Negative Aspects of IT on Social Communication

M2 – Abuse of IT

Now create additional blog pages that discuss the negative aspects of IT on social communication – give examples and explanations using the headings underlined below – please use your OWN words.

Abuse of IT:


This can range from hacking into someone’s computer to sending scamming emails designed to gather personal information. In many cases corporations and sell personal information for as little as 1p per person.

This blog will explain different types of IT abuse and show examples of different real life situations.

Cyber Bullying:

This is the act of bullying or abusing a person using electronic devices such as a mobile phone, computers and tablets.

”Examples of cyberbullying include mean text messages or emails, rumors sent by email or posted on social networking sites, and embarrassing pictures, videos, websites, or fake profiles.”

One of the main problems with cyber bullying is the fact that it is consistent. Texts, emails and social network posts can be sent and uploaded at any time meaning the person be bullied cannot get away. With verbal and physical bullying the person can get away from it, buy staying in their home but cyber bullying is a consistent form of torture.

One of the cyberbullying contenders is social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Once something is posted, it can be nearly impossible to remove as other people can screenshot it and then they will have it on their hard drive and can no longer be deleted.

Cyberbullying has many effects on the person being bullied, these include:

  • Drinking alcohol and using drugs
  • Skipping school to avoid contact with the people bullying them
  • Have lower self-esteem and get poor grades because of it
  • Could lead to mental health problems
  • In some cases, cyberbullying can lead to suicide.
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Cyberbullying has claimed many lives, such as the life of ”Hannah Smith 1999-2013”. She was ”a 14-year old girl from lutterworth, Leicestershire, England, hanged herself in her bedroom on August 3rd, 2013”. This is one of many cases in that people have ended their lives because of other people. The story tells us that this is a serious subject any should be reported instantly. Because people do not talk about it often ends badly but if you talk to someone it can, will be sorted, and can lead the bully in jail.


Spam is a form of advertising that you will receive unwillingly. This happen because at some point you gave your email address away on online forums, new groups etc. A spam email contains fake information and links that ask for Credit or Debit card information and personal information. Spam emails also come as a phishing email that disguise themselves as banks. They do this to get access to card details to take money out of your bank account.

Spam is typically used to promote ”inexpensive pharmaceutical drugs, weight loss programs, job opportunities and online gambling”.  These can lead to lose of personal information that companies can sell on so more people get access to your personal information and then you will receive more spam and fraudulent emails. Botnets is an example of a spamming technique used to ”command-and-control servers” which collect email addresses and distribute spam emails.

There are many warnings and news reports about fraud emails. There is a case of fake speeding ticket from Manchester. The police warned the public about the ”scam aimed at stealing bank details from businesses across the country”. The email would invite people to click on a link that shows photographic evidence of the offence.

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”Phishing is a form of fraud in which the attacker tries to learn information such as login credentials or account information”. Phishing emails can disguise themselves as official emails from banks to try to gather bankcard details to use. They send you to a fake copy of the official website.

There is a large variety of new reports about phishing emails. There is a news report on the ”Mirror” website about fraudsters send out fake ”court summons” that when opened give the computer the virus called ”The Trojan Horse”. This virus give the sender complete control over the computer from anywhere in the world and gives then access to a large amount of personal information.

In another case, a man was jailed for a phishing fraud that was sent out to UK students to try to steal ”£1.5m”. Olajide Onikoyi, 29, of Hexagon Close, Blackley, Manchester, sent out emails asking them to update details on their students loans. He stole ”£393,000 from 283 victims in total” before he was caught.

Phishing emails are as effective as they are

Denial of Service Attacks:

”This is a method of preventing a web server from providing a service by overwhelming it with so many requests that it is unable to cope.”

An example of this is that a criminal might try to blackmail a company by threatening to attack their website unless the company gives them money. In some cases, political websites are attacked as the attacker does not agree with the political view.

Identity Theft:

This is the fraudulent use of using other people’s names and personal information to gain access to loans, credit card numbers and other relevant information. This allows the thief to possibly take out loans and buy multiple items in your name which will cause problems for you as you could end up in debt.

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”Gerald Barnbaum lost his pharmacist license after committing Medicaid fraud. He stole the identity of Dr. Gerald Barnes and practiced medicine under his name. A type 1 diabetic died under his care. “Dr. Barnes” even worked as a staff physician for a center that gave exams to FBI agents. He’s currently serving hard time.”

In this case the consequences were rather extreme however there are more extreme cases out there. The reported cases show us that this is a serious problem as unqualified people are pretending to be Doctors and other trained staff.


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