Organizations Environmental Impacts Of Change Management Essay

An organization can be defined as the social entity that has purpose. It has a boundary where participants are considered as insiders and while are called outsiders, all the participants are in to a define structure.” A group people brought together for the purpose of achieving of certain objectives. As the basic unit of organization is the rather than the role of a person in it organization is maintained an existence, sometimes over a long period of time, despite many changes of members.”(Statt, 1991).Human resource is a part of a company and its strategic plan. A strategic leadership necessitate when change is required in ABF limited. Strategic leader should be a proactive in an organization. Change is about survival of an organization.

Organizations – environmental impacts of change

The organization change, by the emissive pressure of competition, by the sharp economics changes, globalization, changes in the technologies. By this organizations are continually reshaping worldwide. Due to the continuous changes in the software developments increased the demand of information and communication playing major challenge of building a consistency worldwide.

Organization environment influenced by the political environment, technological environment, and social environment. “All factors, including institutions, groups, individuals, events and so on, that are outside the organization being analyzed ,but have a potential impact on that organization.”(Tush man ,1988).these factors are influencing the organization to draw attention towards a change in one or more elements. It leads to the consequent changes in a organization. By vast changes in the technology, the organization are triggered to change in there structure. Globalization is one of the factors. By introducing new technologies in an organization there will be scope of introduce a new production process. These lead to the computerization process. All these factors lead to a change in an organization the political environment plays an enormous influence to change an organization, the rapid change in government polices, public sectors and the attitudes, behaviour of people with in are the factors triggering for a change. Demographic changes, Social expectations for increase in the standard of living influencing for a change.

Organization operates in three types of environment namely temporal environment, external environment and internal environment. Temporal environment influences the organization in two ways. The first one is task oriented such as task oriented time, product design time, system process and value oriented. The second one is a specific way. It goes though the life cycle of an organization. Political, economic, technological and social cultural environment all these factors are the physical one. These come under external environment. Inner environment is first line responses that occurred in the temporal and external environment. It operates in multidimensional environments.

Due to this human resource is under pressure. A perfect strategic leader can bring a change in the ABF limited. A clear sense and mission is essential in the ABF LTD. A flat organization structure has to follow. Human resources should play more that a one role in ABF LTD. It should analyze the current situation. Mainly it should look into leadership styles, intra and inter group’s relationship motivation and commitment of the employees of the ABF LTD


“To resolve a problem is to select a course of action that yields an outcome that is good enough, that satisfies” (Ackoffz). Soft HRM characterised by indirect control of employees. It gives prominence to strategies and plans for gaining the employee commitment towards the company mission, plans, and trading conditions. In these employee increasingly involves in how the work carried out. In includes the creating and shaping of culture of the organization. It will create a clear integration between the employee values and organization goals. HR specialties involves in this process. It focuses on the social and human side of an organisation and total system change .it relies on action research model. Top level management involves and participate actively. It relays on a standard blue print that how to change can be done. It seeks to the betterment of individual and organization. For accomplish the task in a organization it considers all kinds of teams .Its a planned changed process. It’s a long term process and change is needs to sustain over for a long time period. (Barbara et al, )

Change in culture

“Organizational culture refers to the personality of a firm, i.e., what makes the organization unique in the eyes of insiders and outsiders. While there are many definitions of culture, the common theme is the presence of shared values, beliefs, assumptions, and patterns of behaviour” (c.f., Schein 1992).Firm’s culture and human resources management exits a relationship between them. They affect one other. Compensation, staffing, training and evaluation are the four polices of the human resources effect the organization culture. In ABF Ltd there is no significant organization culture. There is a need to change in the culture. There is a need of realign of culture in ABF LTD. SHRM first need to establish a basic underlying assumptions and a shift in values or this strategies can be change, if there is possibility in another way. Human resources should able to produce an adequate resources to change a culture in organization. SHRM should pay more attentions in culture change programmes in organizations trade unions and employee associations. SHRM must take account in the existing practices such as an approach towards to the training, performance and to the recruitment process. A bottom approach of change in culture in ABF LTD. It creates a trust and understanding between the employees. It involves in implications and proposals. Its and high in long run. It focuses more on the problems. Scope of high transformation change in employee in an organization.(Barbira)

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Change in communications:

Communication involves in both giving out of message from person and it receives message to the other person .Communications play an important role in an organisation. Communication can be a verbal, oral, it can be a context, it can be a means of an electrical (email or text boards). Generally communication may be an opinion, feedback, information or an emotional text. In ABF ltd there is a communication gap between the employers and the managers. The purpose to introduce communication in ABF is to

It can provide the solutions for the problems raised.

Manager can understand the employees

It helps in the motivation, contribution and participation of an employee

“Good communication can improve the organisation performance, improve management and decision making, it improve employees performance and commitment, helps greater trust and increase job satisfaction” ACAS (2000)

In ABF ltd, it’s lacking the upward and downward communications. The upward and downward strategy can help in improve communications in the ABF ltd. This will make to understand each other rand they can communicate easily. This makes to understand the polices of an organisation. In drastic change in technology an web page should be introduced in the ABF ltd. Employees can be communicate easily electrically ( emails) It will bring an drastic change in communication in ABF LTD. By electrically based communication employee can receive the data and can communicate it in any part of the world. By these it can give the reviews of the programs, manager’s problem on the contonpary problems and it can give the outline proposals for the future activities (Torrington, 2002).


Manger deals with their employees in different ways. An organisation can work rightly when there is good leader. There are three categories in leadership styles. Autocratic managers do not trust the employs. They pass the orders to low level management, there will be one way communication, and important decisions will be made by the manager. There are many limitations in autocratic managers. Second one is Paternalistic managers. Give more attention towards to the employee, social views and they get the feedback from the employs. Final decision will be taken by the manager. Third one is Democratic managers. Encourages in making the decisions by the employee and also leaders in the sub ordinates, there will be two way communications. Managers trust the employee. In the ABF limited a democratic leader should be introduced. It will lay a mutual communication between the top level and low level management. By this kind of leadership employee can make their own decisions. Employee can get motivated by this and increase in the performance of an employee.

Appraisal System:

“Assessment is the process by which data are collected and reviewed about an individual employees past and current work behaviour and performance”.(John,1994). Appraisal of an employee can be given by assessing him. Appraisal decision in an organization can be taken, by taking the feedback from the employees, performance and outputs of an individual employee; it’s an information system process. By implementing the V rooms theory for appraisal system in to the ABF LTD. There should be an value of reward, it depends upon the people strength and outcomes, the rewards given by the organization should be dependent upon on the value of the individual outcomes, at the lower levels roles and responsibilities should be give to the right person , it should not influence by the effort, look into the effective performance. Rewards system produces the job satisfaction and improves the job performance, these rewards can get employee job satisfaction.(John , 2002)

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Motivation plays an important role in an organization. Motivation of the work depends on working conditions, salary, company policy, interpersonal working relationships. to motivate the employees there is an need of good leader to motivate the employees By reviewing the Herzberg two factor theory, motivation can bring into the ABF Ltd, Considering the factors de motivating them, factors motivating the employees such as job security , polices of an organization, working conditions. By motivating the employee he/her feels responsibility towards the job, increase in job prospects and performance( Bratton et al ,1994)

Training Programmes:

Shortages of skills of employees, vast increase in the technology, product quality and adaptability are the some of reasons that lead to training programmes. No training programmes running under ABF LTD. “Employee development as a part of the organisation s over all human resources strategy means the skilful provision and organization of learning experiences in the work place in order that performance can be improved, that work goals can be achieved and that through enhancing the skills knowledge, learning ability and enthusiasm of people at every level, there can be continues individual growth. Employee development must, there fore, be [art of a wider strategy for the business, aligned with the organisations corporate mission and goals.” [Rosemary Harrison, 1993].in an organisation level it’s important that employee must work to optimum level of performance. SHRM have to under take the training programs in an organisation. If the employee is unable to perform to his optimum level the best remedy is training programs. A different variety of methods can be implemented of job analysis that is suitable to implement training programs. By the training employee can reach his performance level. For the training programs, job analysis have to used for an employee feels performance is adequate. Where there are facing the problems and any difficulties in the knowledge and skills. Such type of approaches can be feasible to understand the employee. These training programs can feel more committed towards to the learning experience that can be recertifying the difficulties .Training programs can play a dual role in an organization. It will motivate and improve the performance of the employee. It will give in change in environment. If ABF LTD introduce the training programmes there will b improve in the increase in quality, employee can more motivated towards work, less scrap and it will create more productivity.

Change in Technology and it impacts

Due to the increase in the technology, IT services have become part of the Human resources. It influenced the human resources in every aspect of work in day to day life. With increase in technology in human resources there is a decline in costs in many aspects like employee can accesses to the information regarding the job, pay roll s; it creates more efficiency for the human resources department. It allows a form of one to one relationship between the organization and the employees. When Technology is being implemented in an organization, it does not limit to a certain limit and it can improve the performance of an employee. The layer of technology can connect the different types of application. It will create a work flow. Technology can be a tool to facilitate to generate the performance of an employee. It can be a valuable tool for training and development.

Payroll, time and labour management and employee benefits can be operated smoothly by introducing human resources information system into an organization. This will permit a squeal history of an employee, his/ her performance, personal details and payroll details. It gathers the information such as attendance; pay check holdings, various deductions. Employee’s information available 24 x 7. It analyzes the performance of an employee. It maintains up to date information of an employee. It’s been part of a human resource management. Employee benefits are very important to an organization. It can able to track weather employee are benefiting provided. This system benefits from paper work.

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Now a day’s technology has been a major impact on the employee growth. In the areas like computer based testing and work place collaboration. Technology is been used for the employee training and the for the product development. By the technology we can retrieve the employee previous work history and his performance. Technology enhances the capability of the human resources. By the technology the employee’s information can keep in secured.

Total Quality Management:

Total quality management play an important role in on organization. Due to the globalization companies are driving towards to the quality of the product and customer satisfaction. HRM should perform a crucial change in the terms of total quality management in ABF ltd. Human resources should attract the senior management for long time training progress to attain the good quality of product. Hr should provide training to improve the quality. The functional strategy of TQM should focus on the every employee of an organization. Improving the Quality of a product is a continues process. HRM plays an important role in maintains a quality of product. HRM should emphasis on the other departments who are making a continuing improvement in service. To maintain the total quality HRM should include the customer suggestions.HRM should conduct the periodic surveys to attain the TQM. The hr should concern about the every department and undertake continually to improve the performance. HR has to monitor by inspecting the small samples of the product. To motivate the employees HRM has to design appraisal and reward system based on the performance.

The consultants were looking at following five areas planned maintenance policies, quality assurance, utilization of machine setters and technicians, information and control systems, Manufacturing organization. Firstly an organization has look into the communications, communications plays an important role. By implementing Soft HRM practices ABF ltd for long run sustainability and for future aspects. Without communications the low level management cannot communicate with the high level management and vice versa. This will lead to de motivation of employees. There should be change in culture it create a trust between the employees. By introducing democratic managerial style there will be improvement in performance of employees. By introducing the training programs and technology will bring drastic changes in employees like increase in performance, individual skill and employee get there job satisfaction. By introducing the total quality management in an organization there will be full control in the quality, so that customers can satisfy with products these will enhance in growth in business. By applying these changes there will growth in the business and change is for survival.


In conclusion, according to the case study ABF Ltd is bad situation because of it’s lacking in communications, co-ordination between the top level management, lacking of technology. So it’s important to HR director to implement new strategies. It should to implement in a correct time. HR direct need of taking the proactive steps and reactive approach. In business planning its requires a proper planning and action rather than the reacting to the present condition in an organization. A change has to initiate as a SHRM of the organization. The human resources should assist the ABF LTD to change. Weather changes can come unexpectedly; it may come from the external environment or internal environment. It can be in any form, employee must adapt and so too human resources. Human resources should update the technology and able to adopt in the organization. The critical issue HR should gain strategic approach. The Human resource professional should be strategic partner , proactive when forecasting ,managing and adapting to change

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