The Scope Of The E Business

The electronic business, and talks about like; electronic Business; or; e-business; can be defined as information and communication technologies (ICT) to support all the economic activities. The commerce is the interchange of products and services between the companies and you can see the groups and the individuals, like one of the basic activities in any business. Electronic business and centers in the use of the ICT to allow the external activities, and labor relations with the individuals, the groups and other companies.

The internet: It creates or no, and the creation of the later part of the way of the Internet in 1969, during the cold war of the military of the United States. It was supposed to be communications network of the nuclear-test; Today, the Internet is separating by everybody, and consists of networks and the countless computers, allowing that million people interchange the information. It is the transference of the data transmitted on long distances in the Internet in the big lines known collectively as the spine the Internet. And now the Internet of suppliers of important services of the Internet such as WorldCom and MCI, Sprint is maintained and, GTE, American National Standard, and UUNET. Because these suppliers do enormous amounts of yield of the Internet, and are motivated to maintain constant and fast the communication, that will benefit to the users from the daily Internet like you and me.

World Wide Web: A system for Internet that supports the coordination of special documents. Formatted documents in an increase in the price language have been called HTML (Hypertext Mark up Language) the language of the increase in the price of the hypertext that connections to other documents, as well as supports graph, audio and video files. This means we jump of one document to another simply by on hot spotting to click. Not all web servers

A part of the World Wide forms web.

There its different applications to have called browsers of the web which it easy turning access into the World Wide Web; two of most popular Firefox and Microsoft Internet Explorer are.

World Wide Web is not synonymous with Internet

Extranet: Uses networks and Internet-protocols are the extranet private link network. Be possible on company are found intranet as part of external network that is extended to users outside the company, and usually by means of Internet. Such as other companies (between companies and matter, B2B) described at treating a selected group, in heat insulation of already other Internet the users examined Internet as a means. On the one hand, the communication with users is known by the consumer and has been known the company sector and (B2C) the models of the consumer involving servers and one or more of the companies.

E-business and e-commerce: in 1997 IBM ( to use the term to promote its services was one of the first suppliers:

“E-business (e’biz’Nis) -through the use of Internet technologies the transformation of key business processes “.

E-commerce (electronic commerce or EC) is the buying and selling of goods and services on the Internet.

Some Differences between B2B and B2C E-Commerce:

o B2C for each of the goods sold flat rate retail price it offer spot sourcing contract management.

o B2B transaction to establish the price based it involves negotiation terms on which other factors for example carrier, warranty coverage, logistics preferences and volume-based pricing etc. will be decided.

o B2C the business to spend on expensive, extensive infrastructure it does not require.

o B2B requires in integrating the systems of the organization huge amounts to be involved in spent the process as well as those of its business partners that made time consuming, raising many questions about security and expensive etc.

o B2C e-commerce used defined profiles and email promotions just involves.

o B2B e-commerce studying order history data it needs the involvement of complex issues, for example locations, the preferences of trading partners, payment records etc.

Between B2B and business-to-consumer e-commerce these are just some of the main differences.

There are companies that offer services as well as products to help run business successfully.

1.2. Benefits: When we access internet we find so many sites on it. When we open it we also get some useful information about the topic. Through website we can do shopping, marketing, sales, advertise, business, etc. the list is endless. For giving and getting information on a large scale just make a website and a reliable hosting company for our self. Sometimes it is expensive but sometimes it is not so, this is because if we get a good host that offers us good services and keep our website updated according to its and market need, is not a venture of loss.

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Knowledge of Products:

We can now increase our business not only determining the local market but the international market too for improving the growth of your business with no difficulty. By following this website business we can definitely change the way and nature of your business. We can also stretch or make more elastic diversity of your products to millions of our unknown site users. We can allow our products to be in view for all the time on net. Through website we can extend our business hours for selling and purchasing of goods.

Freedom of having Website:

We can put any information on our site at any time of the day in order to be viewed by the internet surfers and your website users. We can change or add the information according to our numbers of time in a day. Through internet we can browse any business site and can expand our business to those you do not know. Through increased internet users our business can develop and attain growth on net. On net you face even more challenging market and companies with hundred million of customers at this new market place without making us worried.

Low cost Advantage:

Being on net we have to be more aware for the growth of your business by applying new challenging tactics that can be useful for us to remain in competition. We can increase our business by advertising our products and services without spending a large amount and time loss activities on printing and distribution. We get a higher value added cost for our product as the market is international and expanded one as compared to the local city market with only handful of customers. We can also add the facility of ecommerce for our site users and customers. Through this facility our old customer and our prospective customer can place order and purchase our products with the services we offer them online. We can reduce the expenses like telephone calls, distribution costs, printing etc and also by increasing some hi-tech facilities like emails, promotion of your product through website, with extended business hours without our presence and we can send out your less promotional product with a small cost plan.

Nature of e-business:

In e-business again on the subject of trust, Daughtrey (2001) refers to the conditions of consumers expect purchasing from the Internet or when conducting business with:

Generalised perception of supplier or reputation.

Confidentiality and privacy, security for Customer expectations.

Supplier provided by Assurances for example guarantees.

Other customer’s reports. For example a history of prior transactions If the customer has, additional factors may be:

Order fulfilment accuracy.

Order fulfilment Timeliness.

With customer relations Nature of any interactions.

Any disputes Resolution.

From the supplier Subsequent communications.

With whom customer information was shared any communications from other suppliers.

1.3. Nature of e-business communication:

MassMass communicationcommunicationcommunication refers to the process of transferring or transmitting a message to a large group of people. Typically, this requires the use of some form of the media, including newspapers, television and the internet.

Personal communication begins when two people are aware of each other. You don’t need to know each other’s name, even don’t need to talk. When two persons eyes meet, and two people realize there is a person right there. The communication has just begun.

internet communication Purely internal or intranet mail systems, where the information never leaves the corporate or organization’s network, are much more secure, although in any organization there will be IT and other personnel whose job may involve monitoring, and occasionally accessing, the e-mail of other employees not addressed to them.

2. How the internet works:

2.1. How messages are transferred across the Internet:

Internet technology The transfer encoding scheme that is used to transfer messages comprising strings of 8-bit bytes. With the aid of a time sequence diagram, use the list of FTP command and reply messages to show a typical exchange of messages to carry out the transfer of a named file from the file system on a server to the file system on a client.

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2.2. Introduction to HTML:

HTML is a language for describing web pages.

HTML stands for Hyper Text Mark-up Language.

HTML is not a programming language; it is a mark-up language.

A mark-up language is a set of mark-up tags.

HTML uses mark-up tags to describe web pages.

Clients, servers and browsers: Client-server model of the customer of fact processing is the structure of the application of the distribution of tasks which the sections or the workload between service providers, frequently communicate serve called servers, and the student, and called customers and the customers and the servers concerning a computer network on separate hardware, but both the customer has a server who in the system himself it is established. The machine of the server is the host who puts one or more of the server software in functioning these resources with customer’s shares. The customer must share none of their resources, but the functionality of the service requests the server for the contents or. And beginning then with meetings with customers connects servers who (listening) the received registrations wait.

Supplies, and expresses it to win web browser and the application of information resources on the World Wide.

2.3. Intranets and extranets:

The intranet is an information portal that specific for small and internal communication means or large ventures, companies and governments, the industries, financial institutions is devised of any size or complexity

Extranets, slightly same as the intranet. External networks are devised the state specifically, and limited entrance to some files of the computer systems to give which we have had:

Some large customers or privileges,

Specific the industry partners,

Suppliers and subcontractors… Etc.

E-business models

The five business models: the different ways in which the internet may be used to generate revenue by supporting the sale of a product, or service for example CDs, flights; supplying electronic information, or media services for example reports or music; charging per transaction for the provision of a service for example airline booking; charging a subscription for an information service for example news; advertising revenue, from an attractive website

the internet can be used for selling a product, or service:

1. To a good place start is in the auction site on Internet. There are a lot of sales by auction which on Internet are specialised and unspecialised auctions that examine on Internet can be found.

2. A lot of service providers of Internet and web folders of research engines the property of Classifieds which can be used to solicit to other agencies on Internet to sell.

3. Found on the bulletin Council and the newsgroups which specialise themselves in this point (s) that you tries it reported sell and from to spread out to include your advertisement.

4. If we maintain an Internet site of the private sector or the homepage, and our point (s) at our place advertises.

5. Taking photos everything wants sell you, raises it very the chances of selling them.

Differentiate between other business models for generating revenue from the internet: Distinction between the other company models to produce turnover of Internet.

There five business models:

1. To enter

2. Supplying electronic information

3. Charge for each operation

4. The levy of prices

5. Declaration of income

We can continue to the shares by means of Internet or for matter Internet


If we or you have any cooperation. Then we can be advertised


We can treat complete control of our work and have during the fact search

All thanks to the turnovers of Internet…………………………….. Revenue from Internet!

Identify other uses of the internet which may not generate revenue

Several disadvantages can be obtained due to inadequate planning of the e-business strategy. For instance, it could lead to productivity losses, including loss of both existing and new staff and economic loss. The absence of an e-business plan may also lead to false starts and personal losses, which can occur as stakeholders become frustrated and disappointed over the general mission (2002). On the bright side, these losses are avoidable. In support of the creation of an e-business plan.

Website design

4.1. Elements of a web page that may be used by search engines

How Search Engines Work

Crawler-based search engine of the strap linked on the basis of the evidence that human-drove both they to describe the term of the Search Engine; it is of frequent use generally. In radically diverse collection of the ways of listings in both types of motors of the search.

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Crawler-Based Search Engines

Crawler-based search on the basis of the strap linked by an example for example of Google create their own lists automatically. They spider or crawl in the Internet, then the search finds people.

The Strap-based motors of the search look for these changes in the end of the day if we had to change to Web pages, and how it is mentioned that can affect to us. The body copy, the titles of the page and other elements all play a role.

Human-Powered Directories

Evidence of human-powered for an example of the Open Directory, of the lists, depends on humans. We offer to the directory and a brief description of the entire site, or editors to review sites that you write one. The sponsor of the descriptions of research looks for games only.

Hybrid Search Engines

It used to be in the days on the Internet early on that the search engine lists presented either human-powered or on the basis of the results Crawler. This will be quite common today for both types of results. Typically, one kind of lists on another search engine hybrid will fit. For example, the look of a smart MSN Search is more likely to submit lists of human energy. However, it also displays the results on the basis of creeping, and also for more obscure queries.

4.2. What makes a website easy for the visitor to use: Always let the visitor know where they are located in the website.

When building a website don’t make the user “learn” the navigation or absorb significant new ways of doing things in order to access the content. Navigation choices should be available. Visual feedback such as subtle rollovers is often a good idea to improve the website to make it easier to the consumer.

4.3. Consideration should be taken to make a web page attractive to the visitor: consideration should be taken to make a web page attractive to the visitor through Easy navigation, Originality & Creativity, Harmony of colours & images. (1) Content, Grammatical & Spelling Errors. (2)HTML: Reasonable loading time, Screen resolution compatibility, (3) Big No Nos: No distracting backgrounds, No saturation of advertisements, No poor quality animations, NO HYPE! No Background Music, Don’t Over-do the “Extras”.

Capital One does not provide financial education system and the abundance of information. The only qualm we have with their system is the lack of interactive features and financial instruments. We would like to see something more than just publishing articles cardholder can be made through the face. Education systems of financial tools are very useful because it allows the cardholder additional information about credit and money management.

We can access your monthly statement, schedule payments online, and check our balance from any internet access around the globe. If we have trouble remembering to pay your bill on time, go to the website and set up an automatic withdrawal from our checking account so that we never miss another payment and never have to worry about late fees accumulating on our card and accruing interest.

We did not hassle offered 24 / 7 account access and account alerts for free on the Internet. Each of these features makes banking easier and less expensive. It would be access 24 / 7 account holder allows manage their accounts online from any computer with an Internet connection. Alerts free account is a great tool, which amount to the cardholder if they are approaching the credit limit or if the bill is paid off. By using this feature, you can avoid a lot of fees is not necessary. This is why in my view; capital one site is better than this site MBNA.

Conclusion: the widespread adoption of the internet and the web means that all business can now operate globally, expand the customer base, compete effectively, process orders, payments and deliveries.


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