The Mis Management Decision Making Problems

The situation given here is lacking in the things which are very important for the business performance and in management decision making. Less time consumption and more output is most important part of best business performance and management decision making. But in the case mentioned above, waste of time is very much as the whole week is used by the company to collect the spreadsheets from the heads of outlets and these outlets are more than 30 across the GCC. And not only collection is the job after that consolidation and re entering of all the data into another spreadsheets and this whole process is also time consuming. Utilization of more time declines the performance of the business time is the factor which allows the competitors to capture the market. Management decision making is based on the analysis of performance but in the case above there is no time to analyze the performance as the collection process is taking so much time that no time is left for making decisions. So this results in poor management decision making. Decision is made on the data management but in this case there is no management process and everything depends on that financial analyst and that one week of collection and re entering of spreadsheets.

Scenario 2-

Ques- What is the business impact of this situation?

Ans- There is immense business impact as the situation is worth thinkable as they are facing so many problems with the ownership of the mom-and-pop business at one of the costliest place in the world that is Abu Dhabi. The business is facing a downfall every second which does not seems to be improved in the near future due to various reasons as there is not enough of the sales persons involved in the which mainly results in the short and lose of a sale as the records could not be counted instead their own judgment plays an important role. There could be extent loss which is faced by the owners Jasim and Mariam. So the impact on the business could be worst if the business is not handled tactfully.

Ques- How could information systems help Jasim and Mariam run their business?

Ans- There are many information systems which means the combination of Information technology and the activities related to the people where technology is used to operate the management which is a much need of the corporation that is mom-and-pop business running in Abu-Dhabi, mainly it is a form of communication which can support human decision making and action of the people where it is suitable for the business as it could not be handled by the two persons which are facing many problems related to the management.

Ques- What data should these systems capture?

Ans- There are various sector on which the information system which act as a special type of work system as it work like a human to abstract the data like humans use the resources to produce a specific product or services for customers. The main problem which is faced is about the management of the business which cannot be handled by the owners of the company which is best suitable work for the Information system whose activities are dedicated to the processing which includes transmitting, manipulating, displaying, storing, capturing and retrieving that is what required managing the records of the business. There are many problems being faced by the owners which can be reduces through Information system that mainly focus on the information systems discipline and organizational informatics.

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Ques- What reports should the systems produce?

Ans- In present time the information system is the best combination which is meeting up the requirements of the people as there is globalization seen in the market. The result which is produced by the information system is basically the solution for any problem and mainly in the management sector. There should be a permanent solution which should be given by the information system where there should whole procedure mentioned in order to keep the detail records of the shipment arrived. Whole of the system should give the clear report about the things which is to be improved and the process which are to be adopted for the better management.

Ques- What decisions could the systems improve?

Ans- There are various decision which are getting out of the track as they are not bringing the profit to the business which are the rent which they pay, problem in keeping the detail record, sometimes they face short of sale due to their wrong judgment and many other factors which can be factor in decrement in the sale of the business. The information systems which are used can be helpful in improving the above situation which may reduce the workload from humans as it can keep the records of the sales and the system is considered as the socio-technical system which is a mediator between the actions and technology. The whole of processing could be done through the information system as there are many processes which cannot be handled manually.

Scenario 3-

Ques- What business problems are created by not having these data in a single standard format?

Ans- As there are many items which are currently running under the different database which is to be obtained under the same corporate-wide view of the critical sales information which can result in giving clear view of the best selling products according to the key customers, sales trends and geographic areas. There are many problems which are faced by the company or organization as it could be result in the cumbersome situation to judge the items overall review as it contains many things such as Product ID, Product description, Units sold, Cost per unit, Division, customer ID and many other things which is to be mentioned at the time of overall view of the product, therefore there is a need of single standard view under which there should be judging of the products could take place.

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Ques- How easy would it be to create a database with a single standard format that could store the data from both systems? Identify the problems that would have to be addressed

Ans- It is lot easier to work in a database with a single standard format which could store the data of the two systems containing different products. The product should be defined under the different categories which make it easier for the employees to search a particular data under a particular heading instead there are many problems which are then being faced by the employees as there are many data which does not fall under any categories has to be given a separate heading which captures more space, sometimes the system is overloaded with the data which is stored monthly. So these were some of the problems which is addressed.

Ques- Should the problems be solved by data specialists or general business managers? Explain

Ans- The problems which are faced in the above situations is not a severe problem which requires any team work or any superficial officer, it can be solved through specialist of that area or sector and the business managers but now it depends on the problem which is faced as it could be technical or problem related to the management. So the problem which is technical could be solved by the Data specialist as heshe would be having greater knowledge of the problem instead of the manager who is mostly having the knowledge regarding the management field as they can handle the workforce working in any sector or area.

Ques- Who should have the authority to finalize a single company-wide format for this information in the data warehouse?

Ans- There are many people who have authority to finalize the single company-wide format but most of the time there is a discussion or meeting which is held to discuss about the advantages and disadvantages about the format and the result which comes out of the discussion is applicable on the working system as it is the outcome of the great minds working together. So mainly the power is with the CEOs of the company but for the sake of safety there is discussion which is necessary to be performed.

Scenario 4:

Ques- How could information systems help Paris Gallery management implement this new strategy?

Ans Information system provides information on past, present and future project and also gives the information about relevant events inside and outside the organization. In this case the information system could help Paris Gallery management by gathering relevant data about the perfumes, cosmetics, bags, watches, jeweler and accessories and covert them into right information by telling the taste of the local people and would also help in supplying the same products which are matched by the taste of color, size etc of the local people where Paris gallery stores are present.. Information systems also gives information that gives indication about the good’s and bad of the new proposed ideas and through the information given by these systems Paris Gallery management could sense the advantages of implementing the new strategy. If the information provided by these systems indicates the failure of the new idea then the Parris Gallery management can change or modify their strategies. IN these ways the information provided by the system could help in implementing strategy in the perfect way.

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Ques- What pieces of data should these systems collect to help management make merchandising decisions that support this strategy?

Ans For helping the management to make merchandising decisions that support this strategy the pieces of data like the taste of the local people, which products are preferred by the local people, characteristic of products like color, size which are more purchased by the people should be collected by these systems. These systems should collect the information about number of stores that are already selling that type of products, which stores are preferred by the local people should be given to support the planning and control function of manager. These all data should be collected by the information systems for supporting this strategy of Parris gallery management.

Scenario 5-

1 What factors should be considered?

Ans- There are various factors included in the communications which already exists between the employees in the Oasis medical supplies corporation where telephone services, mobile phones and emails are generally used which is not compatible with the advancement in the technology of equipments so there is requirement of advance, fast and cheap communication where there are various factors play an important role which exists mainly in the unified communication which has main application of deploying powerful speech-enabled self service which is very useful for the purpose it is being used in the corporation where there could be emergency in the requirements to supply to the hospitals, clinics and medical offices. There are around 500 people who are employed in the corporation at several locations in UAE who has to remain in contact every single second that cannot be achieved through the cell phones, emails and various kinds of voice services.

2 What are the key decisions that have to be made in determining whether to adopt this technology?

Ans- As there is communication between the employees of the companies the problems arrives when there is some sort of problem while using the traditional telephone services, mobile phones, e-mail and instant messaging instead of which there is another approach to the communication which is known as unified communication. The unified communication has more benefits as compared to the mentioned above communication as it is used in maximizing the existing infrastructure which can help in avoiding investing in the infrastructure sector, there is a stream line end-user communication which helps in adopting the latest versions of communications. The most important benefit is increase in efficiency and reduction in cost which is majorly considered while there is so much communication required in the firm. (Benefits, 2008)

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