Managing change at the organization Royal Mail

Managing change in organization is a very difficult task but it is one of the required processes to be done in critical situations (demand). I have taken the organization Royal mail as a part of explaining how the royal mail group managed the change in the organisation. A new culture has been involved may be called as the management style change system in Royal mail. The further reports which I am going to point out will tell the facts how the change in management is managed by the Royal mail group of organization. In order to develop the manager styles – a development plan has been implemented and evaluated to find out the reports of the new change plan and see how it works.

This is done in accordance with a need that manager should have a stable style of management ethics and work activities to be carried out while in the job and it is the duty of the management team to monitor in regular intervals of time to time

A small introduction about Royal Mail Group:

When it comes to post or parcel in the U. K nobody never forget the Royal mail. The royal mail is a parent company of the post office ltd United Kingdom. Royal mail is one of the important businesses in the U.K (postal business and parcel service all over the world). The royal mail takes a pride by producing a fact that they deliver millions of letters to appropriate address in the UK everyday thereby stabilizing the brand of Royal mail group. They employ around 200,000 people for their postal services.

Task 1

The back ground to change is mainly because of the advancement of technologies, new methods implemented all over the organisations thereby demanding the present organisation to make a change. This will support the organisation to a greater extent. The motivation to change is done by looking at the current economy, the current organisational change, certain needs of the organisation and many more. Taking the organisation royal mail group, I would like to explain in detail why the organisation needed a change?

The letter and packages business has been divided into several sections like

Difficult regulations and policies

Process dominated organisation

Lagging of technology

Difficult regulations and policies:

The different regulations and policies of the royal mail group increase the customer choice and competition. Followed by this, it is very difficult for royal mail to accept the proposals made by the post office. This will affect their ability to do service to the customers at a single price. The variations are going to affect them to greater extent. This will increase the weakness of the company. As a post office group, lot of external pressures from government will also add up. Hence there was a question on how royal group will achieve stable profitability. This made a need in change of the organisation.

Process dominated organisation:

The process is totally dominated by the organisation thereby demanding the buercratic style of passive employees. This will cause major operation in-efficiencies and hence the motivation of work force will go down. The work force will then form a union and will lead a strike. This type of actions will de-value the name of the royal mail group. Hence we need the change in management here to be taken place in this organisation.

Lagging of technology:

In today’s world, technology has increased to a greater extent. More advancement has created the organisations to change their way and style of process.

Task 1

Evaluate the Strength and weakness of bureaucratic organisation

These types of organisation are well -structured, have a clear process authority and control. They are well suited for stable environments. The technologies can be used in a routine way in this type of organisations. The process they use, the technologies they adopt are quite difficult thereby the job in these types of organisation is quite rigid. The organisational structure is designed in such a way that only the job which has to be done will be processed and done.


The rules and behaviour are combined and strict

The unity in operation is implemented in the organisation even with change in personal circumstances.

The orientation structure is impersonal

Functional specialisation is the main source for labours functional division

Allocation of task is very stable in this type of organisation

Based upon the technical knowledge of the employee, the promotion is initiated or given

The job recruitment s is done on merit basis

Proper membership is a way to a proper career in this type of organisations

The authority of any process is legally defined

The qualifications for any process is tested properly before being implemented

The allocation of limited discretion officers and also the organisation has legally based tenure


The weakness of the organisation is also defined here to understand the changes to be done in bureaucratic organisations. The organisation have a rule that the authority is not on the person it is dependent on the position.

Lagging of empathy due to its strict rules and regulations

Lagging of rationality

Decision making being more inflexible

Limits defined in decision making

Due to high rules are regulations, the decision making is done slow

In this organisation there is no priority or any urgency

Thus these are the evaluation of strength and weakness of bureaucratic organisations.

Task 1

Alternative forms of organisational development

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Organisational development is said to be a planned intervention. There are many interventions developed to solve different problems. The plans and actions are designed for the change in the organisation. The organisation will implement different interventions in order to achieve the success. The main goal of the organisational structure is to achieve the goal with the change.

There are different types of interventions. Many interventions are combined to produce different action plans. The whole actions include organisational training, analysis, conflict management, team management and organisational re-structuring.

Types of interventions:

Human resources – the e.g. includes team building, consultation and recruitment process

Technically more structural – also can be defined as techno structural

e.g. The management called total quality management, the re structure process and the design of work /process

Management – human resource

e.g. 1. Diversity in management 2. Performance management 3. Appraisal of employees and many more

Strategy process

E.g. culture change involvement, transformation of organisation, self designing and management in strategy

The training sensitivity:

The main purpose of this training is to understand the behaviours aspect of themselves and to understand the others perception.

Improvement can be done by getting the feedback

Interpersonal conflict can be reduced

Improves people to be more open, increases listening skills and others

Efficiency of organisation and productivity is improved

The facilator gives proper discussion and feedback thereby the facilator plays a very important role

It has got broader scope but it lacks the specific goal.

Feedback survey:

Analysis of data done by different methods

Information sharing is very important

From all level of organisation, data collection of different levels has been done

The participants and agents haven been transferred for the data usage.

The solutions to the problem are only developed by the participants and they are very important to the organisation.

Consultation of process:

The process should be consulted as to make the process more effective

Implementation of a goal for improving a particular process

Problem solving method is increased and it the participants have been involved in it

More steps/ pressure had been taken and given in order to reduce the inter – personal problems.

The consultation process determines the process that needs improvement.

Interventions with teams:

To improve the performance of teams working in the organisation

Diagnosis of problems is done very quickly

The main aim is to maintain and improve organisational process and team relationships

Both the team member and the top management sit for a meeting to decide upon the diagnosis of problems.

The whole groups and also divided into sub groups to collect different information for the organisational development is done.

The guidance is given towards the achievements of goal

The meeting is conducted only in need and also in regular intervals.

Plans are prepared and what actions have to be taken is carefully observed and plan is handed over to the representatives.

A Meeting to improve team building ( formal one ):

The group of team building meeting is conducted at a far place

The issues are discussed and the members are assigned with different responsibilities

Action plan is prepared and given to the members

The team building meeting is initated by managers with a supervision of external consultant.

Team building techniques:

Accepting things in a positive way and self awareness is very important

Through repression and confrontation, the negative feeling can be resolved.

Physiotherapy is made to involve in focusing on the individuals.

Analysis of Role – by John Thomas:

Focal role is the name of this role

It is a process that defines the role of team members

Suggestions by team leaders, expectations are achieved

By making compromises, certain problems are resolved.

Interventions – Intergroup team building:

Improves relationship between different team groups

Communication flow is easy

Communication gap is understood and exchange of information is done

Unresolved problems are discussed to make it solve as soon as possible

It helps to improve the interaction level within groups

Thus these are the steps done for intergroup team building

Interventions – Structural:

It is mainly done in order to bring the change in task and technological process.

Technostrutural interventions is also an another name of this interventions.

Task 2

Royal mail group limited defines always that the whole group is for their people. They strongly believe that only hard work will take forward for their change required. Royal mail feels that it needs to develop proper relationship with the people and the stake holders. They are more focussed on delivering the incentives properly to the stake holders will identify them to accept the change.

They are dedicated in encouraging

Leadership commitment for the safety issues

To set safety standards by the line and role managers

Recognition of management , consequences faced and accountabilities are the major source to encourage by the royal mail group

To develop the systems for the stakeholders first a proper system plan should be done and processed. It is explained below as follows

Appropriate plan (adaption)

The managers are made to know about the change in management and they are introduced for the development programme.

Aims at helping the managers with respect to the development plan with different activities available to them

It helps them to communicate a bit further about the values of managers thereby supporting the business

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Expectation of managers are re-enforced

Motivate the managers so that the managers will try to excite or surprise people

Proving update on current business

Making the benefits of the event – my development is very important.

All these plans will make the manager become more enthusiastic about the change in plan and will be happy to introduce and explain these systems to the stake holders.

This type of process and systems will be done with appropriate meeting with the stake holders and the people who are involved in this process. Proper feedback for the change in management will be explained by the role and line managers in the meeting thereby the stakeholders can also know what exactly is happening and why the change in management is needed.

Stake holders should also be know the fact that what will be the output of this outcome. This development plan how it will help the organisations and how far it will benefit the stake holder .these analysis can be done by conducting audit reports on this process by external and internal factors. By analysing this system, the key stake holders will be in a proper well known state about the change in management.

Task 2

To evaluate these systems and to involve the key stake holders in the organisation – there are certain strategies to be followed

It is explained as follows

When there is a change, it is very important for the organisation to inform all of its sub-ordinates. In other words, getting people involved and communication are the main factors in evaluating and execution of change. Communication is a very important tool acting here as it not only involves listening but also the person can take the feedback and present it to the organisation thereby making them to take actions on it. To accept the change, there is always a fear for people which can be destroyed when there is a proper communication. The people will really get encouraged especially the stake holders if they know everything about the change with a proper communication. The royal mail should not think stake holders as obstacles but they need to explain them for the need in change, make them involve in it and make responsible. Royal mail should make the stake holders understand that change in development is done in order to develop the managers, responsible for decision making and other operational managements.

The moment of sustainability is very important when there is a change in management. The stake holders and the royal mail group ltd should discuss about the resources provided for the change and the support for the change thereby reducing the reduction of enthusiasm in stake holders.

The royal mail team will have a team for change management which will deal with difficulties, develop the managers for the change. Under this change in management, the managers will be in a position to use the resources and move the business forward with clear vision. All these strategies have to be explained clearly to the royal mail stake holders.

Thus these are the strategy to be followed in order to involve the stakeholder in the change in management.

Task 3

The new model that can be appropriate to the royal mail group is as follows

Development of skills and new competences model

There are five key areas where the managers should be capable of taking authority and responsibility at work

Inspiration of people:

Inspiring is an attractive term used in the field of management. When people get inspired they are really feeling happy about what the management is telling about. Thus by inspiring skills, the management can easily manage the change in organisation.

Action focused:

The main focus of action should be with the customers and the service. The royal mail group has got lot of actions to be focused. Especially, in winter times the postal services or the parcel process may get delayed which might annoy the customers. The royal group ltd should focus on this particular action and appoint some new volunteers staff to avoid any delay in their process. This would make the customers feel more confident on royal mail groups. All these action focus should be done by the managers and that is how they can easily manage the change in management.

Seeking improvements:

The managers should be always in an enthusiastic mood to seek improvements in their field. As a manger, he /she should be able to learn new things for the change in management. Only if the mangers are in a proper learned way, then only we can sort out all the external problems. Continuous seeking improvement is one of the skills needed for the managers.

Results should be driving:

These areas are considered to be the more sensitive area. The results where the managers should deliver should drive the customers to a greater extent. Even with the changes in policies the organisation should be able to give better results and perform better services to the customers

Ownership should be taken by managers:

The managers should be able to take ownership on their own and do everything with respect to the organisation.

Under this management plan, managers will be able to acquire good confidence and the right skills and make royal mail a nice place to work.

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Thus these are the different skills to be acquired for the managers and thus these plans will be a appropriate model for the royal mail group ltd.

Task 3

Implementation of model process and their outcomes

To implement a process model the organisation need proper plan and proper managerial skills to be performed. The steps to be done are as follows

Plan for programme:

The organisation communicating with the people about their development plan an introduction is given in first quarter of the year. In this first quarter meeting, the managers will come to know about their new management change plan and their benefits. Top level executives, senior managers and other top level people will be heading this change management programme. This plan is essential to implement the process model successfully.

Over the year there will be many practical workshops, Action learning training, modules skills classes. This will be taking place including e-coaching.

Workshops ( Practical ):

This work-shop will be a class – based one and this will emphasize more on the safety issues diversity, and about the rapid growth of business ideas. This plan would be very ideal in the change in management system.


Modules – will be skill based development programme. This might include interaction with others, communication development, giving feedback, decision making, working in a collaborative manner and assertiveness etc.

Action learning:

The managers will go and meet with groups of other managers for a formal meeting to review the reports by time to time. This will enable action learning programme to be more efficient for the managers. The report will make the organisation to develop their progress in the any field the organisation demands. This action learning programme is implemented nowadays much in the corporate culture as to fill the communication gap and also to monitor the progress at regular time intervals.


A different type of coaching is being introduced by the managers which are called as external coaching. External teachers have been taking into the organisation and they help the managers or the individuals to improve their performance. These types of coaching help the managers to tackle many unresolved problems.


Nowadays e-learning is a very powerful a popular method to study and analyse different things. The information can be assessed online at any time irrespective of any problems. The manager will study products which include business management, different type of risk analysis, attendance, performance appraisal and many more.

Reporting and Accessing:

The manager performance is monitored and reported every year with different mentor giving feedback

They are assessed in factors like

How the manager has developed their sub-ordinates

How the managers has identified themselves about the need and change in management and their responsibilities.

To develop the people there are many process and time involved. This factor is assessed to manager on how he takes this factor importantly.

Outstanding performance given to the managers with promotional offers.

Senior appraisals and capability of mangers is also monitored in this process

After accessing all this factors, a report from the mentor is given to the organisation thereby explaining the benefits done and efficiency of the manager.


This is a very important factor which decides so many things in an organisation. An employee survey is conducted in regular intervals to find out how the employees are in with the organisation. The royal mail group ltd does this as a way to improve further and it is done on weekly basis.

Thus this is how the model should be implemented when there is a change in management and the improvements have been mentioned in the above report that why these plans are executed and done with respect to the organisation.


This case-study royal mail group ltd is was very innovative. It was expressing all about the changes needed in operation when there is a change in management and how the managers should take responsibility and fix themselves into the different implementation plans and learn different things. The report was also talks about why change is required in this economy- The strengths and weakness of the bureaucratic organisations. The report also defines about the stake holder’s analysis and how the systems should be developed and how stake holders should be involved in the change in organisation. Finally, I have researched about the different plans to be learnt and implemented and their process and outcomes for the change in management. Overall, royal mail is looking at the organisation structure which can yield profit to them when the change has happened. My management plans shows that the organisation is expecting all the staffs to work together in this competitive challenging market and achieve the targets. This development programme will make the life easier for the managers as they learn all the necessary things. Thus managers will do a great job in the change of management. The group wide management programme will also provide a great way to tackle the problems of the work force and to attain the sustainability of the organisation. The main important thing in this whole project is the capability of managers as he stands here as the back bone for the change in organisation. Thus overall, the manager plays a vital role in changing the change in management and culture change in the organisation.

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