The Aims And Objectives Of The Internet Information Technology Essay

In this part of the world the Internet in its essence is a directory, where the user can access information and buy goods and services.The internet provides a key asset for communication in this century. As a company or as an organization it is  important for existence to have a web contact. Global Marketing is a place where users can sell new and old sports items and where companies can advertise them selves and place their goods for selling.

Global  Marketing’s aim is to provide a facility where any one can access, upload and purchase goods in different styles where they can buy as in auction or instantly without staying in long queues. Once they have bought they can amend their quantities in shopping cartridge.Global Marketing use Internet technologies to enable users to sit at home and buy sports items from Global Marketing’s website.

The functional richness and rapid responsiveness of the desktop application have always been the goal of  human by designing the desktop application in java by one site compiling and multi site running, but Ajax has invented the powerful features where we can design a website with the help of ASP.NET which would work as a desktop application, where new generation of the Internet can interact rapidly.

2.1 Problems:

2.1    Creating a user friendly website based on ASP+ Ajax technologies.

2.2    Enabling the clients to participate in the real time auctions through the web.

2.3    Creating Shopping cart for the customers where they can buy and add as many things  as they want, depending on availability.

2.4    There are thousands of websites which are made by humans but they are not responsive as quick as desktop applications.

Aims and objectives:

To develop a front end system that is both user friendly and easy to use or navigate, The front end system will be linked to a back end database which can be update online and have some functionality:






Specific functions:

Allow user to suggest recommendations.

Message service ( user can ask any thing about the product for instance if they are in-trusted in any other colour or something they can email to the owner of the shop or website).

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Deliverable :

The deliverable of this project will be as following:

Project report

Front end, user friendly sports items website.

3.1- Life-cycle Models:

There are so many life-cycles models for to producing any website or that can be used to aid the development of any software or any website, They are playing a role model to control the coast of the whole project either it is a time consuming project or costly with that people can control the coast as well as their precious time, errors are minimised and so forth that is way I have decided to use the waterfall model in my project as its name suggests it is powerful and easy to understand to develop any software or any website.

1. The Waterfall Model

The waterfall model derived from engineering models, to be consistent in the development of large software in the market. It has some stages which process linear fashion, in order to compare with other software models, it is more rigid and controlled or we can say that this is manageable. [Online accessed 15/10/10]

Requirement analysis and definition,  In this very first stage we just establish the requirements then we check the requirements of the developed software: which includes the constraints and the developing goals of the software or website and those include the services which they are going to provide; once these are established then those should be defined in such a way that they are usable in the next stage. some time these may be preceded by the feasibility study. feasibility study should pose the questions such as: should we develop the software? and what are the alternatives?

System and software design. In this stage the established requirement are same as first stage, but difference is only that  these requirements are suitable for the hardware and the software which we have in our use, for instance, java … etc. Basically, we identify the software and the hardware requirements, and transfer these information into the readable form of the software.

Implementation and unit design. In this stage where they create the computer programme and each programme is collection of small units stage and the unit testing is the verification of the system requirements it means, they meat the requirements or not of the user?

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System testing. All of the systems units are combined and all of them are need to be tested when the combine programme is successful or has been tested then the software product is finished.

Operation and maintenance. Most computer programmes have developed programmes in stages, and every stage has some errors which have gone undetected before; in the case of any need of improvement or any kind of support  beeing recorded, This recorded information can be helpful in the future for operation and maintenance of the software. However, this is the part of the life-cycle and which is strict development, although improvement and fixes of any software can be considered as the word “development”.

There are plenty of models in the market, such as Code and Fix model, exploratory model, Evolutionary Model or prototyping Model and the name with spiral model, The spiral model has also have the qualities of waterfall model and the reason for using the waterfall model are as follows ;

It is cost effective.

The requirement which are already known.

The is no chance of  requirements to be changed in near future.

Background Studies

What is E-Commerce? and Role in our life.

E-commerce is like doing business online over the Internet; selling and buying thing on the Internet. Products may be traded physical, such as using cars or any services to deliver the products but selling goods to the buyer through the word wide web. over the Internet they may be in digital form for instance they may look like audio video or in the form of news or may be in the form of software and all types of knowledge base products.

Market and E-commerce :

Without a website, a local store is going to be always a local store they can not promote them-salves for the world, if same local stores have a websites for their-selves and find the world on their doorstep, therefore , this will be good for the same local store where millions of people visit the same store or where a one customer comes after one hour and he can sell million of things in one second to millions  of customers.

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But they need to think about the competitors and how they are going to tackle all of these competitions either these are related to sale or products, that is why these online partners need change all the time, actually, this is not only a for searching products, buying products and selling the products, it is also leading to words exchanging and distributing products and the way consumers search and bargain for the products.

Turban etal. (1999) note that e-commerce is still an emerging concept for the people who works in IT that there are so many applications of e-world for instance shopping banking provides the infrastructure to drive the world from home The Internet is the best know technology and most used technology of the e-commerce and networking (Key Note ( Internet usage in business 1998)).

Dave Chaffey munitioned in his book, The history summarises to Tesco supermarkets’ efforts in this electronics world trading with there suppliers from EDI to Internet-base purchasing. The advantages and disadvantages are explored.

Tesco is Uk’s largest grocery chain in the market they have 4,811 (Feb 2010) retail places in a Uk. and due to the largest network they used electronic data interchange (EDI) to order the goods from suppliers which are more then 2000, representing around more then 96 % by volume of goods sold in tesco stores.

That system started in 1980 to stream line the stores replenishment first it was limited but after 1989 Tesco took initial to sport their store in better way to think about the forecasting the goods for the future so Tesco capture the market in start after some time so many other superstore join the race as well and they are doing very well.One is well know is E-bay which is the icon of the e-commerce or The e-Business.

Dave Chaffey (E-business and e-commerce management: strategy, implementation, and practice  2007 (Page 292)).

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