Division Of Labour Teams Management Essay

Twenty-five years ago when companies like WL Gore, Volvo, and Macro Food introduced division of labour/teams it made ​​a difference in their production processes, it made the headlines because it was new to the world.

Today, the fact is that now it’s opposite. The news comes when a team doesn’t use teams in their business. Currently eighty percent of the work is done by teams throughout the world. And only in USA 68% of the small manufacturers uses teams in productions.

Every organization has a team that is vital to the process of organization and business. So I have taken McDonalds Company as an example to complete this assignment and by analyzing the team work strategy used by them, its issues and the recommendations.

McDonalds consists of more than 30 thousand restaurants serving 52 million people in more than 100 nations each day. McDonalds is the largest food retailer in the world, and is part of the American lifestyle. McDonalds has developed strategies and programs to motivate employees and to teach leadership in order to stay competitive in the Market.

As a result, I think that McDonald’s provides an exceptional chance to study OB at work.

This report will be discussing the team work dynamics and strategy used by McDonalds in order to achieve its goal and further issues will be identified within the company and recommendations will be given where needed.

Some of McDonald’s values are

They place Customer experience at their core of all that they do. They feel that their reason to stay in the business is the acceptance of their customer. So their goal is to provide quality service, high quality food, cleanliness and value for each and every stakeholder.

They prove opportunity to nature talent developing leaders and rewards them for their achievement, they believe that they have well trained crew members with diverse backgrounds and experience.

They feel they are a learning organization aiming to anticipate and respond to changing customers, employees and system needs through constant evolution and innovation.

And they believe that McDonald’s business model is unique and they conduct their business with high standards of fairness, honest and integrity.

Literature Findings

A value is a faith that a particular Code of conduct or is individually or communally preferable to an opposite or converse Code of conduct.

Schwartz et al. (1995) says individual values ​​as wanted goals through the situation, varying in importance that guides the lives of people. Critical aspect that distinguishes the content of these values ​​from each other is the type of expressing motivational goal. The values ​​in the form of conscious goals fulfill three universal requirements of human existence: biological needs, coordination requirements, social interaction and the requirements of the Group’s performance.

Organizational Values

Organizational values ​​determine acceptable standards that govern the behavior of individuals within the organization. Without these values, the behavior seeks individuals and systems in line with their individual values, and that may lead to behaviors that the organization does not want to encourage.

In the smaller company the behavior of individuals are more pronounced than it is in those larger, mixed. In these small groups, to reduce the need to clear values, which can be challenged publicly unacceptable behaviors. However, for a larger organization where the desired behavior is encouraged by various individuals in different places with different sub-groups, it can be an articulated statement of values ​​to draw the organization together.

Clearly, it is a must for an organization to place its values ​​consistent with the purpose or mission, and vision that seeks to achieve.

Successful organizations recognize and develop a sense of values ​​which is common, clear and are specific with beliefs, priorities and direction so that everyone understands and can contribute. Once identified, values ​​impact all aspects of the institution.

Individual Value

A value is a faith that a particular Code of conduct or is individually or communally preferable to an opposite or converse Code of conduct.

Schwartz et al. (1995) says individual values ​​as wanted goals through the situation, varying in importance that guides the lives of people. Critical aspect that distinguishes the content of these values ​​from each other is the type of expressing motivational goal. The values ​​in the form of conscious goals fulfill three universal requirements of human existence: biological needs, coordination requirements, social interaction and the requirements of the Group’s performance.

According to Rokeach, he defines two types of individual values. One of it refers to instrumental values ​​that appear desirable modes of behavior and the other is final values ​​that are the end state of existence. Practically both are built with each consisting of 18 values. The difference between means and end values has been acknowledged by philosophers, but other researchers have determined on other types of values (Rokeach, 1973) Rokeach (1979) states that a small number of individual values ​​with different structural arrangement, are the results of social demands and the psychological needs of a person.

Values are determined by ethnicity, culture, institution and individual experience, and in their own turn they are determined of attitude, judgment, choice, attribution and action. Rokeach also says that the individual values ​​may be subject to changes due to changes in society, and the situation, concepts and awareness, but they are considered as a phenomenon more stable compared with the positions of staff attitudes, that the change in the central values ​​rather than marginal changes, which have important implications for cognitive

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The difference in value system can be found in a different sex, community position, public group, population and etc.

Mc Donald’s Team development activities

McDonald is proud to offer only the highest levels of service, quality and hygiene for all customers in all restaurants.

McDonalds forming a team

Creating clear channels of communication and means of cooperation early on practically guarantee success in the future.

In fact, one of the keys to the team’s formation is “building before construction”. Early teamwork among all members of the team provides the cooperative understanding for a mission.

Communication is an old problem that creates problem until now. One of the first challenges in the formation of the team is to develop a common language between players from different disciplines and cultures. The best time to initiate the formation of a common language is in the process of forming a team. With cooperation from the beginning, the team can choose from a wide range of tools available to create a common language to help guide refers to a group problem-solving, conflict resolution, and training of the planning team.

For a long time, McDonald has been involved with partnerships ranging from formal alliances. McDonald is one of a small group of contractors working with the client over time. McDonald is working with a team in the decision making process, and to identify common goals and develop a common vision among all team members. McDonalds truly believe in the power of establishing a harmonious relationship.


The team is usually described as a “group working jointly to reach their objective. It is said a good team is to be the one in which the whole team is better than the sum of its parts, and that will shows that the team members are working together.

So while moving a team for a common goal, and how to achieve this goal, it just depends on how the team members work in cooperation with others.

McDonald’s Team

McDonald’s team plays a main role. The Staffs are together and administrators are in constant contact and mutual support in a team environment which is busy and challenging, but always seeks to be cooperative and fun.

The greatest thing working in McDonald’s is the peer group of friends u can set up. Meet interesting people ensures a great time at work. And if you like social activities, you will have more options to spend some time with their colleagues on special occasions, including summer trips McDonald, parties and other organized trips.

In it the interpersonal skill and cooperation with others is the most important key because in McDonalds you will have to deal with many customers, and also be pleasant, friendly and create cooperative relations with your team members, for example, help each other if one of the team members need help or not can deal with customers or are not sure what they are doing, so it should provide assistance for them.

Benefits of working in a team

One of the great benefits in teams is that you can take what seems like a huge task and divide tasks among the people. As a result, it will get things to be done faster.

To make things better one of the fastest ways to get something good is to see someone at work who is already professional at that area. When team members each playing to their strengths, we learn a lot quickly, for example if one of the team members have a problem that must be resolved probably get that far and then end up being trapped by a combination of experience or knowledge. When you have access to a wide range of skills and knowledge, it will eventually solve problems faster and better.

If 1 member in the team working by themselves can generate ideas, at the same point, the extensiveness of the ideas of one member will be at a degree by their experiences. In a team with broad variety of experience, you can innovate new ideas.

To succeed, they must be able to get their messages across team members and effectively listen to other points of view, and based on ideas. As a result, being on the team, people have the opportunity to develop and improve their communication skills.

Benefits of teamwork in Mc Donald’s

There are a number of benefits in the organization for hourly based staffs who work on a team in McDonalds. Those include a free food allowance and paid leave (four weeks per year), free life insurance, especially health care, and after a period of rehabilitation, the employee discount card and a length of service scheme concession. McDonald also employee recognition awards such as employee of the quarter and the month and year in many restaurants

And corporate functions in the McDonalds include a range of functions, including real estate, and real accountability, marketing, franchising and media relations, engineering, communications, human resources and many others. McDonald also operates “University of Hamburg” and the training center for consistent restaurant operations. There are graduated restaurant managers over 80,000.

McDonald’s Team

There isn’t a usual member of McDonald’s staff. The entire workers in McDonalds come from all different Cultures and different parts in the world. But whether the person would like to join as a Crew member or a Trainee Business Manager, there are certain qualities where McDonalds expect to enter into their firm and should leave those qualities which they don’t look for at home.

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Team Members Roll in McDonalds

As a team Crew Member in McDonalds the member must have the confidence to approach and deal with different groups of people. Welcoming, polite and caring behaviour will come naturally to the member and the member will need to work well as part of a team. Effective communication skills such as “paying special attention” listening, face-to-face, verbal communication and eye contact are a must for them. And the team member will also need to be aware of the importance of maintaining Quality and service as well as spotlessness.

The ability to maintain high levels of energy during the work efficiently and productively is essential. Finally, the member should be smart and maintain a clean appearance.

Team Effectiveness in McDonalds

McDonald admitted that the complaints and queries, or positive customer feedback are valuable piece of information. When used correctly feedback can help McDonalds refine their complaints and meet the needs of their customers. Those views help the company to move forward equally, and the most important thing McDonalds needs to listen and manage customer complaints effectively.

Standards Policies and Team Roles in McDonalds

While it may not be that all employees are stars, McDonald’s success is indebted to its team rather than the efforts of a single individual. McDonalds does not have a very high integrated teamwork, but it will not be able to offer products and services with no team unity and assistance. Team members have one area that they focus on during their shift.  If they leave their post or are not productive, other line members will not be able to accomplish their jobs and the production line will suffer.

For example, when a person enter McDonalds and places an order with the counter staff, the staff inputs the information into the computer and later it will be displayed in the kitchen, then the workers prepare the meat for the burger and then place the meat into the bun and send it to another member, and that member will add the fillings inside the burger according to the need of the customer and then later send it to the counter staff to serve the customer. If one worker in that process leaves the post or is slow then the entire team will face a delay to make the burger. As a result, a McDonald’s restaurant team is sequentially interdependent (Daft, 2008, p. 301). Without everyone working together and having sufficient motivation to provide good and quick quality service, all members of the team fail.

Team incentives and rewards in McDonalds

Employees are the most important resource of a company. They ensure the interaction of financial and industrial so they can operate the company. Experienced managers these days realize that financial rewards can no longer be the only kind of employee morale. It must take into account the needs of employees as an entity that leads to finding nonfinancial reasons. There are many non-financial reasons that are associated with meeting the needs of employees, such as his / her participation, recognition in decision making, and growth and self-realization and personal.

Practice shows that taking full advantage of the organization’s human resources is one of the most important advantages that allow companies to occupy leadership positions in the global market. Company like McDonald ‘feeds on the logical integration of employees in problem solving. McDonald’s teaches their employees as a major source of progress in the field of quality and productivity. This organization is based on success on the theories of motivation. “McDonald’s” is committed to 3 main beliefs that give the chance to boost the productivity of their team members;

McDonalds elaborates diverse ways of motivation in every division. 

Each Team member is given only 1 target to achieve in their daily tasks so they do not need to think too much at work and they can be a professional in that tasks for a certain period of time.

The Increase of wages in McDonalds is very reasonable for a team member. McDonalds has three systems to motivate their team members: Non-financially, financially and Social Encouragement. All these three factors are mentioned in Maslow theory of motivation. However, Maslow states that all requirements should be rewarded one after the other. In a recent Research in McDonalds, the policy and structure of McDonalds shows that only a certain no of reward for each employee will increase their productivity. And that it is not a must to accomplish all the needs of the employees at each and every level. But basically in the current era which means in reality every employee has a set of need in each and every level in his job.

And “McDonalds” has an effective motivation system that increases the performance of employees, and therefore the productivity of the company also increases. In McDonalds the situational approach applied by the management is most appropriate in the current time.

Specific techniques are used by administrators based on the theories of motivation. After applying the assembly line procedures in food preparation, McDonald’s level and quality of production is at a high stage. In addition, the company has launched a ground effective strategy that is based on existing theories of motivation. As a result, through research I can see that every business has its own method of behavioural explanation and all solid case should be examined as McDonalds. Maslow’s theory and the theory of self-identification is the basis for developing a strategy that will guide the manager and forces them towards the goal.

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Problems in Organising Teams

90% of problems within a team are very easily identified and in short run they are easy to solve. For e.g. poor interaction between team members or poor communication skills within team members or lack of understanding and recognition in a team, these are common problems which are easily recognized and solved.

And another example is conflict in a team, how can we solve the problems if we do not communicate or how can we set goals and organize a team if there is lack of interaction.

Communication doesn’t mean standing in front of everyone and delivering the message it means interacting and passing message within people which I have heard or understood. Some say communication is not what they speak it is what we hear and how we hear, but we should know that even top level managers don’t have good communication skills.

Another problem in organizing a team is leadership. What does a good leader mean? In the view of the leader it means that the leader should be strong, to the point, to command and be confident in all matters they face. In the view point of the team members they do not expect much from the leader it’s just they want some instructions and direction. So a successful leader is who can tackle things as they way it goes and find effective strategies.

Another major problem is EGO within team members; a team without EGO is always a successful team.

Then it’s the Trust within members. Each and every member in any team will find this running in their minds; i.e. do they really trust me? Do I really need to trust you? Do I trust the product? Do I trust the customers or the business? Many things run in people minds

The Problems in Organizing Teams in McDonalds

In McDonalds not all team members are the same. At least one member in the team won’t feel comfortable. It may be because their personality and working style are very different from the rest of the team so some decide to switch to another task. That individual’s skills and knowledge could be useful and might impact the team negatively.

Another Problem McDonalds face is when Team members talk too much during work. When one person starts talking in the team all of them get interrupted and eventually everyone starts talking which leads makes them to do things slowly and finally the productivity goes down.

In McDonalds several team members do not get along, due to their cultural or religious beliefs or the time which they need to spend outside rather than spending with the team members. This will create a grudge within members and those people will try to downfall other members.


When forming a team, McDonalds should try to find multi talented team members. In this way, if a team member decides to leave, the position might be easily filled if needed. Rotate the tasks so that everyone is familiar with what needs to be done and be able to cover for an absent team member. If possible, they should find another person with the same skills and who is willing to join the team.

McDonalds should let team members know that time is valuable by emphasizing relevant points and time limits. And Let members know that social meetings should be done after work hours. If cliques are being formed in the team, they should organize subgroups to work on tasks by randomly choosing the team members.

McDonalds should emphasize the goals clearly and state them to team members and that they need to accomplish them and the quality of work they need to keep and the schedule which they need to respect. They should let their team members be professional and let them take minor decisions.


McDonald’s is the multinational business, which is seen as so many different views to many different people. Some people see McDonald’s meal, quick and inexpensive decent. And others may view the company as a restaurant chain low quality and that workers are uneducated and unskilled. However, McDonald’s has a cheery picture about it that it prides itself on quality and hygiene, as well as good food and good service. McDonald’s has developed the state of art technology to help members of the team at the tasks and makes the production process faster, and attend to customers in an expeditious manner. In terms of leadership in the team, McDonald’s makes a great effort to develop corporate leaders within the team and provide full support to them. There are many opportunities for growth within the organization for members who are eager to work hard and increase their leadership skill within the team. There is a significant reward system for McDonald’s employees who work with the team and makes things easier and increase productivity. What I have noticed through this field of study is that McDonalds has an aligned culture of teamwork in it’s stores with corporate values ​​of the company.

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