Human Resources Management at British Gas

British Gas is a leading energy supplier in Britain. It is an important part of the Centrica group, which provides various services to the energy to the customers throughout the country. British gas supply gas and electricity for their customers and even offers gas furnaces throughout the country. Centrica being a worldwide organization buys most of its services in Europe, North America and later increased their activity in the United Kingdom as British Gas. This organization even provides services such as cleaning the pipes including blockage, repair and fitting of pipes for gas, drain inspection surveys. Centrica established its organization as British Gas in 1995 in Windsor, UK.

In the last decades of the energy market in the United Kingdom became dynamic. Because they provide services through a large part of the official British Gas Nation over 9,000 service personnel heating and gas for its customers. British Gas still has an aspiration to supply quality service and equipment which are hassle free and even generates electrics, sewer and pipelines. To achieve the above strategies for British Gas must establish a perfect planning of human resources (HR).

Human Resource Management (HRM) is an efficient use of resources within an organization. Human resources management believes that the quality of work and free up resources for more productive and satisfied. HRM process guides the management in the organization so as to make the efficient use of services and resources for the organization. Generally included in comprehensive human resource management activities, such as

• Jobs

• Analysis of employment.

• Workforce planning in the organization.

• Compensation and Evaluation.

• Employee relations.

• Safety, health and welfare.

The configuration approach argues that the practices of human resource management should not be seen individually, but as a system. The central idea is that there are complementarities between

Business practices of human resource management and therefore need to mix and practice of human resources management not only maximum support of the overall strategy of the company, but as for most of any support other and generate the most synergies. In fact the practices of the human resource management are not cumulative but considered to be interactive. The central idea is derived from the model of configuration known as horizontal fit; the company should consider the practices of human resource management as a system, and selects the individual components so as to create possible system synergies.

Practices of human resource management can vary from company to company and between groups of workers in companies with differences in business strategies and other contextual factors. The result is that most of the points in the theory of system resource management employment rights as the best way HPWS. Candidates for high performance, but with the realization that this relationship is moderated strategic and contextual factors and is not uniform for all enterprises and labor market groups

Activities of human resources play an important role in the survival of the organization. Head of the organization shall identify the concentration of human resources deserves because it is an important factor in strategic decisions and to guide future action. Human Resources Management is also the core of the operator. The main purpose of human resources listed below

• Help the organization achieve its goals.

• The use of skilled labour.

• Explain the policy of human resources for the employees.

• Provide job satisfaction and maintaining quality of work (Robert L. Mathis and John H. Jackson, 2007)

If the human resource practices are regarded as the condition sine qua non of human resource management seems for a theory of human resource management work to explain and predict the choice of organization of these practices, human resources and PDO. The issue is complex and difficult because it can be combined dozens of different practices in human resources management and business for a virtually infinite number of permutations.

However, it appears that the dominant method of conceptualizing HRM / SHRM

partly because of their dependence on resources (RBV) of the day theoretical basis, preparing a response to a specific architecture, and its variants. The presumption of HRM / SHRM is that companies can set (or should to achieve click) on the practices of human resource management excellence. Among the many Key figures in the literature (sales, productivity, etc.), the return is generally acknowledged as the fundamental and important, because in a market economy and the survival of growth (Boxall and Purcell, 2003). Benefits know the difference between revenue and expenditure. One way to improve business performance, reduce costs, the other is the revenue increase.

At this point, the distinction between personnel management (PM) and Human Resources Management can be made. The classic view is that the executives (and the closely related field of industrial relations (IR)) takes a pluralistic approach to the employment relationship, employees see as an expense and an operation was with reagents and development carried out energy efficiency and reduce operating costs while the Human Resource Management provides a unified approach to the employment relationship, focuses on employees as a resource for the organization (human capital), and loaded Strategic Plan (active) debate that the development, promotion and distribution of human capital of a company long-term benefits (beer and will maximize Dulebohn, Ferris and Stodder, 1995), Spector, 1984.

Given this conceptualization of HRM / SHRM, the question is: What Overall management practices of the staff try to promote a unified human Capital-labor system with high performance? And the answer is most often a variant of what is known as a system of high performance work (HPWS).

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The cornerstone of a HPWS is commonly regarded as a form of employee involvement (Cappelli and Neumark, 2001), McMahan, Bell and Virick (1998) to state “we call strategic management of human resources could be the” second Generations holding “in regard to the corporate strategy and performance.” Even the basic function of a HPWS practices are such that systems of mutual benefit. Clearing team self management, careful selection of employees, the adopted policies for the job security, formal methods of conflict resolution, and to narrow the gap status.

Successful management of the organization includes maintenance, purchase and development of resources which are available within the organization. These organizational resources include land, raw materials, equipment and technology and finally these are the most important staff. Organizations such as British Gas will be able to hire good qualified employees to achieve organizational goals. Human Resources Management is the occupation of Commerce that focuses on the public to see the organization. The process is responsible for implementing the plan in the law and ensures the confidence of the customers. Centrica has won a major source of income to the parent companies of British Gas for a long time. British Gas gets most of its revenues from households and citizens around the country. Customers will always evaluate quality at competitive prices. If British Gas does not provide standards for customers of the organization is likely lost. For customer satisfaction, British Gas engineers must be skilled in the standards required by customers. With the help of engineers from British Gas Corporation, the company gets the prestige and a better income. The head of the British Gas Corporation has the ability to control various functions of the organization. The three major functional activities involved in the success of British Gas are as follows,


Due to the increased activity of British Gas, which require more manpower to meet customer demand Training is considered to be one of the most important functional units of the British Gas Corporation, which lead them to success. British Gas has established the Academy of British Gas in 2002 with the motive to provide training for the 5,000 employees who are recruited to the employees. British Gas offers various training courses for employers to have effective results. Most programs are very effective and even involve intensive training. In this process, students must qualify within 10-14 months with a fully automated technology. It also provides training and relevant qualifications. British Gas offers training for all technical engineers and provides them with all the latest trend of technology. This activity of the organization focuses more on skills and knowledge. Training activities are also focused on communication skills that their clients are in regular contact with customers is important to have good communication skills. British Gas also offers a model of learning for employees and also supports cultural activities for the growth of the organization (Srinivas R. Kandula, 2003).

Planning Human resource

This is another important activity in the British Gas Corporation. This area is about the future of the communities and present needs. Planning means to recruit labor and management of the training strategy is to ensure the organization with qualified personnel. Head of British Gas have to do events to predict future supply of gas to the UK market. This strategy allows the company to decide how many engineers as needed for operations. British Gas manager must estimate and forecast the demand for engineers in the future. The requirement of the labor force in British Gas is driven by two methods. Agreement with the first customers for services and the second method is direct access by the customer through assistance at once if you have a problem when you use their services. At the request of the two days the presence of these methods are rapidly go on increasing and this may lead to rapid recruitment of the company. Although there are many problems that affect human resources planning, British Gas has updated knowledge on technology topics, safety and health is the most important gas sector. It must take account of EU legislation such as health and safety change frequently. Qualified engineers can take place in the industry until they retire from service. They evaluated based on their experience and skills to work more at the expense of British Gas and they are also looking for qualified staff to promote a greater role. Management of British Gas need to plan, organize and coordinate with engineers from different teams so as to continue with this company needs to attract a wide range of people for recruitment into the organization (The Time 100, 2010).


Recruitment is one of the key activities within the organization and British Gas is part of the strategy for workforce planning. Eating should implement plans for diversity and inclusion and to seek new recruits in an organization. This is an important task for the personnel department of the British Gas Corporation to plan and build introduce comprehensive work. It also offers the variety of customers by hiring employees with different nationalities and regions which can be easy to connect with local customers. Recruit more female engineers in the company may be able to attract more female customers. More information about British Gas Academy has won the award to encourage women in the workforce of Engineering Sciences and its business partners.

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British Gas Company also has a prestigious award to inspire the future workforce through the implementation of the calling program as an opportunity. Recruiting good engineers is an important task for British Gas. Hiring business British Gas aims to maintain the competitive position of the business. Most gas customers in the national demand for quality services. British Gas should ensure that staff has a level of quality education. A major effort must be made of pre-school to meet the future organization and development of the organization from its competitors (Srinivas R. Kandula, 2003).

Models of HRM are mainly of British Gas for three main reasons, and with the help of these models, macro-economic perspective of human resources can be implemented within the organization. Secondly, the diversity and unity models serve as basis for project organization. Third, these models provide answers to most of the difficulties in the implementation of human resource organization. There are about 30 models in practice, human resources strategy specify a particular element and philosophy. The two main models that is useful for the British Gas Corporation and even recommended by them. They are as follows:

Baldrige model of human resources

Malcolm Baldrige model rewarded for the quality of the organization in recognition of its quality. These models are very useful for maintaining the quality of the organization. Thousand points as part of the price Badre have been awarded for different dimensions of quality management. Other methods such as participation, empowerment and development have showed its impact on other dimensions such as leadership, quality and customer orientation. This model does not just British Gas Baldrige organization dedicated to quality, but also to shape the organization of the HR function. In this model manager needs to develop human resources function with a new vision of services to its customers with 100% satisfaction. Baldrige model has five models of human resource practices

• Workforce planning

• Training and staff development training

• Reorganization and performance of human resources

• Involvement of human resources

• Welfare of Human resources

Each of the above methods are divided into several categories according to its origin. detailed model of the quality of the activities of human resource management efforts as shown in the table.

Baldrige model enables the organization to focus on global standards and services. HR managers should be aware of global standards and mechanisms to capture the right Baldrige practices. Lack of knowledge of the Baldrige model of human resource management failures resulted in the quality of the organization.

Harvard model of HRM

Harvard model of human resources is dependent on the vision, mission, goals and organizational goals. Personnel policies and practices are the subject affected by internal and external environment. This model is offered by Michael Beer, Walton, mills, and Bert Spector, entitled Human Asset Management 1984th This model is also known as a model or a flexible model with multiple stakeholders. This practice has two important considerations.

Factor of the situation

This factor has been inclined by internal and external environment, including

Working conditions in the market.

Social values.

Business strategies.


Management philosophies.


Stakeholders’ interest

This area is influenced by the political theory of human resource management is short

• Management.


Government agencies.

British Gas must also take account of this very important model for your organization. This model also classifies the policies and strategies of human resources management as follows:

Flows of human resources.

Reward systems.

Employee influence.

Work systems.


               Figure: Map of the territory of human resources

This model allows the manager of British Gas by plotting the strategy for human resources organizations. It also offers three important places for training. The first is human resource management policies must be defined in terms of external factors and stakeholders. Second, there are policies and practices of human resources must establish goals for the employees and the third is to get the results to employees through the implementation of these methods. This model is useful for British Gas and is based mainly on the concerns of stakeholders to help achieve the objectives of the organization. (R. Srinivas Kandula, 2003)

Human resource planning is the process that charts the effects of business strategy in an organization. This gas planning in the UK reflects the knowledge and skills with the ability of its competitors. For the purposes of British Gas resources strategy should be able to organize the process more logical. These decisions are used as the basis for the organization of British Gas. Roll and human resources planning and development is important in the days of the presence of a well functioning organization. For effective planning of human resources, managers should be aware of the following

The cost of hiring

moral implications

The ability to reallocate

Recruitment of qualified staff.

Lack of time.

Requirements management.

Access to the right people.

Management of human resources planning is an important task for managers in British Gas Corporation. The main purpose of personnel planning for British Gas is to provide the right amount of man’s ability to organization. Human resource planning involves two steps, which are

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Forecast demand for human resources.

The provision of human resources supply.

Forecasting techniques based on demand and long-term factors such as changes in the economy, market trends, technological developments, global trends, the organization of strategic plans and production schedules. There are many techniques in the organization of the forecast demand for gas in the UK human resources that some of them are listed below

Predictors’ Variable:

This technique is a statistical tool, based on employment, future needs can be estimated.

Zero-based technology

With the help of the technical planning manager can easily determine future employment. In this technique of planning each event begins with zero and which facilitates the administrator to include the requirement that staff of each operation.

The bottom-up technology

This technique is often used in organizations for joint planning by British Gas. In this process, any process of recruiting staff who are responsible for forecasting the level of organization in the market.

Simulation Technology

This is one of the experimental techniques of British Gas. In this plan in real-time status is the search and evaluation of predictions by manipulating different jobs.

The following factors should be considered by the head of the British strategy for effective health workforce.

The rate of staff turnover.

Absence percentage of the staff.

Inventory of existing skills.


Productivity levels.

Human rights are very important to plan not only ensures the availability of human energy, but also helps to reduce costs and optimize the human potential of human talent. British Gas manager must acquire knowledge, in particular executive functions. human resource planning is an effective tool for the organization to demonstrate the value of the HR function in the organization of British Gas (R. Srinivas Kandula, 2003).

Human resource planning is important for quantitative cradle British Gas Corporation. It is one of the resources of the organization. No respect shown the embarrassing events scheduled times and forecast the organization more future assumptions. Most organizations need to develop skills in planning and efficient use of resources in your company with a design to meet customers’ needs. Some of the methods of Planning and Development are defined as follows:

Determine the number of employees in new areas

If the organization of British Gas has enormous body of work that can lead to errors due to overworked staff in the operation. In this method of planning the HR management of the organization should know the following questions that may arise in the drafting of the plan.

How the relationship between employment, productivity and technological development can be understood by customers.

What kind of techniques used in the requirement of the job?

How to make flexible arrangements.


Retention of highly qualified quality

This method of conservation planning is about the last few years, which is the manager of British Gas for the cause of his departure, followed by measurement of resignation, to discover why an organization loss cost without comparing programming data for this manager is not aware of the quality of staff and this will also be costly to the organization of the separation, recruitment and induction.

Management program to reduce

This planning tool, the administrator can make cuts without pain during labor, while the long-term future of the organization. This planning is done with respect to the following questions.

Sorting the staff of the organization.

Advantages and disadvantages of the different segments.

What kind of evil.

Recovery of public services and transfers.

Hiring levels.

This analysis makes it possible to plan manager for the preparation of various methods to reduce over time. Workforce management can be applied when the need for a significant change takes time, flexibility of supply. If decisions are made without regard to workforce planning then huge losses may arise in the organization (P Reilly, 1996).

The methods mentioned above are very useful for managers in UK gas for efficient operation. Planning of human resources is crucial for any organization to meet customer needs in everyday life. Most of the organizations of the expansion, technological development are supported by the efficient implementation human resource management. Suggested that the proposal to change when additional resources are not available to meet customers’ needs. Sometimes, if the organization is well-designed machines and money, but there is no manpower to this panel of human resource management compensates for boundary changes. Workforce management can anticipate and budget for staff remuneration. Help in planning the physical facilities and working conditions in the organization.

Human Resource Management provides and facilitates control of all operations and personnel functions. This thesis on human resource management, with the director of British Gas Corporation to understand the key concepts involved in human resources for the organization and is also useful for future searches on the topic of human resources. From this research analysis different approach of human resources management strategies have been analysed and some of the models adopted by British Gas Company have been analysed. With the help of this research analysis it can be concluded that though the HRM strategies vary from firm to firm they play an important role in the organizational development. Therefore British Gas Company being an international company has to adopt different types of HRM strategies so as to go with the strategies with local business markets and conditions.

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