open to change, review and input at any point in time from any device or online tool.

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Social media innovation will no longer be limited by technology. With web technology maturing and the near-elimination of previous barriers such as closed platforms and discrete logins, companies will now look to innovate the way they use existing technology, rather than focus on technology enhancements themselves. We will see a move to leverage existing assets — content and capabilities — in new ways, turning information to wisdom and insight to action. Whereas once user research required focus groups and usability tests, companies will utilize the Web’s capabilities to achieve the same. Naturally occurring conversations will be utilized in product innovation and design, and companies will create incentives for people’s attention and engagement while repurposing and analyzing content and engagement in new ways that will deliver valuable input.

Mobile will take center stage. As the technological barriers come down, people will increasingly use their phones on-the-go to access social networks, search, read content and find location-based information. Our phones will be used as a central hub and beacon — enabling a slew of new capabilities and experiences and enterprises will shape the next generation of what we would call “Social Media”.


“It is observed that the global Internet has driven styles, tastes, and product to coverage and create a more homogeneous, global marketplace, and creating an online monoculture.” Explain the observation.

Internet has expand and evolve from one stage to another in just less than two decades and at the same time it has also brought revolution to marketing and increase the population of internet shoppers even more bigger than any population of other technology users. Marketing has become more styles, customer-friendly, product expansion and business reach directly to their buyers’ home.

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Many companies have changed their marketing style to more internet comprehension and sent their marketers to training and learn how to reach their customers through internet and increase their products coverage.

Recently, year 2010, mobile internet has been introduced with the competition between mobile manufacturer as Blackberry, Apple and Android, the internet has been easier and just on our hand anywhere, anytime. This has stimulated the increase of ways for marketers to promote their product through email, Facebook and also Twitter.

Many organizations and even individual has made a lot of income through internet marketing by promoting their products on other’s websites and people also gain a lot of benefits through this. Some example of successful organizations that manage to make fortune out of this was Amazon of selling books, eBay of bidding transaction, GSM Company that provides products such as mobile and other latest technologies and so on.

Internet marketing also has made a huge change to the company’s profitability and maximizes their income to beyond what they can achieve before internet affect their marketing styles. Internet on marketing also has increase the company’s return on marketing investment and made a new direction to the ways of organization or business including B2B, B2C, and even C2C.

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