Job satisfaction of the workers at KFC

The data analysis is the process of organizing collected data to obtain the required information needed for research. This is made to understand about the purpose of data and its functions. The former section of collecting and justifying the collected data is described in research methodology part. It is essential to analyze the data in order to formulate the results of the research. After collecting the data related to job satisfaction of part time and full time workers in KFC, it must be analyzed to examine the degree of job satisfaction that exists in employees. The current chapter presents the data analysis by verifying the responses from the employees of the KFC fast food industry. The idea of the research is to analyze the job satisfaction of the workers in the organization.



The working group in companies consists of both male and female employees. Job satisfaction of part time and full time employees in a company varies based on the gender of staffs in the organization. Thus the questions related to gender of workers was asked to all respondents participated in research.

Among the respondents of a total number of 60, the 58.33% (35) staffs are found to be male workers and the rest 41.67% (25) are females.


The age group of the employee in the company presents the job satisfaction level among workers of different age. The job satisfaction of part time and full time employees changes with the person attitude and age. Hence the question regarding age of the staffs was inquired to look at the interests of various age persons in performing job.


From the questions inquired, people belongs to the age group of 16-18 is 6.67% (4) and 13.33% (8) comes under the 19-21. Large percentage of 71.67% (43) of the respondents belongs to age group 22-35. The remaining 8.33% (5) people are having the age group above 35.


The job satisfaction among staffs of company can be given by workers according to their experience in the KFC fast food company. The questions related to year of experience of employees working in the company are collected to analyze the degree of job satisfaction among them with respect to experience.

Among 60 employees, 3.33% (2) of the staffs are found to have more than 5 years of experience, 18.33% (11) of the workers have 2 plus years of experience. It has been seen that 45% (27) of staffs have two years of experience and 33.33% (20) number of people have less than one year of experience.


The opportunities for promotion are one factor that affects the job satisfaction of employees in the firm. The promotions are offered by organization to workers to improve their job satisfaction. The questions connected to promotion possibilities in the company are inquired to know whether these process increases job satisfaction.


Among the total respondents 10% (6) of the employees feels that opportunities for promotion at job is very low but 16.67% (10) of the people have an opinion that the chances for promotion is low in this type of job. About 43.33% (26) of the employees support with a neutral opinion regarding the opportunity at job. It has been identified that 25% (15) of the staffs feel they are getting higher opportunity and only 5% (3) of them feels that KFC provides very high promotional like offers to staff.


The satisfaction in job depends on the type of employment. The question was asked to employees regarding the employment type.


Out of total sample size of 60, 60% (36) are part time employees and other 40% (24) are full time workers.



Several factors influence the employee job satisfaction in a company. The work nature, benefits, equal preferences to all employees, and company support are the several things which decides the job satisfaction. Since full time workers spend larger amount of time in job, the opportunities and salary benefits are there to make them satisfied with their tasks. According to Jones et al (2002), by increasing the environmental stability and by allocating prior benefits in the job the level of job satisfaction can be increased The questions are asked to workers to identify the aspects behind job satisfaction level.

According to one of the respondent named Chandhu,

“The full time employees have a major role in the growth and the development of the company. The level of hard work they put in the role should be definitely rewarded. The full time employees are made satisfied by making certain procedures like rewarding the persons who are highly committed to the development of the company. The full time employees are entitled to large holiday pay which would make them feel happy”.

The large group of employees suggests that the work nature and equal priority given to the employees improves job satisfaction among employees.

Out of the 35 respondents, only 25 people reacted to the question and remaining 10 skipped this question from answering it.



Among the 25 people responded for the survey, 52% (13) of people are satisfied with salary factor and remaining 12 (48%) are not satisfied with the salary provided by the company.


From the 24 respondents, 70% (17) people support work nature of the firm which provide job satisfaction and 29% (7) of the people are not happy with work nature.


It was identified that from the 24 respondents, about 50% (12) persons feel benefits from firm improve job satisfaction while the remaining 50% (12) does not support this.

The analysis specifies that 75% (18) of employees are satisfied with the equal importance given to the workers in the firm and remaining 25% (6) is not satisfied with the equality factor.

The company support is found to be a factor behind job satisfaction for 58% (14) of employees and 41% (10) of the people are not satisfied with the organization support.


The responsibility level of tasks affects the job satisfaction of workers. The responsibility of job for full time workers is greater and which provides more benefits and increases the job satisfaction among the employees of firm. Kuruuzum et al (2009), says that full time worker generally works in excess hours per week for the organization and have higher responsibilities. The question related to job involvement were inquired to employees to understand the level of job responsibilities.

The participant named Mohit replied that

“The full time employees would be more flexible to work. The fulltime workers would be work for long hours in the store and have the exposure to know more things. The growth levels would also indeed be great for these workers as they would be recognized for their hard and efficient work”.

Among the 35 people selected for the survey, only 25 people answered this question and remaining 10 persons does not show interest in answering it.


Among the responded 25 persons, 56% (14) of the people think they are having higher job responsibility and they are spending more time in company to complete it. This is because they are committed to a particular organization only. The 32% (8) feels their job responsibility is moderate. The remaining 12% (3) feels the responsibility involved in their job is very low.


The step taken from management side has a vital role in increasing job performance which improves the satisfaction of job among employees in the firm. As per Hirsch (2005), the company provides rewards, incentives and monetary and non monetary services, security benefits, appraisal, job enrichment and promotional opportunities are given to employees to maximize their performance level. The restaurants like KFC recruit part time and full time workers in the firm and take care of workers in appropriate way to increase performance of restaurants. The question associated to the various steps taken from the organization are asked to employees of the firm

The participant of the survey named Steph answered that

“The benefits differ for the level of responsibility in an organization. As I am an assistant manager to one of the KFC restaurant I get incentives, bonus for working but it’s not the same case with team members. Team members get these benefits when they get promoted. Team members also get benefits for their individual performance and on the whole average is taken for a month. To check their performances CER and CHAMPS checks are done to any of the employees. If they perform well in these checks they get some rewards, vouchers, wine bottles etc. Everything is performed in the same way if the employee may be either part time or full time employees. I know all this because I joined as a team member in the KFC first and later got promoted”.


Excluding the 10 persons who skipped the question, 25 people are responded to this question. In that people, 84% (21) of the workers answered in support to statement. Those percent of employees strongly agree that rewards, financial and non financial services and another benefits given from the management side increases the staff performance. The rest 16% (4) feels that management did not take any steps towards maximizing performance.


The benefit offered to part time and full time workers in KFC varies according to nature of job. According to Kuruuzum et al (2009), full time workers spend more time in performing job and they are responsible than the part time workers. This increases the benefits to the full time employees in cases such as they are opened to new opportunities, improved wages etc. The questions regarding the various advantages they are getting are asked to employees of the KFC food industry.

A contributor of the survey, Arun responded that

“The benefits between the KFC part-time workers and the fulltime workers are different as the fulltime workers are entitled to more holidays and their wages would be more as the average number of hours they work in a week are more than that of the part time workers. The part time workers are allowed to work only 20hrs per week. This indicates they are entitled to less holiday pay. The benefits like cash vouchers and the shopping gift cards would remain the same for both the members. They will achieve these cards by showing up their performance”.

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Thus the full time employees get more benefits than part time workers in KFC depending on the job involvement of respective workers. Thus question asked provides the information that most of the people believe that full time workers are getting more benefits due to their commitment. Some of the employees feel that both types of employees are treated equally in the organization and all are getting equal benefits according to the work involvement. Only a very few number of people have an opinion that part time people are getting low benefit when compare to other full time staffs.

4.2.10 commitment of fulltime employees and parttime employees in KFC

The job commitment of full time and part time staffs in KFC is one factor which affects the productivity of organization. The full time workers are found to be more committed since they have more tasks to complete in particular time (Conway and Briner, 2002). Whereas the part time staffs are not that much subject to work pressure since their time schedule is inappropriate and they are the persons having more than one commitment which reduces their concentration in a single job. The questions are inquired to workers of KFC that are linked to job commitment in order to find out the differentiation in job involvement of part time and full time staffs of the company.

The employee named Archana replies that

“In my opinion there is no differentiation in commitment provided by a full timer and a part timer. Each and every one of them shows their respective commitment to their work in their respective working hours. But the difference comes because of the hours that the full timer does more than a part timer. If the part timer gets more hours he can also prove his commitment to his work”.

Thus the questions asked reveals the fact that the commitment of full time and part time employees of KFC varies according to their working hours. Most of the people have a view that full time workers are more committed to their job and they work hard for the organization growth. Certain number of people believes that both types of workers are equally committed to work.


Different methods are taken by KFC to improve the job satisfaction level of full time employees. Esker (2010), mentions that the methods are implemented by KFC to analyze the performance of employees by introducing new rewards systems in the company. The questions related to methods implemented in KFC are inquired to respondents of the participants

Shirish, a participant of the survey answered that

“KFC has given so many benefits to satisfy the employee working in it, they are… (1) Medical Coverage and Prescription Benefits (2) Dental Coverage (3) Vision/Hearing Coverage (4) Life and Disability Insurance (5) From Assistant Managers to Senior Executives, you’ll be rewarded for outstanding performance and a Customer Mania mindset. (6) Health Care and Dependent Care Reserve Accounts (7) Adoption Assistance (8) Employee Assistance Program (9) Group Legal Plan (10) Yum! Scholarship Program Tuition Reimbursement (11) Employee Discount Programs Enjoy discounted pricing on a wide range of products and services- from a new Ford car or truck to vacation packages, child care and even pet insurance”.

Among the 23 employees participated in survey, large numbers of employees have the opinion that KFC has successfully implemented methods to improve job satisfaction. These people supports that KFC introduces methods such as rewards and incentives to satisfy workers. Only a very few number of workers feels that KFC has not taken any methods to increase job satisfaction.


KFC is one of the high rank restaurants having several branches in different areas of world. According to Barron and Anastasiadou (2009), KFC restaurants, a fast food industry which are also a form of service could also employ part time and full time employees in company for performing their tasks in company. The questions were asked to have a comment on KFC fast food industry and its employees.

The staffs named Jayasree responded that

“KFC should treat all the level of employees in the same way because team members do not get any incentives or bonus. Pay should be raised. Team work is very important as there is no team work in the store always there will be some or the other clashes between the colleagues. This does not lead to company growth. Good recognition should be given to the hard working employees it may be either part time or full time. Uniform and batch is not only important to the employees but some identity cards should be given to know that they are the employees of the KFC to get the discounts everywhere. More security should be given. I like the designing of the software in the KFC because it checks the individual performance of an employee for example sales done for each hour, offering large meals etc.”

Most of the people answered in support to the KFC Company. These people are found to be fully satisfied with company and the job they are in. Thus the job satisfaction thus helps to improve the performance of the KFC. They support the company and comment that KFC restaurant provides job opportunities to part time and full time workers. Most workers have an opinion to increment the pay scale at least after six months so that it will motivate them to perform well for the organization growth.


The performance rate of every employee contributes the growth of organization. The performances of employee are recognized individually by analyzing each people activities. Esker (2010), says that the ability of the workers are appreciated during recognition by their good task performed and these encourage them to put their complete abilities in doing the task to generate profitable output. The corresponding people are given appraisal and other benefits. The questions were inquired to staffs of KFC, to know how to identify the performance of employees of KFC.

According to Mohit

“The benefits of KFC workers include like getting gift vouchers for the outstanding work. These vouchers are gifted to team members who show up good performance for weeks. This form of appraisal will remain same for the part-time and the full time workers as well. The other benefits include like holiday pay, people will entitle to this for the hours they work. It’s as simple, the more you work the more you get holidays.”


Thus from the answered responses by 24 persons, it was clear that performance of employees are identified and motivated accordingly to make them work for the firm. The 95.83% (23) of the people feels that their performance is being recognized and they are getting appreciation and rewards for their task. While remaining 4.17% (1) still thinks KFC food industry are not identifying their performances at required level.



The KFC fast food restaurant employs large number of part time workers in performing the job. The part time job workers are able to balance the personal promises and job at same time. The part time workers are those people suppose to have less job involvement in their jobs. According to Gallagher (2005), the part time work is chosen by people with an aim to balance the work and life. The question related to the interest of employees in part time job was asked to workers of KFC.

One of the employees react in such a way that

“I like working in the KFC but what I feel about the pay is being under 21 as my age I get a pound less than other employees for every hour. Same work is done by me as other employees and I perform in the same way. I get the rewards, vouchers for my performance but the pay is less for me what I feel. So what I feel is same pay has to be given to all the age group people. Few employees are not friendly in the KFC and do not help their colleagues at hard times but some are really good. Management needs to change at times.”


A six scale rating of 1-6 is chosen and is opted to respondents while conducting survey. Among the 35 part time workers participated in survey, the pay offered by the company, rewards, flexibility, work life balance, managerial motivation and necessity, is the various reasons considered by the employees in choosing their job in KFC. The rating is given as follows in the descending order.

In case of pay offered by the company, 20% (7) of employees consider it as the least important concern and 2% (1) of the people is given a rating of 2 and 25% (9) is selected it with a rating of 3. It is identified that 31% (11) is supported a rating value of 4 and 11% (4) is chosen a rating of 5. Only small number of people of about 8% (3) considers it as the most important thing for working in the firm.

While considering the reward, 5% (2) of the respondents thinks that it is a least important factor with rating value of 1. But 22% (8) of the participants had given a rating of 2 and rating 3 is given by 37% (13) of the people. It was noted that 11% (4) of the people participated in survey has a rating value of 4, 20% (7) of the supports the rating of 5 and remaining 2% (1) only considers it is an important factor for their interest in working with KFC by giving a rating of six.

One of the reasons for liking the job in KFC is the flexibility offered by job timings in KFC and 5% (2) of the people supports this as the significant matter whereas another 5% consider it as the least significant. About 14% (5) of the people is given a rating of 2 and 25% (9) of the population specifies a rating digit of 3. Among the respondents, 28% (10) selected a rating of 4 and the people belongs to rating amount of 5 is denoted to be 20% (7).

11% (4) of the 35 workers chooses the job with an aim to maintain the work life balance. The people are able to perform their work and personal life commitments in a balanced way without getting affected. For 5% of the employees, work life balance is not at all a major reason to select the part time job in KFC. About 20% of the people supports a rating value of 2, 22% of the population rated this factor to a value of 3. The survey indicates that about 25% of the respondents rated the work life balance factor as the major reason in choosing the job in KFC with a rating of 4 and remaining 14% with a rating value of 5.

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Among the 34 people participated in survey, managerial motivation is considered to be an important factor which is rated by 8% of the employees during the survey. But 14% of the people participated in the survey supported this as the least significant reason. Whereas 14% of respondents comes with the rating of 2 and another 14 percent supports a rating value 3. It has been analyzed that 26% of the people provided a rating of 4 and remaining 20% supported a rating digit of 4.

54% of the people selects the job due to its necessity and examined it to be a most important one. 17% of the people think that it is not an important one. 2% of the people select a rating of 2 values and no one chooses a rating amount of 3. About 2 percent of people supports a rating of 4 and 22% had given a rating of 5.


The job satisfaction of the employee in organization depends on various factors. Job satisfaction is the vital factor to workers to achieve the satisfaction in the personal life of an employee. Testa (2001) accounts that people are choosing part time jobs in KFC since it is possible to shift convenient work timings as required. But Sverke (2004), describe that job satisfaction of part time employees is related to the pay and rewards, commitment and efficiency of workers. The questions were asked to employees to analyze the job satisfaction of part time workers towards the job.

According to the part time employee,

“In KFC recognition to each and employee is given like awards, vouchers for shopping, wine bottles etc every month in staff meetings.”

In case of pay and rewards offered by the company, 2% of employees are completely satisfied with the current paying status of KFC whereas the 33% of workers are satisfied to some extent. 38% of the people have a neutral opinion regarding this concept. The remaining 11% of the staffs are dissatisfied with the present wages and rewards. In that 13% of employees are totally dissatisfied with the company compensation.

Employees more than 13% are satisfied fully with the flexible work timings offered by the KFC. The remaining 44 % percent of the employees are some what satisfied the time schedule of the firm. The 25% of the people have an unbiased opinion regarding this. The remaining 13% of the workers are not satisfied and other 2% of employee strongly disagrees with the work timings of KFC.

The efficiency of part time and full time workers is also major concern. Almost 28% of the employees think that the effectiveness of both the workers is same and they support this concept. 40% of the people support and satisfied to this concept to some extent and believe that their effectiveness differs according to their work timings and job involvement of the employees. 25% have an unbiased opinion regarding the efficiency and 5% of them are not at all supporting the above mentioned matter.

The commitment of employees toward work differs according to type of employment. From the questions asked it was found that 40% agreed to the point says that the part time and full time workers are equally committed to work. Out of these 37 % supports the statement very strongly. The remaining 2 percentage of the people not supporting the comment and states that part time people can never be involved in job as full time workers. Out of these 20% have a neutral view on this concept.


The flexibility in time scheduling of KFC is a major factor which increases job satisfaction among workers. The employees of KFC are possible to shift time according to their convenience which makes them to work in a proper way. As per Jacobsen (2000), no regular time schedule is there for the part time employees and thus their work involvement also decreased and can manage work and life. This helps them to manage studies and work in a good way. The questions are inquired to KFC part time employees to know about how they can manage studies and job.

An employee answered that

“Being the reputed organization in the food sector KFC needs high number of both part-time and full time employees. And they have got their benefits individually. Part-time: mainly preferred by students who are allowed to work 20hrs has great privilege of flexibility like working in for preferred days, tax exemption etc in KFC”


Among the 35 respondents participated in survey, 16.67 percent of people are always can manage studies and job in KFC together due to the flexibility in job timings. 77.78% of the participants sometimes can able to manage their studies and job with this flexibility in time schedule offered by firm. Still 5.56% of people find difficulties with the allotted time schedule to manage job and studies together.


The benefit of part time workers is a major consideration in determining the job satisfaction of employees. The part time workers are also given benefits by KFC by incrementing wages and providing rewards according to their performances.

As per Royle and Towers (2002), KFC food industry mainly focuses on the provision of rewards for the full and part time employees in their company. Part time employees are also treated with reward as full time workers for their good performance. The questions were prepared and asked to employees to examine the benefits given to employees.

They answered that

“The benefits of employment between the part-time and fulltime workers would not differ as both would be granted with the same rewards. The only thing is they have work hard and get the rewards. The outstanding performance would be appreciated equally with respect to both fulltime and part-time workers. The benefits would be the same for all the individuals.”


Among the total number of 35 part time people participated in survey, 80.56 % have an opinion that both type of workers are treated in same manner while providing beneficial offers. Company does not present any differentiation in giving benefits to workers. Only 19.44% of the workers think that they are not getting benefits similar to full time working people.


The differentiation exists between the employees affects the performance of the company which leads to dissatisfaction of workers. According to Royle and Towers, (2002), there is no difference among full time and part time workers in KFC restaurants in providing rewards to them. The survey questions were asked to part time workers whether they are distinguished with full time staffs of KFC

The answer to response was

“Managers and Team leaders at KFC doesn’t show any discrimination between part time employees and full time employees but they show discrimination between local people and people from other countries like India. It would be better if they give equal priority to all the employees irrespective of their race. “


The 63.89% of the employees responded in the survey present the answer that they are treated is proper way by the company according to their performance and the job involvement. They did not feel that company does not perform any activity by differentiating part time and full time workers. But 36.11% of the part time workers feel they are classified as separate group from the regular employees.


The KFC is top most restaurants in the world which provides tasty and quality fast food to the customers. The KFC provide better benefits to part time workers as full time staffs of the company. KFC is a successful food industry good quality and reasonable rates to food items to the customers (Harris et al, 2007). The questions were asked to employees regarding comments about company.

The answer of a part time employee was

“Full time employees are easily promoted in the organization rather than part time employees. This has to be changed because part time employees also show interest on the company if they work for less hours also. More security is to be given to the staff in the KFC. And on the other side I like the individual employee recognition in the KFC because performance of an individual is checked each and every day. The company is giving the vouchers for shopping for the best performer.”

From the analysis it was found that, almost majority of the staffs are satisfied with their job in KFC. This is because company provides good pay, other rewards and benefits to every employee by recognizing their performance individually. Few people have some reasons regarding the wages and workers discrimination in offering benefits.

4.2.20 Analysed in Nvivo:


The analysis specifies that in case of part time employees, percentage of male workers who are receiving the benefits offered by the company is 15.69%. The remaining 6.24% are female workers who receive this offer from company. While 39.91% of the male staffs of full time employees are getting the benefits from KFC. In those full time staffs, the female populations of 18.05 % workers are also identified to accept these benefits from the firm. The KFC offers benefits to all type of employees whether it is part time or full time employees. The study reveals that male and female population of full time workers of the company is getting more rewards and benefits when compared to part time staffs.


In case of work commitment level of part time workers of the company, 15.06% of male staffs and 10.06% of female employees are committed to the work. As far as a full time employee is concerned, 38.28% males and 17.31% of females are identified to be more involved in the work for the growth of the organization. All type of staffs is committed to their job according to the time of hours they work for the organization. The study discloses the fact that the commitment level of full time workers and the corresponding men and women population is higher when compared to part time working staffs of the company.


It was determined that 15.06% of males and 10.06% o females who are employing in the company as part time employees feels that there is some kind of discrimination between the different type of employees. The full time employees containing the male workers of 38.28% and female staffs of 17.31% also support this concept. The analysis understands that male – female ratio of full time staffs that feels about the existence of discrimination is comparatively greater than the corresponding ratio of part time working people. The research specifies that the company maintains some sort of discrimination between the part time and full time working staffs.

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It has been examined that 15.05% males and 10.06% women employees of part time working staff feels that equal importance is given to all employees of the organization. Similarly the percentage of men and women staffs working as full time employees who supports the equal priority concept are 38.28% and 17.31% respectively. With the detailed analysis regarding the equal priority, it has been determined that the percentage of female staffs supporting the equality factor is lesser than male staffs in both part and full time employees. The study specifies that equal importance is given to all types of employees in organization whether it may be part time or full time.


The research analysis mentions that 15.05% man and 10.06% women staffs of part time and 38.28% male and 17.31% female workers of full time employment supports the factor of flexibility. The flexibility in work timings make them more comfortable to work for the organization. The male and female percentage of full time working people supporting the flexibility factor is greater and in those the ratio of male staffs is more than women workers in both cases.


Similarly the opportunities is concerned, the male and female percentage of part time workers who satisfied with the opportunities provided by the company are 15.05% and 10.06% respectively. This ratio is determined to 38.28% and 17.31% for full time working staffs. The research specifies that in both type of employment the female percentage who answered in favor to this point is very less compared to male staffs. The KFC provides several opportunities to employees according to the commitment level and their experience in the job.

4.2.26 PAY SCALE

The part time workers who satisfied with the pay scale of the company consists of 15.05% males and 10.06% women employees. The full time staffs pleased with the current opportunities offered by firm consists of men and women workers specified to be 38.28% and 17.31% respectively. The study examines that percentage of women people answered in related to the company’s opportunity is lower in both type of employees. The company is providing salary to all type of employees according to their responsibilities, experience and commitment level.


The part time workers containing 15.05% men and 10.06% women as well as the full time working people involving 38.28%males and 17.31%females feels that KFC measures the performance of employees successfully. The study mentions that male rate supporting the performance factor is larger than female ratio in both type of workers. The analysis provides the information that company checks the performance through CER and CHAMPS checks and those people are rewarded as per performance measured.


The KFC recognizing the performance of employees which was strongly agreed by full time workers of about 38.28%, 17.31% of males and females respectively. Similarly the performance recognition is supported by 15.05% men and 10.06%women workers of part time employing people. The company suitably recognizes the employee who performs well and reward is given accordingly. The male ratio is higher than females in both type of working staffs.


The full time workers feels that they are more committed because of their responsibility and it is denoted in terms of male and female ratio as 38.28% and 17.31% respectively. The part time staffs also believe that they are equally responsible as others and the answered percentage covers 15.05% and 10.06% of men and women employees. The analysis finds that full time staffs are more responsible since their working time is high and they work fully for the organization growth.

4.2.30 SALARY

The above figure mentions that 15.05 and 10.06 (male and female) percent of part time and 38.28 (men) and 17.31(women) percent of the full time are satisfied with the salary benefits given by the company. When making comparative study, it has been recognized the satisfaction level of part time workers and their related ratio of male and female population is less when compared to full time staffs of the organization.


The current employees who are satisfied with the part time job in KFC consist of 15.05% and 10.06% of males and females. Similarly the full time worker containing 38.28 and 17.31 percent of men and women workers also seems to be satisfied with job. The study specifies that the job satisfaction of employees depends on several factors and in both cases of full time and part time, the male population is found to be more satisfied than female employees.


The work nature of the company is found to be a reason which satisfies many of the staffs. Among the part time staffs 15.05% males and 10.06 percent of females are found to be very much happy with the working environment provided by the firm. The full time employees consisting of 38.28 and 17.31 percent of male and female population is also satisfied with the work nature facilitated by organization. The analysis reveals that people will be having a productive mind if the working nature is made attractive by the company.


The analysis reveals that job satisfaction of employee in KFC depends on the factors such as working environment and the equal priority given to all type of employees by the organization. It was determined that 75% of the staffs are satisfied with the equal priority provided by the company to all employees. Most of the employees feel satisfied with the job in the presence of providing such factors.

Most of the full time workers participated in the survey which is conducted as a part of research are found to be fully satisfied with the working nature and environment of the KFC restaurant. The analysis determines that 70% of the staffs are satisfied with the working environment of the company.

The research specifies that full time workers are getting more benefits according to their job involvement in KFC.

It has shown that giving rewards, monetary and non monetary benefits improve the employee performance.

The restaurant has full facilities and all the equipments needed for performing the job in easy and efficient way. The participants involved are very much satisfied with the company atmosphere.

It is noted that full time workers are getting benefits higher than part time working people. This is because large time is spent by those people in the same organization.

The job commitment of full time employees is found to be higher than part time employees since they work sincerely for a single organization.

The full time employees are getting benefits of promotion and other appraisals more often than part time workers. It is seemed that full time employees stick to organization to greater number of years than part time people.

The company provides flexibility in time scheduling of the job to part time workers. This helps them to manage work and life successfully. The 94% percent of part time workers opted for part time job is found to be with an aim to balance studies and work.

Most of the part time employers have their own reasons to work in part time employment of KFC. It was found that 54% of the people consider it as most important and select it as part time job due to the necessity. About (3/5) of the part time employees working in the firm are under age 18. They are working in KFC to earn an income for carrying out their studies.

The KFC has implemented several methods that improve the job satisfaction of employees of KFC and assigns those methods with effect to behaviour of the employees.

KFC management is motivating the part time employees to work towards the organization growth.

The company is acting towards attaining profit and quality of service to produce effective output to customers with the aid of both full time and part time workers.

With the research it was examined that KFC invites employee suggestions to improve and modify the status of the firm. This makes the part time workers to feel that they are also given equal importance as full time employees.

The company is recruiting both full time and part time workers with an intention to achieve customer satisfaction and providing quality of service.

Hence KFC also introduces training programs to improve the skills of part time employees. This is done to increase the efficiency of workers so that they can perform large amount of work in a prescribed time.

The research identifies that the higher percentage of part time people will be satisfied if they are providing equal opportunities and they are not restricted. This makes them happier and improves the job satisfaction among employees. This causes all the employees either full time or part time to be more dedicated to the job.

It has been identified that 68% of the part time workers have an opinion that efficiency of both type of workers is same. The difference in their effectiveness is due to the time they spend for the organization.

Hence the job satisfaction is found to be essential factor to maintain the overall turn over of the firm and increases the productivity of the firm.

KFC maintains the benefits to both full time and part time people effectively as per UK legislations. These acts are found to maximize the job satisfaction among the employees.

The ratio of part time employees who supports the job satisfaction factor is found to be larger than full time employees and it has been analyzed and presented by using NVIVO.

The percentage rate of female staffs responded to the job satisfaction factors is identified to be lower than the male employees in both part time and full time workers.

The analysis done using NVIVO reveals that majority of the part time and full time working people consisting of both males and females are satisfied with the benefits offered by the company.


The chapter explains the analysis of information gathered from the participants of research. The inquired questions are explained with the responses of the respondents. The data analysis is made with the collected information which assists to provide an idea about the percentage of part time and full time employees who is completely satisfied and dissatisfied with the job in KFC. The following chapter is the conclusion and recommendation chapter for concluding the research.

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