The Technology In Smart Phones Information Technology Essay

The industries of mobile phones and the wireless technology has expanded with a great success all over the world, and the smart phones have provided a very broad interface to make a proper and better use of networks without any wire connections. The interfaces have become very groundbreaking now days. People are wanting more and more each day, such as portable operating systems with a large and broad number of applications ( 2010).

There has been a great and very vast era of the evolution of the mobile phones, from simple and bigger mobile phones, which were able to send and receive calls and send and receive the text messages only. The smart phones are more likely to be the hand held computers for configuring the daily schedules, saving large documents, for watching videos, listening music, using internet, using world wide web, video conferencing and much more than a human mind can think. They are broader than any common person can think of, that is why these are called smart phones ( 2010).

These smart phones today can do almost everything. Faster networking systems, attractive and powerful applications and the technology literate users are making these smart phones very powerful these days. Huge markets are adopting the smart phones due to their flexibility, more productive features and better connectivity to the world in terms of internet. Along with many benefits, smart phones are increasing the value of the wireless technology, including the mobile phones, wireless tablets and the notebook computers ( 2010).

Mobile phones have advanced since they were launched in many years in the past. Since then, a many thousands of the mobile phones have been introduced and launched, and each mobile phone was different from other in terms of technology and applications ( 2010).


The basic reason and motto behind these smart phones is the concept of carrying on the important and required information and data along with the self wherever a person goes, in terms of any immediate and sudden requirement of using the data; and to get a proper and sudden reach to the contacts and information. It is not necessary for the information to be saved on the smart phone, but the data can be put on the internet and then the smart phones are the easiest way to access to the required data at anytime and anywhere. As the time is passing on, smart phones are becoming more faster than before, with finest resolution wider screens and a lot more room to store more data (Alejandro, X).

Smart phones actually have different types of operating systems and too many different applications, depending upon their manufacturer companies. Many of the smart phones have restrictions on making any change in their operating system by the user. Many smart phones allow the users to download as many third party software or applications, as they want. Almost every smart phone now is pre-installed Global Positioning System (GPS), which allows a user to get directions for the locations and never get lost, the GPS systems are connected with the satellite directly. If the smart phones are not supported with the satellite Positioning System then they can use maps from Google to get the directions (Jackson 2010; Alejandro, X).

Some smart phones have the keypad similar to a notebook PC, this type of keypad is known as QWERTY keypad. The QWERTY keypad smart phones are easy to use and recommended when the user has to always type a lot. The other type of keypad is the on screen keypad, which is actually a touch screen keypad; this kind of keypad also comes in the form of buttons, which are not in the touch screen but below the screen of the smart phones. The touch screen smart phones are no doubt very advanced but they are a bit difficult to use when compared to a QWERTY or embossed keys keypad (Jackson 2010; Alejandro, X).


Now days, Symbian operating system is very much popular in smart phones, this operating system is an open source program and it is easy to use as well. Another operating system that is getting popular now is the Android System introduced by Google (Jackson 2010).


There are many companies in the wireless networking and mobiles phones or smart phone production; these companies are not same in every region of the world. Not all the companies are working in every country of the world. Each company has different technologies from each other. It totally depends on the user to choose the company according to the requirements. These companies initially include ( 2010):

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Sony Ericsson


Apple Incorporation








Apple iPhone



Samsung B3410

Nokia N8

Nokia N-series, E-series


The cost of these smart phones is a little bit more than the normal mobile phones. This minor increase is due to the goodwill of the manufacturer sometimes, sometimes it is due to the quality and sometimes it is because of the features and applications of the smart phone. However, these smart phones worth purchasing even at some higher cost, if their cost is more; similarly, these have enhanced features as well, but when the cost is compared among these smart phones, there is no big difference of the price of one smart phone to other (Sullivan 2009).


Due to the popularity of the smart phones, it is said that smart phones will take over all the other digital devices in terms of data and efficiency in few years, such as notebooks, laptops, personal desktop computer, tablet PCs, digital data indexes, personal data assistants and Global Positioning Systems. These smart phones have all the features of these digital devices, the more the time passes, the more the manufacturers are enhancing the smart phones, more than the requirements of the users, these enhancements includes the projector video sharing, the music player, high megapixel cameras, and better navigators. The Apple iPhone can now use software through which the user can control the car without even driving and sitting in it (Alejandro, X; 2010).


Although the smart phones are providing everything, a user may need, such as the saving of time, easily accessible applications, easy access to the World Wide Web, high-resolution camera applications, Microsoft office suite, television, e-mail, notebook, Bluetooth, gaming panel and many other applications that a human can just think of. Since the smart phones have almost everything that a human may think of, these varieties of smart phones are then worth using as a single and only digital device we may own. There is no wonder that the smart phones will take over the other digital devices such as notebooks, laptops, tablet PCs, digital data indexes and personal data assistants (PDAs). These smart phones are using better operating systems that are the result of a better Information Technology infrastructure as the world is moving towards the future. This IT infrastructure is making the smart phones more efficient and easy to use with all the features that are necessary for the user requirements. Some companies such as ROVE are offering IT management software for the smart phones to make good use of the smart phone (Ottawa, Ontario 2010; 2010; Jackson 2010; Alejandro, X).

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As we can see the success of smart phones in the existing time, it is not that difficult to see that these smart phones will take over other digital devices, not necessary in few years, but definitely in some years in the future. These smart phones have everything that suits the user requirements. If a person wants to access the emails and the World Wide Web, he/she can easily do this by using the smart phone without using a PC, notebook or a laptop. If a person wants to schedule his/her appointments and necessary dates, he/she can do this simply by using the smart phone, without the use of any kind of computers. If a person wants to watch a movie or listen to the music, or watch the TV, he/she can do it by using the smart phone simply, without sitting in front of a bigger television, bounding himself/herself and anywhere he/she wants. This all is happening in the present time, while future will make it more efficient to use the smart phones, whereas, in future there will be a lot more shortage of time that is easy to see in the present. The world is getting busy and busy each day, the economies are going unstable, and the people are getting hectic lifestyles to use bigger devices for their data issues by bounding their selves. In this case, a small smart phone will be the best device to use for all the purposes related to digital devices in the future, as it is now (Ottawa, Ontario 2010; 2010; Jackson 2010; Alejandro, X).

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There are many ideas of future smart phones in vast manners, such as Pomegranate phone, which will be able to work as a translator in a current conversation will be able to use as a shaving machine, it will be able to use as harmonics, and even it will be able to make coffee. Other mobile phone ideas are of morph concept smart phones and green mobile phones, which will be environmental friendly, and some others (PomeGranate Phone 2008; Nokia Morph Concept Phone 2008; Future Phone – Mobile Phone Concept by Mozilla 2010).

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E-commerce is the online business over the internet to sell or buy different services and products without having a direct interlink physically. This is the selling and buying of products or services over an electronic arbitrated network. The e-commerce industry is always changing and enhancing. There are four types of e-commerce, i.e. business to consumer (B2C), business-to-business (B2B), business to government (B2G) & consumer-to-consumer (C2C) (Andam 2003).

B2C e-commerce is the transactions between any business and the customer such as purchasing of goods which are tangible and the services e.g. books, clothe, internet services or eBooks. B2B e-commerce is the between and among companies or businesses such as outsourcing of different application e.g. NetSales and eShare. C2C e-commerce is the transactions between the individuals or customers such as peer-to-peer systems e.g. Napster sculpt. The last type is B2G e-commerce such as the transactions between companies and the public sector e.g. for operations related to the government i.e. licensing procedures (Andam 2003).

WEB 2.0:

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The web 2.0 is known as the next generation or second generation of the internet web. The web 2.0 allows users to use internet in more enhanced way such as publishing of videos or audios on internet, sharing of files and photos. This term was used in 2004 for the first time; it is also a collaboration of different processes of business and the technology to provide more flexibility to the marketing. It is of much related to the social networking such as,, and many others; while it also refers to the video and audio sharing on internet such as,, and many others. It is a vast term which is many steps ahead when the internet was launched and after many years or launching of internet there was only web 1.0 (O’Reilly 2005; 2010).

If we compare web 1.0 and web 2.0, we can see that creating websites personally has changed to blogs, Wikipedia has taken over Britannica online, participation is common instead of publishing now and Google AdSense has taken over the place of DoubleClick (O’Reilly 2005; 2010).


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Amazon and eBay are the business to consumer (B2C), consumer-to-consumer (C2C) and business-to-business (B2B) companies, based on the selling and buying of products over the internet without any physical contact with the customers, which is known as e-commerce. and eBay are pure e-commerce companies, and are using web 2.0 technologies that enables both the companies to use the technology of 1-Click, a safe system for imbursements, uploading of product images, searching of the products easily, and reviews of the products, guides and different registries such as women and child registries. This enhancement in technology allows consumers or businesses to use the web more efficiently and with flexibility even if the consumers do not have any experience (Chaffey 2008; 2010;; 2005; Phillips 2006). and eBay provides low costs to the consumers, also provides the consumers easy access of knowledge and information of the products, which enables the consumers to find most appropriate product for their selves. This includes both the e-commerce and the web 2.0 to enables consumers for searching and selecting a product in most appropriate way. E-commerce has made it easy for eBay to get the success because of the reduced barriers of entrance and the less expenses of being online instead of maintaining a mortar building. The distribution networking which is physical is more expensive, while electronic business saves this cost (Andam 2003; 2010;; 2005; Phillips 2006).

As the time is passing, the populations are growing busy, in this situation; businesses like and eBay are becoming very popular and feasible for the shopping purposes. The e-commerce is increasing the revenue of and eBay each year, because of the awareness among the consumers and the more enhanced and easy to use web 2.0 portals, which makes it attractive for consumers to purchase through e-commerce (Andam 2003; 2010;; 2005; Phillips 2006).

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The time is passing faster and the people are getting much busy than before, the economies are becoming stable and unstable sometimes. To overcome the requirements of bigger digital devices, smart phones are solving the issue. People can now use smart phones for almost every purpose for which a bigger digital device could be used, why to go for bigger devices when the smaller and much better smart phones are available to use, anytime and anywhere.

It is clear that in the future the smart phones will take over the other digital devices easily. Similarly, as the time is passing on people do not have time to visit physical markets for shopping. They find it more feasible to do shopping online while they can do their work as well. The online shopping on and eBay also allows users to buy products on lowest rates than the physical markets, so they do not feel the need to visit the markets physically if they are getting it just sitting at home or offices.

This e-commerce and web 2.0 has made it easier for the people to use the web with flexibility even if they do not have much experience to use the internet. These enhancements and technological changes are making people’s life easier; they do not need to go by their selves for the shopping.

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Moreover, they can get a huge variety of products on these websites. On the other hand, the web 2.0 gives them proper and clearer view and information so the buying decision becomes easy. The smart phones also give the people to connect with the internet and hence, people can buy anything they want just by using their smart phones at any place and anytime.

As the people are getting busier, they are finding new ways of almost everything, which can save their time, the smart phones, and e-commerce is just the starting. There could be more technological changes in the coming future. There might be the changes, which will let the people think that how far the technology can go. These enhancements are just the starting.

There are not only the benefits of time saving, but these technological changes are providing people with the lower payments to acquire these. And it is becoming more and more easier for the people to get involve with these enhancements and technologies. So ultimately, there is no wonder that the technology will take over the world in the future and will provide people with less devices and more usage.

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