Presentation Of Talent Management Recruitment And Selection Management Essay

The purpose of this document is to describe my individual contribution in the group assignment. This phase of introduction contains the idea of the entire project and emphasizes my role in the assignment. Our topic for the group assignment is Talent management, Recruitment and selection. The group name is N and consisted seven members. At the first stage of the project we were trying to introduce ourselves in the group try to share our views in the topic. After the discussions we had to share the topic equally and try to find as much information as possible. The group was very enthusiastic and we used to often meet in the college and online to discuss the issues. After my entire group members came out with their own ideas on the topic we shared our ideas and discussed the experiences. After a series of discussions of my group we got a clear idea of what to do in the presentation. We also consulted our lecturer in this regard. He gave us some suggestions on what areas to concentrate and what areas to ignore. He gave us examples of Talent management and gave us a suggestion to concentrate more on talent as that was a very good topic. So the team worked hard to get their best for the presentation. Now we will discuss the individual views of the group and the group contribution in the assignment.


The topic for our assignment was Talent management, Recruitment and selection. Our team came out with very good views on their topic. The presentation was based on the topics which the group has discussed. In the presentation we talked about talent management, recruitment and selection in an organization and its outcomes. We will now discuss about each topic in detail.

Talent management



Presentation in the making:

After a lot of research our group had some clear ideas on their own topics they had chosen. The discussion on the second, third and fourth week before was very important as the team mates had many ideas on their topics. But we had to set the time for preparing the presentation. In the due course we had to filter the individual topics of the group. So after the discussions done by the team we made some notes of how to start the presentation. We also took some suggestions from our lecturer regarding the presentation. As we have shown him some part of the presentation he was satisfied and gave us an idea to focus more on talent management as that was an emerging topic. So with his suggestion we had to change the presentation as it had equal weights for all the topics. We tried to inter relate the topic with each other using an example and tried to filter some parts in recruitment and selection.

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After passing through many additions, filters in our topic we finally made our presentation. For the presentation to look good one of our team mates came with some quotes by famous business personalities like Jim Collins saying

“People are not your most valuable asset …The right People are”

With all these ideas in mind our group was ready for the presentation. Let us now discuss about each of the topics in detail.

Talent management:

It refers to the process of development and integration of new workers, developing and retaining current workers, and attracting highly skilled workers to work for a company. The term talent management was coined by David Watkins. The process of retaining the talent and develop new talent in a firm leads to a competition in firms and hence it has been a war for talent.

Talent is defined in terms of strategic HR and business planning where companies retain talent. Find new talent and improve effectiveness in the workforce of an organization. The talent management emerged in 1990’s where companies tried to implement talent management in their firms. Talent management was not solely managed by the HR but it was divided into all the departments and was effectively implemented. The business strategy includes training subordinates and is responsible to develop skills of line managers. This includes all divisions of a company to share their knowledge and to develop skills which is useful for the company. Some of the talent management initiatives include

· Sourcing, attracting and recruitment of qualified candidates with competitive backgrounds.

· Managing and defining competitive salaries to the talented.

· Training and development programs.

· Performance management processes

· Retention programs

· Promotion and transitioning

Let us now discuss about these in detail

A company needs to have talent for its success and effectiveness. For this companies source for talent and try to attract and recruit talent with amicable backgrounds and qualifications.

For talent to attract and retain talent the management has to define competitive salaries to the talent. Training and development programs to develop skills of the employees

Check the performance of candidates and compare them with other candidate’s performance. This helps the employees to improve their performance in the firm.

Young employees always want to move from company to company because of the benefits given by the company, so companies have the problem of retention of employees. In order to prevent the employees from jumping from company to company companies tend to give more salaries, benefits such as bonuses, pension plans, holiday plans and so on.

The employers not only must see the employees move away from company to company but also give them promotions and transitions in the company which makes the employees happy and they can serve for a long time in the company.

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These are some of the talent management initiatives.

There is some talent realities involved which a company should follow such as telling their employees the differences between educated and talented. How talent can be developed and give them further training.

Since talent is getting scarce these days talent retention is important for an organization. For every employee sufficient training should be given. In this competitive world demand is more than the supply, hence to hire the talent companies ought to redevelop their strategies. There is sufficient demand but there are no talents to balance the ratio.

In these days loyalty to a company has become less. Since the young employees never be loyal because of companies which give less benefits to its employees. So companies must be loyal towards its employees. Hence loyalty is portable. Now let us discuss about talent paradigm which has 4 key parts

Talent acquisition

Talent management

Talent development

Talent retention

Apart from these there are some factors such as THE BOSS.

The “Boss” is the key factor in building a strong work place.

Talent retention strategy will work if we have the “Boss” in right place.

“Boss” who “nurture” and “mentor”.

Creates nurturing environment for the employees to imagine, explore, pioneer, invent etc.

These are some of the topics discussed in talent management. The next phases of our topic are recruitment and selection.

Recruitment and selection play an important role after we find talent for a job. Recruitment is done many ways in many organizations. From a group of recruitment selection of the talent candidate is done.


Recruitment is how to attract a pool of candidates who are qualified, diverse, and interested in the job you have open. Recruitment strategies have their own relation in the overall organization strategy.

For candidate recruitment, companies look for some key qualities such as

Strong ability which is used to check the how strong the candidate is regarding his academic skills for example software tools.

Soft skills are also necessary for an employee which include

Good communication skills

Willingness to contribute

Desire to change

Compatibility is also a factor that a company looks for in a candidate, the main things they look for is

Values and culture.

Team fit.


There are two types of recruitment styles, they are

Internal recruitment

External recruitment

The internal recruitment is done within a company, for example an employee may be given a promotion based on his performance. He could be feasible and trusted candidate to suit the job. This may include tasks, key service areas and pay scales and so on.

The external recruitment is followed by many of the companies today. This can be done in several ways such as

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Walk-in interviews.


Campus recruitments.

Telephonic interviews.


Employment agencies.

Professional organizations.

These are the types of recruitments followed by many companies. Most of the companies follow external recruitment when they want to hire fresh candidates. Internal recruitment is followed on a very less basis. This is brief summary on recruitment and its process.


Selection is the process of choosing from a group of applicants the individual best suited for a particular position and organization. The main goal of selection is properly match the people with jobs for an organization.

There are some objectives in selection which focuses on:

Making sure we get exactly what we are we look for in an organization.

The need to measure aspects on the person specification.

 Identifying the most suitable applicants for the role.

Ensuring the individual matches the minimum specification to do the job adequately.

The selection process includes:

External recruitment

Internal recruitment

The above table is known as the typical selection process of recruitment. All the stages are to be cleared for an individual to get a job. This is the process of selection.

Group performance:

After a lot of filtrations and discussions our team made a presentation on topic. All my friends contributed equally well for the presentation to be a success. There were seven people in my group namely:

Venu madhav

Paurnik Patel

Hardik jani

Hiral thakkar

Binita goswami

Ghazi syed ali

Minal vyas

The seven group members contributed equally well. We often used to meet in the college, online to discuss about the presentation. All the members had equal participation and coordination between us. We all became good friends at the end of the session where we didn’t know each other at the start of the session. A group session always has a good impact in order to develop their personality. It has helps us in taking critical decisions and also helps us manage time effectively. On the presentation day we made a quick mock presentation and were all set. We could make the presentation very well.

The feedback given by our lecturer was also positive which improved our confidence. We were very thankful for his help during this period. He also gave us some suggestions to each of us at the end of the presentation. It would help us a lot in our future.


Finding the right job for the right person at the right time is important for a successful organization. Hence talent management, recruitment and selection help to find a best fit for an organization.

The presentation also played crucial part in our assignment as it helped to develop our communication skills, improved confidence and reduced the fear of public speaking.


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