Responsibilities Of Staff In Food And Beverage Management Management Essay

Food and beverage is very important for hotel management. Food and beverage management is the mechanism in which include food selection, preparation, presentation and preservation. Food and beverage manager is involve food quality, test, and its nutrition and also include the food is healthy for people.

If you plan to build a big hotel for guest and provide services to accommodation away from home then you must be provide food and beverage that will be provide successfully using food and beverage management. To provide successfully services the manager should have skill to ensure about food and beverage. For food and beverage management many types skill and knowledge are needed and many techniques are follow.

Food and beverage management is included many types of management which is made food and beverage management more successful and useful like quality management, financial management, cost management, etc. Food and beverage management is very important because it is use foe many industry like College and University Catering, Recreational Food Service, Hotel / Motel Caterers, Restaurant /Catering Firms.

Their goal is “Customer our assets and satisfied customers are our source of wealth”.


Food preparation:-

There is required employee which has experience of kitchen operation. The cookers have knowledge about kitchen terminology, equipment use and the basic techniques of food preparation.

Sanitation, safety and hygiene:-

The information about basic microbiology, safety, personal hygiene, general handing of food is must be needed. First examine the logical legislation for the food services industry.

Food science and nutrition:-

The scientific method and the chemical and physical change that occurs during preparation, processing, storage of food products so basic principal of nutrition and micro biology as that related to the chemical and physical change to food will also be introduce.

Food and beverage services:-

The waiter is introducing to the technical skill and psychology of service. Methods, concept and performance will be emphasized. The various types of services, equipment, furniture and services item used in our work it is increases your popularity.

Quantity food production:-

The manager is responsible for the production of food. In developing competence area, to examine operation stander. It is also enable to make an enlightened contribution to current industrial practice and development of culinary arts within business.

Food and beverage cost controls:-

Manager will be introduced to standers and procedures that increase the probability of food and beverage task in the business with depending on controlling cost and the maximum sales. Purchasing procedures also will be examined.

Food and beverage management:-

These factors examine practices to the management of food and beverage, labor, facilities and equipment.

Purchasing and materials management:-

This sectors will be introduce to purchasing procedure to facility the purchasing materials of food, beverage, and equipment for hospitality like furniture, dashes, equipment of food preparation etc.

Events and conference management:-

This part of food and beverage sectors is suggested us to methods and techniques in planning, organizing, promoting and delivering conferences.

Bar operation:-

This is knowledge about how to give services of beverage. Beverage operation with emphasis on management and operational controls will be introduces.


A careful evaluation of the weekly customer flow and entertainment schedule served as the foundation for marketing plan.

The Marketing Environmental Analysis:-

Competitive Forces:-

For marketing plan, the competitive is play very important role. The competitive information is must be needed before we start our own business or hotel. If we start new motel then first known how many motel are stay in today? Because it is helpful for our business.

Economic Forces :-

If the economical situation is change then it is effect on our business. When any environment and political environment change then it effect on economical status and this status is effect our business environment.

Technological Forces:-

In today what technology are available and which is used in now’s day then chose the better technology for give good services in market.

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Cultural Forces:-

Before the start business it is helpful to know about culture because our business is depend on social culture so you must be collect information about style for people of all ages ,genders etc. and thinking about it.


Founded as a specialty music club, valiums brothers limited. Opened for business on 11 January, 2001 and has emerged as Cocoa’s newest music venue offering live jazz music. Valiums brothers limited. Principal Manager, Dave valiums, owns 40% of the club with his wife and the remaining 60% belongs to the owners of Bello Mundo Italian Restaurant in a limited liability partnership. As acting manager, Dave has permission to use his discretion for expenditures under $1,500, but must consult with the other owners for larger purchases. After an extensive construction and planning phase, the owners have successfully transformed the 1,7 00 square foot 2nd story space above Bello Mundo into a cozy nightclub with character.

Current Marketing Objectives & Performance (surveys) :-

We can get useful information to our business to analysis the current marketing position, objective and current performance. Suppose we build the one shop of cloth then we must be needed to know current market sailing price and which cloth variety is most demand in current market position.

The average sailing per day, per week, the information about area is also helpful for us to start new business. We also know which performance is given by the current market? And which performance is aspect by the customer?

We should be collecting the strength and weakness of the current market and also about us. If we have some weakness then we must be covers that weakness and don’t make it strength for other.

Marketing Objectives:-

-Increase the advertising and entertainment budgets

-Improve its image and exposure to the public through the consistent use of its logo and sale of novelty items

-Increase total sales by 20% by the end of the fiscal year

-Reduce all over cost.

-Productivity increase.

-We also seeing all other co petitioners’ position and its idea.

-Our business cost less than the other production businesses.

-We try to control our employee as a good because than after it gives its good affords.

-We can receive good raw-materials in a easy way and it is a should be a good quality or not.

-And we also have a good safety system for any time emergency problems.

-We have also good manager for seeing market position.

Evaluation & Control:-

Performance Standards and Financial Controls:-

A comparison of the financial expenditures with the goals and that will be included in the report. Therefore that report will be suggesting us to make our budgets.

Monitoring Procedures:-

To analyze marketing plan, it is necessary to compare its actual performance with plan objectives. To bring the marketing plan, monitoring procedures should be developed for the various activities

Duties And Responsibilities Of Staff In Food And Beverage Management:-

The staff of any department is very important for any organization. The food and beverage management staff includes manager, waiter, and bus boy.


Manager is the person which is the head of the specific department. the manger have full authority about your department and it is responsible for all task which is done in their department. The food and beverage manager is key point of food and beverage services or it is responsible for all function and operation task. Manager is done plan, direct and all food and beverage services.

The customer service skill and selling skill are must be needed to the manager. And manager has also speaking skill. Leadership skill, communication skill, resource management skill. The manager has knowledge about services, product, industry, and all thing of their department.

Food and beverage managers play an important role in hospitality operations by maintaining food stocks, by purchasing in-demand foods and by training employees. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, food and beverage managers gain employment based on previous restaurant experience and based on having completed a culinary arts or other hospitality degree.

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Food and beverage managers ensure that the operations for which they work, such as hotels, country clubs and large catering companies have the food and beverage stocks they need to serve their clients. Food and beverage managers build and maintain relationships with vendors manage large budgets and collaborate with executive chefs to oversee safe food storage and cost-effective usage.


Food and beverage managers influence hiring and training of food service staff and often collaborate with human resources to offer training on the latest food service industry standards. Food and beverage managers are also responsible for customer satisfaction and often supervise catering at special events such as weddings, conferences and banquets.


Food and beverage managers keep their employers on the cutting edge of food and wine trends. They often attend gourmet food shows and wine tastings to make purchasing decisions that will positively impact their business establishments. Food and beverage managers also maintain food and wine magazine subscriptions so that they can know the buzz on new products.

Responsibility of a food and beverage management:-

Budgeting: The manager is know about budget of the food and beverage services. The manager is know about profit and cost of food and beverage. the manger has information about all things of that department so he is make budget easily. It is handle all aspect of that part so it is manage all situations which affect the budget.

Quality Control: the manager is responsible for quality of food and beverage using their skill and knowledge. The manager is checks the quality and manages food and beverage nutrition. The food and beverage is healthily for human being it is depend on manager.

Manpower Development: The manager is handle the all flow control of their department so the manager is authority to recruitment, promotions, and transfers of their department staff. The manager should have also power to disseminator the employee.

Compiling New Menus and Wine Lists: With the chef, and based on the availability of ingredients and prevailing trends, the food and beverage manager should update or change and if necessary, compile new menus. New and modified wine lists should also be introduced time by time.


The waiter work is to serve food and beverage which is order by their guest. the waiter is work under the table manager of that department. He only follows instruction which is given by their manager. For successfully done this work the waiter must be have some skill and knowledge about serve the food and beverage.

The duties of waiting staff include preparing tables (table setting) for a meal, taking customers’ orders, serving drinks and food, and cleaning up before, during and after servings in a restaurant. He must have knowledge of proper rules of etiquette in order to furnish working service in either a formal or informal sitting.

Other task of a waiter includes:-

1. Reports to Senior Captain / Captain to receive necessary instruction for the shift and for any menu changes.

2. Has to attend briefings conducted by senior captain.

3. Sets the assigned tables and ensures that the services area too is well-stocked with linen, silver, glassware, china etc. Sets up any special displays that be used for

the meal period.

4. Greets guests and sometimes assists the host/ hostess in seating guest. Fills water glasses, serves butter, cocktails, answers questions about menu items and makes suggestions about dishes and wine if the customer requests or desires.

5. Takes orders on check, turns or gives over with specification the order to the cooks with consideration to the timing of the preceding courses. Picks up all food and all other required items from various stations.

6. May carve meats, bone fish and prepare flaming dishes or desserts at guest’s table. He may assist Senior Captain for the same.

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7. May serve guests from plates to the guest’s table.

8. Other tasks to be performed as determined by establishment from time to time.

9. Replenishes wine, water, butter, and bread as and when required.

Counter Assistants:-

Counter assistant is take order of the customer and send the product information which is buy through customer and Counter assistants are found in cafeterias where they would stock the counter and sometimes serve or portion food for customers. Duties may also include some cooking of call order items. When sometime customer need more food then he tells the counter assistant and it will be send the order to cooked more item and food.

Table Clearers:-

Table clear is responsible for attract to customer because the clean table is predicate good impression of your motel in your customer mind. Table clearers are responsible for clearing tables and trolleys, specially designed for good stacking of crockery, glassware, cutlery, etc.


The menu is collection of name of food and beverage and their prize in different manner. There are two different types

Different Courses menu:-

Four-Course Dinner Menu:-


Main course with vegetables and potatoes or salad

hen or Fish course

cold drink

Five-Course Dinner Menu:-


Main course with vegetables and potatoes or salad

hen or Fish course

cold drink

Sweet and Savory

Six-Course Dinner Menu:-


Main course with vegetables and potatoes or salad

hen or Fish course

cold drink

Sweet and Savory

fruit dishes

1)A’ la carte:-

In a la carte menu there are different types of dishes of and their prize are available. In this the order is receive by customer so the customer give order as per their choices.

In a la carte menu the food and beverage menu are prepared in one board or a page which is cooked in the motel. The guest is give order. The much time is required to preparation of food so it is required to inform about this to customer.

In today a la carte menu is use in many places.

2) Table D’hôte

Table d’hôte is predefine menu which is not required to order from customer or few choice to give customer. In this manner the food are already cooked so there are no take a time for cooking and the food and beverage immediately serve.

This type menu is prepared in home as well as hostel. It is change as per day or week.

One choice dish Two-choice dishes

Choice of 3 vegetable Choice of 4 vegetable

Choice of 1 fish or goat Choice of 2 fish or goat

Choice of 1 drink Choice of 1 chicken

Choice of 1 drink

Entrée Entree

Choice of 2 vegetable Choice of 2 vegetable

Choice of 1 fish dish Choice of 1 chicken

tree choice dish

Choice of 4 vegetable

Choice of 2 fish or goat

Choice of 2 chicken

Choice of 2 drink


Choice of 2 vegetable

Choice of 2 fish dish

Choice 1 drink

Table D’hôte:-

A’ la carts menu:-


Tea ,

Masala tea,



Turtle soup,

Onion Soup

Fruit soup,

Tomato soup


Omlette espagnole,

Omelette aux tomates,

Fry eggs,

Boiled eggs ,

Crush eggs



vaq pizza

non-veg pizza

butter pizza


Brains (Cervelles)

Liver (Foie)

Oxtail (Queue de Boeuf)

Kidneys (Rognons)

Calves Head (Tete de Veau)

Trips (Tripes)

Entrecote and Tournedo Beefsteaks



toast crusts,

Bread with butter,

Brown bread and butter


Bread sauce,

Roast gravy

Parsley and thyme stuffing,

Bacon rolls


non-veg sandwich

vegetable sandwich

grill sandwich

butter sandwich


Melon Melon Frappe

Oysters Huitres Nature,

Smoked Salmon Saumon Fumee,

Caviar Caviar, Grapefruit Pamplemousse,

Potted Shrimps Petites Pots de Prawn or Lobster Cocktail,

Fruit Cocktail Coupe Florida


Lamb (Agneau)

Chicken (Poulet)

Beef (Boeuf)

Duckling (Caneton)

Veal (Veau)

Fowl (Poulard)

Ham (Jambon)

Tongue (Langue)

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